Camelbak Drying System





Introduction: Camelbak Drying System

Any one who uses a camel back or other type of water back pack system for physical activity should have a way to dry and air out the inside of it. You need to do this from time to time to avoid bad tastes and bacteria growing in your water.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need: - two pop or water bottles -scissors -pliers or just man hands

Step 2: Cut

Use the scissors and cut the bottom bumps off of the bottles trying to leave a clean round open end.

Step 3: Fold

Fold about 1/4 inch of the cut end of the bottles to the inside. This makes sure there's no sharp edge to damage the bladder of your water system.

Step 4: Insert

Insert your bottles into your water system, cap end first. The bottles will hold the bladder open and allow air to flow freely throughout. Now to see if anyone on this site uses this drinking system.



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    Yes I leave them in there to dry it. The opening is wide and they are easy to remove when I want to use it

    So do you just leave the bottles in there? It seems they would be difficult to get out