Camera Suction Mount


Introduction: Camera Suction Mount

This past weekend I had to drive to Philly to shoot a skateboard documentary. I was put up to the task of building a rig to make it easy to film while in the car. The best way for me to accomplish this task was to build a suction mount. Its a very cheap, easy, and fast build.
Photo Credit: A. Hale

Step 1: What You'll Need

Suction Cup  - $5.99 (
Ball Head - $19.00 (
3/8" Bolt - Cheap
3/8" Nut - Cheap
3/8" Lock Washer - Cheap

Step 2: Time to Build

Drill a hole through the center of the dual suction cup handle.
Put the nut followed by the lock washer onto the bolt.
Force the bolt through the bottom of the handle.
Screw on the ball head.




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