Calvary Egg Carving





Introduction: Calvary Egg Carving

This was another study of Love and Frustration! I didn't know if this was going to work but I saw somewhere online where they have egg carvings. They have some amazing art on all kinds of different eggs. I had to try my hand. This is my first attempt, but it turned out pretty good so I gave it to one of my best friends around Easter 2010.

This is a brown chickens egg.
Because it was Easter, I wanted  to design something that was important to the season.

Basically, I drew my design in pencil, and removed the egg down to the depth of the brown in the egg first.  That way when I carved all of the really intricate cut outs the vibrations from removing all of the brown would not break the egg.

I carved it with the Foredom  K.1070 High Speed Micromotor, which is like a Dremel but lighter weight.

The base is a coil of wire with dark twine wrapped around it. To represent a "Crown of Thorns"  I took some Fimo clay and made thorns that I super-glued to the coil. The little sign is some thin copper (For embossing) I used an embossing tool to write the word "Calvary" then took some thinned black acrylic paint and painted that over the copper. While it was still semi wet, I removed most of the Black paint. Wha La! Antiqued copper.

It was grueling and nerve-wracking but the result was pretty neat. Hope you like it!



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    I really love this, have you carved out others? I worry that I would get to impatient and break it or give up! Very nice work!

    2 replies

    Thank you! Yes, I have carved 2 others since this one. It is really time consuming because of that possible "break it" factor. But I think that is part of the appeal to me. Once I am done, it is really gratifying. Thanks again for looking!

    Well after seeing your other project I have to believe that patience is your middle name!! I bet the time to make this happen is intense! It's lovely though, very well done.

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you! Can you see my entry? I don't see it posted yet....