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Introduction: Camera Taser & Shocker

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We made a small camera taser out of a disposable camera, the other "tasers" actually use the capacitor to shock you. which actually burns your skin rather than shock you. Using this shocker delivers a 1300v. continuous shock ,we hope you enjoy it.



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    What kind of transistor was used?

    or whit a 470 ohm is better than a 220??????

    even the ohm is bigger than 216 ohm it wil work better?????

    Hi; I have a question. It's urgent. Is a 220 ohm resistor really neccesary?? Can't I just use like a 170ohm resistor or something? Cause I don't have 220 ohm resistors....

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    Or will 216ohm be enough?

    216 ohm resistor works, but it will work better with a 220 ohm

    Whats the deference if I use 216ohm instead of 220??

    how much current is allowed to go trough the circuit

    Ok. And this will work with any old camera with a flash? Cause not all cameras are the same. Thanks for all the help.

    Could you put a push to make button in this circuit so it only shocks when you press the button?

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    ok, would it just be as simple as to put it anywhere or would there be a specific place it should go

    ok. BTW, this couldn't be done with a regular film camera could it? I'm guessing not cause it might not have the flash charger sircuit.

    it can, and all flash cameras have the charging circuit.. The only thing is a disposable camera is a lot cheaper lol

    yeah but lots of people have old rubbishy film cameras lying around- we have about 4 :P

    Its 330V. I measured it. BUt with new batteries 1.6V AA, they go up to 400V not 1.3kV

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    try using a 9v battery instead of a 1.6v

    I did and the transistors bubbled o_0