Camera Ring Flash Light for Macros


Introduction: Camera Ring Flash Light for Macros

About: Always loved electronics. I like to reuse parts or componets and I Love to be part of the Instructable community.

Here is my Flash light that i made for making macros. Hope you find it interesting and helpful.

If u have any questions, I'll be glad to help.

Note. At the end of the slideshow you can see some tests, on the right side there's the picture taken with the ring light on, and on the left side the picture taken with the ring light of, that's the only different, all the pictures have been taken without tripod. If u click on the picture you will b able to see it a lot bigger.



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    Hi, I've added your project to the "DIY LED Camera Ring Lights" Collection

    This is the link If you are interested

    cool instructable, i'm building one myself, great idea to use a cokin filterholder. When it's finished i'll post some pics. Thanks for the idea!

    Hello Newtonn2..
    Is there any way you can add your picture again from this post  "Of course...! I used a filter holder, the square type, like this one"
    The url for the picture is no longer there.. Thank-You Kindly..

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    Hi newtonn2.
    What did you use to make the battery case? your project is just amazing, I was just about to buy a ring light when I found this. If possible how could I get all the informations step by step how to make it.
    Thank a lot!!!

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     Thank you!

    For the battery case I did use a project box and a battery holder. And then a small switch.  You can get all the part from Maplin if you in the uk, or from Radioshack if you are in the USA.  

    GREAT Instrucatable. I have almost all the parts except for the LEDs laying around. Can you answer a few questions? Are all the LEDs in series? What's the input voltage? How long does your battery pack last? Can you supply the spec for the LEDs? Thanks!

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    Still wondering if all your leds are in series. I'm dying to make this, but I could use some spec on the diodes...

    Sorry I did not answer your questions. I remember reading it, and thought I replied already. Are all the LEDs in series? - No, there all are in parallel. What's the input voltage? - 3 AAA of 1.2v total 3.6v How long does your battery pack last? -I never have it running so long, mine still have charge. They last a lot. Can you supply the spec for the LEDs? -13000mcd (3.7V I think) Sorry again for taking so long to answer.

    Great Idea and very well done. I just made one with LED's But when I got on here and saw yours..... I think I will start over, Although mine is cheap to make it does not look as good as yours. BRAVO!!!

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    Thank you very much! it is truth mine was not the cheapest, but I had almost all the parts hanging around. I will like to see yours as well, please post some pictures.

    impressive project. Can you tell me what you used for the holder, shown in slide #2,

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    Of course...! I used a filter holder, the square type, like this one

    Just make sure you buy the right one for your lens.
    I'm glad you like my ring Flash. hope you can make one too, if you do, please sare the pictures.

    did you use color temperature set LED's? If not, what kind did you use?

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    I did use 13000mcd Bright white LED's . I did set the white balance in my camera with a white piece of paper to get the right color.