Step 3: The camera mounting platform

Picture of The camera mounting platform
Twith CameraPlatform.jpg
The next step is to determine where to put the camera mounting platform. Ideally you want to get the camera centre of gravity over the middle of the "T mount", but you don't want any of the "T mount" appearing in the shot when the camera is in it's widest view setting.
I made my camera mounting platform from a stack of 3 X 80 mm long pieces of 40 mm x 3 mm aluminium strip; I needed about 9mm to allow the sun shield on my FZ50 to clear the T. You will have to design your platform to suit your camera with the attachments you intend to use. If your camera mounting hole is off-centre you may have to do some design adaption. There is nothing preventing you from drilling the T to allow more than one camera position or even another camera (T for 2 i{^_^}).
If possible it is a really good idea to avoid covering the camera battery access with the platform; I can actually change the batteries on my camera without disturbing the camera alignment.
Examine the photographs to get an idea about the platform and how it works.
I used 2 x 3/16" 38mm long countersunk screws to hold the platform in position. At first I used ordinary nuts but later I changed to dome nuts to avoid things catching on the screw ends.You will also have to drill a 1/4" hole right through for the camera mounting screw.
I put tape on the platform to give a better grip and some protection to the camera. The first tape I tried was a special soft vinyl tape but it did not stick well; I later changed it to the tried and true book binding tape.