Camera Taser & Shocker





Introduction: Camera Taser & Shocker

We made a small camera taser out of a disposable camera, the other "tasers" actually use the capacitor to shock you. which actually burns your skin rather than shock you. Using this shocker delivers a 1300v. continuous shock ,we hope you enjoy it.



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Questions & Answers


What kind of transistor was used?

or whit a 470 ohm is better than a 220??????

even the ohm is bigger than 216 ohm it wil work better?????

Hi; I have a question. It's urgent. Is a 220 ohm resistor really neccesary?? Can't I just use like a 170ohm resistor or something? Cause I don't have 220 ohm resistors....

Or will 216ohm be enough?

216 ohm resistor works, but it will work better with a 220 ohm

Whats the deference if I use 216ohm instead of 220??

how much current is allowed to go trough the circuit

Ok. And this will work with any old camera with a flash? Cause not all cameras are the same. Thanks for all the help.