Step 7:

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I then removed some wire from an old power supply (this one was from an old cordless phone)and wired up the negative and positive leads from the light housing and put some shrink tubing on for good measure.

I wanted everything to look nice so I kept the rubberized molded end from the wire and cut some notches on the housing so when I closed them up, everything would look nice and neat. you don't have to go through all this trouble but it makes it look nice.

I also hot glued the wires a little to the casing so they would not pull out.

After this, you can wire the box up any way you like. I bought the box at a local surplus store and the original wires that were sticking out were pulled back in and cut down so I had room to fish the new wire inside. I tied a not with the new wire inside the box so it could not be accidentally pulled out.

I also had a broken tape measure that I kept around so I took the belt clip part and added it to my battery box with a small nut on the back so it would not come off. I'm a pack rat at times but some things do come in handy and it also helps to reduce all this junk we throw out!
svarnell13 years ago
I was reading on a youtube video about some of these LED rings being built wrong (too many batteries) and the LEDs burning out on first use. I would put batteries in and test the unit (and return if it burns out) before I disassembled.
something you may want to note here is voltage conversions... leds are dc but when you put something like this on you want to see what the unit is rated for and thus get enough power to power the thing... cuz not enough and it wont be effective and it does not look good... too much power and the thing just pops and the leds burn out. So be safe in making sure you have the right amount of power behind the unit and making sure to test everything and test again before taking it out for use.
I'm coping this as we speak, the way I start a project is first rule "the kiss rule" if you look at the starting picture all batteries are in serial (4.50volts +/-), only two wires end up on the LED ring (+) inside ring and (-) outside ring. Now the JPG of external power supply batteries in serial and wiring to inner and out ring same as the start. KISS (keep in simple stupid) no thought involved, start and finish the same.