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Hi everyone, cause I like making films of my fishing week-end. I couldn’t put my tripod in from of cause it would sink. So I decided to construct this “boat”. It’s Very easy construction, you need:

-         2m PVC pipe

-         6x 90° corners

-         2x 3 way 90° angle

-         And construct a frame for the camcorder

-         Flashy yellow paint


Than under the frame, put a plastic cover for the camcorder not to be wet.

On the 4 corners put some floatable plastic.

And if you wish you can put some led lights.

Check out the video :

And photos :


Quiksilver2693 (author)2011-12-13

Please dont use so many annoying video transitions next time. Other than that. good job.

lebowski (author)2011-02-07


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