Picture of Camera gun stock
Do you photography? And do you love firearms? Well, here's a project that combines both of your hobbies! (sort of)

Here's a cheap and easy instructable that would you stabilize your camera with the help of a buttstock to help you with low light photography!

Step 1: Tool and materials

Picture of Tool and materials

- Ruler or any other measuring device
- Metal file
- Hack saw
- Drill
- Drill Bits


- A tripod ( The tripod WILL BE UNUSABLE after this project. So use one that is broken or one that you don't mind giving up for this project)
- PVC pipe with the external diameter of 27mm
- Butt stock ( I'm using a Magpul one here. You don't have to get the real one, just get a replica from an air soft shop. )
- Screws
 = 5 X Countersunk screw ( Be sure that the head of the screw is smaller then 8mm )
 = 2 X Round head screw

Take the shot! Shoot! Shoot! I love guerrilla photography.
Wow great idea. Thank you
arpoky2 years ago
LOL JK. This is a great idea.
wbsbadboy2 years ago
It looks like the sighting aperture is a bit off to the right. Doesnt that make it a bit uncomfortable to sight streight through it?
Just my thoughts, but wouldnt it be easier (and save the tripod mount) if you used a 1/4" bolt with some washers and a nut to tighten with up through the PVC and just mount the camera to that?
I agree with BLEVINE. You do have good taste in equipment.
flammingfart (author)  wbsbadboy2 years ago
Hi Smitty!, yeah the mount is offset a little to the right but that can be easily fixed by adding a few nuts in between the pipe and the camera mount shifting it to the left a little and the reason i used the mount is so that i can tilt the camera 90 degrees to the left using the mount if i ever need to. Many thanks for taking a look! :D
evo8032 years ago
There is a commercially available item called " Bushawk" it has been made for years and has a buit in trigger. I have used and seen one and they work very well for in flight shots with 300mm f2.8 lenses and bigger. I have little concern that these would be seen as a firearm .
Silence2 years ago
Gives a new meaning to "shooting" some pics :P
I've got a spare nerf stock around here somewhere... hmmmm
nsavaria2 years ago
Trigger mod is next right
gdawgtuk2 years ago
I would suggest not trying to take an actual photograph of the president with that gun stock camera. I would have serious worries about someone actually being shot out of misunderstanding...
imrobot2 years ago
Hook up a Camera Remote and you could build a trigger!
Boomer12 years ago
I read about this years ago in a Hardy Boys book. But I've never seen anyone actually make one. Great looking job.
DootGat2 years ago
so ....a nikon f ... with an L lens .....you sir have very good taste
M3G2 years ago
Nice! I was trying to figure out how to make something like this, thanks for posting!
glitch882 years ago
great idea ! i would attach a broomstick to the lens, and a grip to the bottom with shutter switch/trigger. don't go too far though, if it's too tactical it might start killing people on it's own
flammingfart (author)  glitch882 years ago
PEW PEW PEW!!!.... *shutter click* :D
wlshafor2 years ago
Great tutorial!
flammingfart (author)  wlshafor2 years ago
Many thanks!