Introduction: Camera Secret Compartment

This is a simple solution to hiding money and other small objects. No one would think to check the battery space of a camera.

Step 1: Get Materials

You will need two things: an old camera that doesn't work and something to hide. That's it.

Step 2: Prep

Open the battery compartment and take put the batteries. If you have a really small object you could just take out one battery for it.

Step 3: Fold Bill

Fold your dollar bill so it will fit inside the space. If your object doesn't need folding, then obviously you can skip this step.

Step 4: You're Done

Close cover. You are done hiding your secret object. Please vote for me and follow me.


hoey78 made it!(author)2014-01-06

Sorry but I I agree with Chris, first thing some one will pinch is a digital camera..

christof1902 made it!(author)2014-01-04

but what happens when someone steals the camera?

Jacky+P made it!(author)2014-01-02


Jacky+P made it!(author)2014-01-01


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