Camera Grip Restoration (Canon EOS 550D)





Introduction: Camera Grip Restoration (Canon EOS 550D)

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This is a tutorial to completely restore your Camera's Grip...

Step 1: What You Need.

For this Tutorial you will need your Camera , 2-3 packs of Sugru , some soapy water and anything to draw uniform grip lines which in my case was the knife handle.

1. Any Professional Camera

2. Sugru

3.Soapy Water

4.Knife handle

Step 2: Apply Sugru

Get two packets of Sugru and evenly spread across grip-less area as shown in picture.

Step 3: Smoothen

Sugru works well with soapy water if you want to make your surface and edges smooth .

That being said get your soapy water dip your fingers in the soapy water and run them over the Sugru with it.

Step 4: Grip Lines

Now that we have our Sugru smooth we need to add our grip lines so take your knife handle (or any equivalent ) and just mark the lines across edge as seen in picture .

You can end here if you want your Camera now has a new grip just let the Sugru set and you good to go or add the 3rd optional pack of Sugru in the colour of your choice to give your new grip some character and add the grid lines.

Step 5: End Result

You have now restored your Camera grip happy Snapping :)



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    12 Discussions

    Nah just kidding keep up the good work

    Nah just kidding keep up the good work

    That looks freaking awful

    This is a really great idea and we love those grip lines, really smart technique. We'll be using that idea! :) Where are you based?

    2 replies

    Thanks always happy to help :) . I am a Designer based in Lusaka, Zambia operating at Bongohive Technology and Innovation Hub. FYI Sugru is awesome was really happy with the results when it set :).

    Neatest looking sugru restoration I've seen. And awesome that it's customizable.

    Cool. Do you think the soapy water might weaken the sugru?

    1 reply

    The trick is not to use to much soapy water think of it like you are applying a coating of paint if that makes any sense. :)