A couple of my cameras have battery/memory card doors that are way too close to the tripod screw. Because of this, whenever I attach an Arca Swiss mounting plate the camera and put it on the tripod, I can't open the battery door anymore. The only way to take out the battery or SD card is to tripod and remove the plate.

Most Panasonic Lumix like the FZ100/FZ200/FZ300/FZ1000/ZS50 will run in to this problem.

I show you how to fix it by printing your own custom Arca swiss plate that that moves the plate further away from the battery/sdcard door/cover.

Thingiverse STL file to print your own:



<p>Hey, nice solution!</p><p>Did you design the new mounting plate?</p>
Thanks. Yes I did design it.
<p>Cool, very well done. Thanks for sharing it here, and linking to the STL.</p>

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