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I assume that I'm not the only hobby photographer who's missed a shot either swapping lenses or cameras... I've either slowed down in my dotage, or I wasn't that adept to begin with. So when I saw the Instructable from Mr. Beaver for a dual camera setup I thought that was a great idea. That meant I could have one camera with a long lens, and a second with a short lens... No more swapping cameras or lenses!

I set up the rig, and ran into a problem: I typically keep my camera straps on the camera body, which meant that in the dual-camera configuration I had multiple straps. On Canon cameras (at least) the strap is attached via a friction-fit on the nylon strap, which is a hassle to put on and take off. Thus, this Instructable: A quick and easy (dare I say, lazy man's?) way to swap straps on and off the camera body.

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Step 1: Parts Needed

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Since this setup modifies straps from two camera bodies, you'll need the following materials:

Four (4) 5/8" split rings (around $US 50 cents each)

Four (4) 1/4" swivel spring clips (around $US 2.00 each)- Make sure you get swivel clips, so your straps don't get twisted.

Step 2: Remove the Camera Straps

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Remove the camera straps from the two camera bodies. Leave the ends of the straps unsecured so you can attach the spring clips later.

Step 3: Attach the Split Rings

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On each camera body, and on each strap attachment lug (a lug is "...a projection on an object by which it may be carried or fixed in place"), open a split ring and rotate it onto the lug until the ring is attached to the lug.

With two camera bodies, you'll end up attaching all four of your split rings.

Step 4: Attach the Spring Clips

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On each end of each camera strap, attach one swivel-head spring clip. Reattach the friction-fit on the camera strap as necessary.

Step 5: Finished, and Lessons Learned

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Now, clip the spring clip onto the split ring on the camera body. You're ready to rock and roll!


In the dual-camera setup, I found that clipping the strap onto one lug on each camera lets you effortlessly rotate between cameras. This quick fix, added to Mr. Beaver's dual "FrankenCamera" (as he calls it) gives me a rig that I'll use repeatedly.

And one last tip: Although you can make a fastener to join your cameras (tripod mounts are sized for standard 1/4-20 bolts), they actually manufacture a piece of hardware called (for reasons unknown to mortal men) an adapter spigot. This is a two-headed 1/4-20 adapter with a hex head in between. This is a great piece of hardware to throw into your camera bag!


Cheese Queen (author)2017-09-21

How do you rotate the bottom camera into shooting position? Extra long neckstrap?

KEUrban (author)Cheese Queen2017-09-21

I use my standard neck strap without issue (I like the straps relatively long anyway; if you look in the photos in Step 5 you'll see the snap hooks are located near the end of the strap).

One of the nicest things about this setup is the extra stability I get shooting because I find myself putting my left hand on the handhold for the inverted camera.

travis_marsh (author)2017-09-19

Brilliant! Can't wait to try this myself!

KEUrban (author)travis_marsh2017-09-19

Glad you found it useful. I'm liking this setup more every day.

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