Step 4: Cut and Glue the Cap

Cut the inside of the body cap with a drill and a round saw. Be careful not to damage the tabs that fit inside the camera or else the adapter will not hold in place. Cut just where the inner circle finishes (see picture).

After cutting, glue the cut cap to the other side of the pipe with the tabs facing outwards. Glue like you did with the foam.
I really hope that the above pictures aren't your spermatozoa.
Great idea! another use for this device would be for the exact opposite approach... a telescope. One could even turn a decent telescope into a really strong telephoto lens.
Smart !&nbsp; hehe Love how you said heres a few samples made<br />
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Nice work! One word of advice about crazyglue and optics: Never work near lenses!!! The fumes of the glue react with traces of grease on the lens, forming stains. The police makes use of grazyglue to make fingerprints visible this way.
Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the advice on crazy glue, I'm sure it will be useful to others.

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