for the average James Bond

Step 1: materials

for this you will need;

2 pop top cans (the thicker the better, a soda can would work, but the korean iced coffee can I used would be better (don't ask why I have a korean iced coffee can))
1 soup can (a tomato sauce can would be best)

wire hanger
duct tape


can opener
wire cutters
<p>did u make an instructable for the exploding pen?</p>
<p>did u make an instructable for the exploding pen?</p>
um, dude, that's a model airplane control surface servo your using, those things cost a lot, especially with the remote, well over $300.
actually servos cost less than $20. <br>dunno where you're living :P
Let's see... he never said to use a damn remote. A model airplane servo can be controlled with a simple servo controller, probably bought for less than 10 bucks. Not to mention servos themselves often go for less than 20 bucks. So no idea why you would assume he'd go the most expensive option. And who carries around a remote anyway? It'd be smarter to mount a button on the dash, with the button connected to the (cheap) servo controller. The servo doesn't have to be strong, as it has a (relatively) light load. In other words, STOP DISCOURAGING PEOPLE ABOUT THE ECONOMICS OF THIS PROJECT.
You can butcher them out of broken RC Cars or Helicopters...
And the minimal price for&nbsp;cars is 10$ in Ny....
Where did you get the tea? Korea?
wtf it is tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 this guy is teaching u how to make a Caltrop Deployer <br> <br>and u care about tea!
A Korean iced coffee can? hmmm.....
Cheap servos can be found at dealextreme.com<br />
lol, i just made mine for my car, and i didnt want to use my servos so what i did is that i used my KNEX (R) motor cut the cables added some longer cable (so i could go from the back part of my car to the drivers seat) and used tape to put the motor on the deployer so when i activat the motor, a little stick moves and releases the lid.... if u want ( and its ok with AlexTheGreat ) i can put up an instructable on the whey i did this.... (srry if my english is bad, im a mexican so i speak spanish)
I think you should post it
The Zeroth Law states that he shall post it.
whats servo???
Electronically controlled motors that have brackets AFAIK.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Servo/">Hopefully this link works.</a><br/>
The best way for a smoke screen on a car that I've thought of is to just pump glycerin into the exhaust pipe.
ethelyne glycol antifreeze makes a thick white smoke used engine oil if you are on budget and its aneat way to recycle
yuhp recycling &quot;excuse me young man why have you got thick white smoke pouring out your exhaust?&quot; &quot;just doing my part in helping the environment sarge&quot; =]<br/>
Is the servo used a standard or continuous
The best, easiest, and most reliable type of caltrops to make:<br/><br/><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Ninja-Caltrops/">http://www.instructables.com/id/Ninja-Caltrops/</a><br/>
hey this may sound dumb but...wats a servo and where can i find one?
You can skip the motor business and simply use a wire that can unlatch the lid. By using a brake handle and cable for a bike you can easily modify this for a bicycle. Put the deployer on some panniers and you're in business. One of my next projects will be focused on a similar idea.
Yeah, but then you can't add a hidden red button in the gearshift knob to deploy the countermeasures!
You could put a string through it with knots on each side to hold it closed, then put a firecracker or something with an electrical detonator attached to the string. Then when you push the button the string breaks and the hinge opens, releasing your caltrops with a bang!
i am so doing this
under new laws the spikes and cannister comes under terrorism law.i would think twice about advertising them
they had something like this in the movie "catch that kid" on the scene when they outrun the police with go karts they had something like this but for effects instead of a servo they used a small explosive
Genius. I might put this on my bike and put those little poppers inside so when they hit the ground they explode. Oh and I'll power it with a DC generator hooked up to the front wheel. I can't wait.
this would be a sweet idea to incorporate into a bike (or car) if you want to get away from someone or some thing...you can even have different items inside the can depending on its purpose. great instructable.
Ummmmmmmm, what does it do??
it drops tacks
Oh Korean Iced Coffee? I remember that can! I used to drink those. :P
if you need truly strong caltrops cut a square of 14 guage steel one and a half inches both ways and just bend two corners up and two down then sharpen with a file also it helps to bend oppisit corners in the same dirtion
if you want to make them flame you have to make napalm and dip it in it and have a automatik igniter system. you make napalm by mixing 3 parts foam and 1 part gasoline. you can use a remotly activated butane lighter.
I like it, but I like the smokescreen idea even better. I'm gonna start getting on a smoke screen Instructable, if that's ok with Doom_Goat and AlexTheGreat. If it's cool with you two I'll make it.
you should definitely do it
im thinking of making a caltrop shoti
this could be considered a dumb idea, but if you stuck a bunch of these into a potato and launched it from one of the bicicle pump powered potato cannons on this site, the potato would splat and send caltrops everywhere
<em>why</em> do you have a korean iced coffee can?<br/>
im making a tennis ball mortar(its an instructable by tetranite) and then ill make some ammo that fires balls of calthrops to go everywhere
yeah do the exploding pen
how do you make the caltrops themselves?they look just like bent wire.
how do you have korean ice coffee
korean... ice coffee? WTF
that's what was in the can, and what is says on the front
Show how to make the exlploding pen!
A former moonshine runner aquaintance told me the secret: Have a preassurized 5 Gal can of creosote with a tube leading to the exhaust manifold. Use a choke cable to open a valve in the tube. Creosote, when heated, STICKS, and dust just adds to the mess.

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