We made a small camera taser out of a disposable camera, the other "tasers" actually use the capacitor to shock you. which actually burns your skin rather than shock you. Using this shocker delivers a 1300v. continuous shock ,we hope you enjoy it.
What kind of transistor was used?<br>
or whit a 470 ohm is better than a 220?????? <br>
even the ohm is bigger than 216 ohm it wil work better?????
Hi; I have a question. It's urgent. Is a 220 ohm resistor really neccesary?? Can't I just use like a 170ohm resistor or something? Cause I don't have 220 ohm resistors....
Or will 216ohm be enough?
216 ohm resistor works, but it will work better with a 220 ohm
Whats the deference if I use 216ohm instead of 220??
how much current is allowed to go trough the circuit
Ok. And this will work with any old camera with a flash? Cause not all cameras are the same. Thanks for all the help.
thats correct
Could you put a push to make button in this circuit so it only shocks when you press the button?<br />
Yes you can
ok, would it just be as simple as to put it anywhere or would there be a specific place it should go<br />
anywhere would work.
ok. BTW, this couldn't be done with a regular film camera could it? I'm guessing not cause it might not have the flash charger sircuit.<br />
it can, and all flash cameras have the charging circuit.. The only thing is a disposable camera is a lot cheaper lol
yeah but lots of people have old rubbishy film cameras lying around- we have about 4 :P
Its 330V. I measured it. BUt with new batteries 1.6V AA, they go up to 400V not 1.3kV<br />
try using a 9v battery instead of a 1.6v
I did and the transistors bubbled o_0
<p>could you upload the schema pls?<br /> So i can figure it out a bit.</p>
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-the-worlds-smallest-shocker-wLED/step5/The-difficult-bit/" rel="nofollow">look here</a><br />
To get a continuous shock from your &quot;average&quot; camera taser, take out the capacitor and use the wires used to charge the capacitor. Could you explain how you did that? I want to get rid of the bulk of the camera circuit and only use what i need.
do you have schematics for this?

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