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Introduction: Camera Stabilizer

This camera stabilizer was inspired from the PVC Fig Rig at:

Construction and the method of mounting the camera to the stabilizer is the same as the PVC Fig Rig.

The parts are not glued together but rather inserted snuggly into the PVC Tee and 45 Degree elbows. This allows the User to make adjustments as required for comfort and shooting great stable video.

This was built in 30 mins and I know a lot can be done to make it look pretty. I hope this simple concept/design will inspire others.



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    I like this a lot. I don't know how it fares against other DIY stabilizers, but it 'makes sense' and best of all: I can do this very easily.

    Does your breathing affect the filming?  Just wondering, because you're supporting it next to your ribcage.  I like the design, though.

    As an alternative method of mounting the camera, you could use this design.  You can switch it out to another device, such as a tripod, quickly that way.

    I'm currently making one of these based on a P90 design and made from wood and I will be using a electric trigger because I can't use a normal cable trigger.Looks nice though.

    I would like to know how effective this is compared to a steady cam frame. Still, it looks like it would do better than just hand held.

    dude its nice but wat does it do. hehehe. i giv ya a plus for ya work.. lololol

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    it makes it so when you record video its not all shaky and woblely

    nice, I think I will get some pvc and make one