It isn't hard to find an adapter for a a DSLR, but those of us who have compact" point and shoot" cameras aren't so lucky.  After looking online for a few days and Finding a similar divice for over $50, I decided to do some problem solving.... I didn't think to take pics as I went, but I do have a few pics of the finished product. 

You will need:
1 Toilet Paper roll tube
Scotch tape
Duct tape or any strong, sturdy tape

PS... this is my first instructable, I do realize that it might be a little chaotic

Step 1: Step 1

Get your TP roll and cut about 1/3 of the length off.  Cover the outside of the roll with a sturdy tape, mainly for stability.  Duct tape would be ideal, but all I had laying around was red tail light tape due to a recent fender bender.

In the pic, you can see some of Step 2... I'll get to that.

<p>Thanks for the instructable, this was the first thing I tried with both my mobile and heavier point and shoot cameras. Finally settled for a webcam mod. Good going, do post some pictures of the results.</p>
it has been cloudy, rainy, and cold since I made this a few days ago... which prompted more boredom, and led to me making a better, yet similar one of these. If anyone is interested in me posting a more thorough step by step instructable just let me know. I may end up deleting this one and replacing it with the updated model
this is a great DIY idea on the cheap.. and has inspired me. I'm not so fond of cardboard, but I think something could be made from pvc piping possibly. <br>I'm very curious to see what improvements you have made on this project.. even just a response outlining the upgrades would be welcome. <br>Keep up the good work!
Yeah go for it! This is my kind of instructable- cheap, simple and cheerful. I presume the length of toilet roll you cut off initially is critical to the camera or something? I can't seem to work out the focus for my camera.

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