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I have seen many camera tazers, but none on this website that are illustrated all the way step-by-step.All you need is an old disposable camera, prefferreably Kodak. All brands work, but all are different. I found kodak the easiest type to make a tazer out of.

So, i am posting mine. It comes from a Kodak Powerflash, and can give 380 volts. i hope you enjoy

Step 1: Opening the Camera

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first, peel of the stickers to reveil the tab things you are supposed pop open.

using a flathead screwdriver, pop open the tabs.

Step 2: Reorganization

Picture of Reorganization

follow the notes, it's easier that way.

Step 3: Chip Chipping

Picture of Chip Chipping

though you are not "chipping the chip" you are going to modify it.
sorry for blurry pictures.

Step 4: Real Modification

Picture of Real Modification

in this step, you are actually going to modify it.

this process takes patience.

Step 5: Re-installation

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put the middle into the front, and the middle/front into the back. cut off the side tabs to put on and remove the back easier.

Step 6: Finished!

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now you need to put the battery back in. after use,TAKE IT OUT.
to use, install battery, click flash, and touch the wires.

DON NOT TOUCH ANYONE WITH THIS!!!!!! 380 volts really hurts, trust me. Hopefully yours will not kill because they are low in amps


jggammer (author)2010-07-30

wile making this i zapped my self curse you camera i might just not turn this into a tazer maby a airsoft target >:)

Agent803 (author)jggammer2017-02-10


amcmorris1 (author)2013-01-29

I tried this.. failed shocked myself, it's not that bad just feels weird in your veins

alfamc2 (author)2012-12-22

you should really add a disclaimer for injuries /:

jockkitto16 (author)2012-04-20

hahaha, i made one of these and tested it with my dad by shorting out the skin contacts with a screw dirver, it makes one hell of a bang!

Gromotka (author)2008-01-20

on the second step of this page,sorry im completely new to working with electricity, will touching the copasitor with a screw driver that has a plastic handle run the risk of shocking me at all? what do you mean by touch?

Rhamkota (author)Gromotka2011-01-25

It would just jump to the other side (it would rather travel through the metal than you) so you don't need insulation.

Kaiven (author)Gromotka2008-01-21

okay, if you use a plastic handle, you wont get shocked. you may jump when it makes a spark though.

plastic is a resistor = doesn't conduct

jelmer2209 (author)Kaiven2011-01-06

I putted some tape around my metal screwdriver. Didnt get shocked but It makes a pretty loud spark xD

chip123 (author)Kaiven2008-08-01

don't you mean plastic is an insulator?

Kaiven (author)chip1232008-08-05

um... No, I thought resisters didn't conduct elctricity, and conducters did.

DrCoolSanta (author)Kaiven2008-08-23

it is insulators and conductors, what you mean.

Kaiven (author)DrCoolSanta2008-08-23

thats whay i was sying.

DrCoolSanta (author)Kaiven2008-08-23

um... you seemed to confuse him by calling them resisters.

Kaiven (author)DrCoolSanta2008-08-24


xproplayer (author)Kaiven2008-03-15

resistors conduct you can discharge the cap with one

Kaiven (author)xproplayer2008-03-16

well, i mean... uh... i thought it was resistors and conductors... OH, you mean a resistor component/electrical piece?

xproplayer (author)Kaiven2008-03-16

yea the resistance is determined by how much plastic and how much metal is in the resisance

scamp (author)xproplayer2008-06-03

dont know what that ment but if the volts or current is high enuf its can get u but now where near volts or current amps watever to get u from this cap

ekulmeekul (author)scamp2008-06-28

i think he is talking about an insulator.

andy55551 (author)2010-10-18

Do the hurt a lot? My comminity is really strict and my neighbors will sue if i do like anything.....

Kaiven (author)andy555512010-10-19

It's kinda surprising, but I don't think it hurts (personally). Girls at my school would beg to differ...

andy55551 (author)Kaiven2010-10-19

well the girl at the camera place said it hurt like ****

skyhigh32 (author)2009-01-24

ummm... i made this and it didn't work. any suggestions? i followed the guide and had no problems, i took apart a cat5 cable and used the smaller wires inside of the cable. i put in the battery, pressed flash, touched the wires and no spark, and i tried to touch myself and i didnt get shocked

leoishungry (author)skyhigh322010-09-27

Lol, its funny because you tried it on yourself :P

wow. you are a genius my friend. "hey this thing didn't give a spark, so maybe i should touch myself with 380 volts!!!!" genius idea. you, my friend are a regular albert einstine.

all i got was 8mA... not dangerous...

bears0 (author)amando962010-05-28

 yep a battery is 5mA (or 500mA) cant remember, rechargables are 2300mA, how do you measure amps anyway and how do you lower them if they are too high

amando96 (author)bears02010-05-29

 A battery is much more than 5mAh, but since it's a voltage step-up, the voltage goes up, but the amperage goes way down.
You measure the amps something is pulling by putting your multimeter in series with the load.
You cannot ''give'' too many amps, you can only "pull" them.
Say you have a motor that pulls 1000mAh(motor current varies a lot, but lets say it is a constant), if you wire it to a 4000mAh battery, it will ONLY pull what it needs to operate which would be 1000mAh

simfire687 (author)skyhigh322009-10-22

hook it up directly to the capacitor and it should work great. this instructable does it the less fail-proof way

bylerfamily (author)skyhigh322009-04-24

Make sure you connected the battery right.If that doesn't work then replace your batter.Check and make sure there are no wires touching inside.

Kaiven (author)skyhigh322009-01-27

Make sure a stray wire isn't touching the other side of the cap? Make sure the button charges?

jackatronix (author)2010-08-22

very good quite easy to follow but it isnt capasitor, its capacitor

555mst555 (author)2009-08-29 much did u get ur camera for?

Kaiven (author)555mst5552009-08-29

The one I took pictures with or the one in the pictures?

555mst555 (author)Kaiven2009-08-31

the disposable ones

Kaiven (author)555mst5552009-08-31

Uh... I got two for like 8 USD.

Ceiling cat (author)Kaiven2009-09-02

That was a rip-off. I got like six of them at target for free. Did you use the ones that had already been used and returned by others?

bears0 (author)Ceiling cat2010-05-28

 where do you go to get them at target (returns)  WHERE? lol

Ceiling cat (author)bears02010-05-31

Calm down.  It's going to be aright.  Now what I need you to do is go to Target, and go to the camera counter, and ask if you could have a few of the empty disposable cameras.  You may need to clarify a little but they are (in my experience) willing to let you walk away with a few.  Just don't be greedy.  And don't tell them you're going to make a tazer.

Kaiven (author)Ceiling cat2009-09-02

I can never find them free. No body gives them out to me D: no store...

Ceiling cat (author)Kaiven2009-09-04

Do you have a Target?

dangeross (author)2009-11-10

wow. 380 volts? i've heard that 120 can kill a person...even though ive been zapped by 120 many times....dont touch anybody with it? what is the purpose of it then? sounds dangerous.... 

dangeross (author)dangeross2009-11-10

 ooh forgot about amps ok. cool instructable then!

dangeross (author)dangeross2009-11-10

 have u ever taken the starter out of a grill? i wonder how many volts that is.. ima find out.

bears0 (author)dangeross2010-05-28

10 thousand volts = one centimeter
one centimeter = 0.393700787

dangeross (author)dangeross2009-11-10

 have u ever taken the starter out of a grill? i wonder how many volts that is.. ima find out. looks like around 110 - 120... 

Kaiven (author)dangeross2009-11-10

It's not the volts that can kill, it's the amps.
This thing has probably less than one amp, so no harm can come if you have a strong healthy heart.

Sir spicious (author)2010-01-20

how much does this hurt? i want one that is gentle enough 4 me 2 zap my frenz without them hating me & ESPECIALLY not punching me in the arm

Kaiven (author)Sir spicious2010-01-20

Probably won't hurt. I have done it to my self, it jsut feels really weird. I would suggest doing it to yoyrself ONCE before you try it on other people...

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