Step 18: Finished! Now, use it to take some pictures.

Picture of Finished! Now, use it to take some pictures.
Congratulations! You have finished assembling the rig. Test it out by pushing the base back and forth, it should orbit smoothly around the platform.

Attach your camera to the camera platform by screwing the 1/4" thumbscrew into the tripod fixture in the bottom of the camera, securing it to the camera platform.

Loosen the wing nut that holds the platform and camera adapter ring, and adjust the camera until it is pointed right at the platform.

Place your target object on the platform, and take 30 or so evenly spaced pictures. 

Loosen the wing nut on the camera adapter, and slide the whole camera mount up. Take another 20-30 pictures looking down at the platform.

Repeat, this time moving the camera mount down, so you can take pictures looking up at the platform.

You can adjust the vertical pole to move it farther or closer to the object, by loosening the two shaft collars and sliding the whole assembly on the boom.
karlpinturr3 years ago
An intriguing and well-executed, if a little impractical, project. The horizontal 'swing-arm' effect requires a lot of floor space (though that would be good for lots of (natural) light), and does demand a FLAT floor.

It does, however, seem a reasonable solution to modelling larger objects than might be practical on a turntable. Four more pieces similar to the 45-degree(?) braces for the vertical pole, but pivoted by their flats, to allow for larger platforms, could connect by dowels to the sleeve on the platform-support (possibly, it would also need pivoted attachments), to support larger platforms without blocking the 'swing-arm'.

I would like to see some length/distance markings ruled on the 'swing-arm', and height marks on the vertical pole (so that you can set-up regularly-used points more accurately), as well as a line along the upright's entire length, which could be matched up with a mark on the camera collar, to keep it always pointed in the same direction .