Introduction: Camera Storage on a Budget With Hidden Component

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Do you want to store your camera in a secure way that will protect it from bumps on your journeys ? Do you want to be able to carry your equipment in a customized case ensuring maximum protection?

We all know that digital cameras are expensive, and to get that glory shot you have to bring it out into the world where damage might happen. Building a hard case with customized blanks for your equipment and shock absorbent materials is easier than you might think.

Eva foam: is the foam used in most flooring mats at gyms. It's used for its impact absorbent qualities to protect the floor when weights are dropped.

Note: if anything happens to your camera I am not at fault.

Step 1: What You Need:

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  1. Paper and pencil
  2. brief case- I found mine at value village for 7$ (large enough to fit your equipment with extra room left over).
  3. Foam Mats found at walmart for $10 - (make sure its EVA foam)
  4. Your camera gear.
  5. Box cutter
  6. Glue

Step 2: Measure and Cut

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  • Measure the length, width and height of the interior of you briefcase.
  • Using the height determine how many pieces of foam will fit comfortably inside. It's better to have a small gap than to try and stuff too many foam sheets inside.
  • Use the length and weight to cut them out to the correct size.

Step 3: Start Customizing

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  • Lay out your gear on your cut foam and trace it out. Cut out these holes


if you are trying to store a small part, like lens filters, only cut their hole out on the top piece of foam, small objects need less room and to prevent them from moving around during transportation so their hole should be as small as possible, thus eliminating movement.

you can see I did this for the mini tripod where in I only started cutting out its hole on the second piece of foam.


You can also see I cut a little square in the top right in the second corner. This serves as a secret compartment to store my SD cards or other private materials like money or a key. To access it you would have to remove the layers of foam on top.

Step 4: Glueeee

Picture of Glueeee

  • The next step is to glue the foam together. Since there is a secret component in my case I glued every piece together except for the bottom one where the compartment lies thus allowing me to still access it.

Now you can see that my parts don't lie flush with the bottom. I placed a piece of foam with the same holes on in the top part of the briefcase and glued it in place, ensuring that my gear had minimal room to move around and is still protected on all sides.


your gear does lie flush just fill the top part of your briefcase with more pieces of foam cut to size with no holes in it.

Step 5: Go Shoot

Picture of Go Shoot

  • Put your gear in and go shoot!


chikid68 (author)2017-05-16

very nice instructable and very professional looking results too

yazi33 (author)chikid682017-05-16

Thank you!

Ace Gambit (author)2017-05-12

Pretty cool! I was dumpster-diving in my neighbor's trash a while back and I found a really nice silver briefcase that would be perfect for this.

yazi33 (author)Ace Gambit2017-05-12


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