Caltrop Deployer





Introduction: Caltrop Deployer

for the average James Bond

Step 1: Materials

for this you will need;

2 pop top cans (the thicker the better, a soda can would work, but the korean iced coffee can I used would be better (don't ask why I have a korean iced coffee can))
1 soup can (a tomato sauce can would be best)

wire hanger
duct tape


can opener
wire cutters

Step 2: Ready the Can

if you are using a pop top can follow these instructions (soda can, pop top soup can)

use the can opener to cut the bottom off the first can

use the can opener to cut the top off the second

keep the cut off bottom and the can without the top

else use these instructions (soup can, tomato sauce can)

cut the top off the can

keep both

clean out the can and lids

Step 3: Make the Container

drill two holes in the top of the can and in the lid (about a centemeter apart)

bend the wire around a pencil

stick it through the holes


now you have a hinge

bend up the overhang on the lid so it lays flat

duct tape the servo to the can

Step 4: Finish It

fill with caltrops

close can and move servo

serve cold and enjoy

do not ever use this if you make this, unless you are Q.
man i would love that job, i even made an exploding pen once.



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    for sure don't ask to yourself ! NEVER !...HaHaHa

    hey this may sound dumb but...wats a servo and where can i find one?

    1 reply

    Hobby shop sells them. They will be happy to help.

    lol, i just made mine for my car, and i didnt want to use my servos so what i did is that i used my KNEX (R) motor cut the cables added some longer cable (so i could go from the back part of my car to the drivers seat) and used tape to put the motor on the deployer so when i activat the motor, a little stick moves and releases the lid.... if u want ( and its ok with AlexTheGreat ) i can put up an instructable on the whey i did this.... (srry if my english is bad, im a mexican so i speak spanish)

    3 replies

    That was pretty damn good English. You only got 1 word wrong. ' Whey ' should be "way". Nice going n English is hard.

    I think you should post it

    The Zeroth Law states that he shall post it.

    He said, "don't ask"

    wtf it is tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 this guy is teaching u how to make a Caltrop Deployer

    and u care about tea!

    did u make an instructable for the exploding pen?

    did u make an instructable for the exploding pen?

    um, dude, that's a model airplane control surface servo your using, those things cost a lot, especially with the remote, well over $300.

    4 replies

    actually servos cost less than $20.
    dunno where you're living :P

    Let's see... he never said to use a damn remote. A model airplane servo can be controlled with a simple servo controller, probably bought for less than 10 bucks. Not to mention servos themselves often go for less than 20 bucks. So no idea why you would assume he'd go the most expensive option. And who carries around a remote anyway? It'd be smarter to mount a button on the dash, with the button connected to the (cheap) servo controller. The servo doesn't have to be strong, as it has a (relatively) light load. In other words, STOP DISCOURAGING PEOPLE ABOUT THE ECONOMICS OF THIS PROJECT.

    You can butcher them out of broken RC Cars or Helicopters...

    And the minimal price for cars is 10$ in Ny....

    Cheap servos can be found at

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