Camera Rig: a Simple Shoulder Rig Based on a Bicycle Handlebar





Introduction: Camera Rig: a Simple Shoulder Rig Based on a Bicycle Handlebar

As a small experiment I explored possible ways of making a camera rig out of parts from a bicycle store.  It is really simple and really cheap. 

  • Aluminium based.
  • Versatile since the handles can be moved around based on needs.
  • Stable.
  • Easy to carry with you in your bag.
  • I love that I can make a rig in a few hours in every city I am in.

  • The distance between the display and the eyes are a little short when not using a lcd viewfinder (I need to buy one and try it out - the curvature of the handlebar seems to be good for it).
  • Limited mounting possibilities for microphones etc.
  • I would love to have a top handle when moving it close to the ground.

Step 1: Parts

You need the following:
  • A bike handlebar.
  • Two side handles.
  • A camera screw.
  • A mount for a bike light (for extra gear like a microphone).
  • A washers etc. to adjust the screw.

Step 2: Tools

You need the following tools:
  • Akku drill.
  • A drill bit (6.5).
  • An umbraco key.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Electrical tape.

Step 3: Build It

Here are the building steps:
  • Mount the side bars on the handlebar.
  • Drill a hole where you want the camera mounted.
  • Insert screw and mount the camera.
  • Add the light holder on one of the handlebars (use electrical tape if it is too lose)

Now go out and play :)



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Sweet Rig!

I set up a Rig with the Atomos Ninja-2 on the Nikon D4.

From my blog:
Once set up all I have to do is start Live View (in video mode) and start the Ninja-2 recording. When I cycle the Live View button on the D4, the Ninja-2 starts recording when Live View is on and stops when I shut it off. Each time the Ninja-2 creates a new file for the next take. I turn on the Focus Peaking to ensure perfect focus and it stays on the whole time (does not reset when Live View is cycled). Perfection!

Check out my rig

Dan at Vigorotaku

it looks cool but not sure what its for so maybe a few "action shots" would help out ... ps not trying to be mean