Step 4: Camera Mount!

Now attach the camera mount at the end of the pipe away from where the holes were drilled.

Make sure that the mount as parallel to the tripod leg as possible.

For the Magpul butt stock, i had some trouble releasing the pipe as there's a lock in the butt stock that did not go low enough to release pipe. So i added some epoxy to the latch to increase the height of the latch to lower the lock further when i pressed on it.

Take the shot! Shoot! Shoot! I love guerrilla photography.
Wow great idea. Thank you
It looks like the sighting aperture is a bit off to the right. Doesnt that make it a bit uncomfortable to sight streight through it? <br>Just my thoughts, but wouldnt it be easier (and save the tripod mount) if you used a 1/4&quot; bolt with some washers and a nut to tighten with up through the PVC and just mount the camera to that? <br>I agree with BLEVINE. You do have good taste in equipment. <br>Smitty <br>
Hi Smitty!, yeah the mount is offset a little to the right but that can be easily fixed by adding a few nuts in between the pipe and the camera mount shifting it to the left a little and the reason i used the mount is so that i can tilt the camera 90 degrees to the left using the mount if i ever need to. Many thanks for taking a look! :D
There is a commercially available item called &quot; Bushawk&quot; it has been made for years and has a buit in trigger. I have used and seen one and they work very well for in flight shots with 300mm f2.8 lenses and bigger. I have little concern that these would be seen as a firearm .
Gives a new meaning to &quot;shooting&quot; some pics :P <br>I've got a spare nerf stock around here somewhere... hmmmm
Trigger mod is next right
I would suggest not trying to take an actual photograph of the president with that gun stock camera. I would have serious worries about someone actually being shot out of misunderstanding...
Hook up a Camera Remote and you could build a trigger!
I read about this years ago in a Hardy Boys book. But I've never seen anyone actually make one. Great looking job.
With guns in the news and the negative effect they have on society, I suggest you come up with a different word than gun stock. Guns have a negative connotation, as they should, and wedding it with a harmless camera demeans the peaceful nature of photography and encourages violence. Please rethink the wording in this. For more info on keeping safety first, read my instructable here - http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Keep-Your-Instructables-Danger-free/
so ....a nikon f ... with an L lens .....you sir have very good taste <br>
Nice! I was trying to figure out how to make something like this, thanks for posting!
great idea ! i would attach a broomstick to the lens, and a grip to the bottom with shutter switch/trigger. don't go too far though, if it's too tactical it might start killing people on it's own
PEW PEW PEW!!!.... *shutter click* :D <br>
Great tutorial!
Many thanks!

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