This is a simple one, it designed to recognize movement and then snap photos.
It has a li-ion battery and an easy USB charging cirquit using the TP4056 module.

So go ahead, get us a grate wildlife photos...

Step 1: List :

220 ohm Resistor
PIR Module
TP4056 li-ion charger module
ON/OFF tuggle switch

Step 2: Diagram

Li-ion battery connected to the TP4056 module wich gives power to the PIR module.
The PIR module output 5v when sensing movement.
The PIR module output is connected through a resistor to an optocupler that closes the circuit of the camera remote connections.

Easy isn't it ?

Step 3: Camera

The camera is pre focused and pre set for the photo, then set the trap and wait for your greate wildlife photo.

<p>Any Wildlife Pictures ?</p>

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