Camera-rig/Stabilizer for less than 10Euro - Small or big camera

Picture of Camera-rig/Stabilizer for less than 10Euro - Small or big camera
This is a quick tutorial I wanted to share with you guys.
This is a very easy and cheap tutorial that can be done with some basic tools.
You can use it as in the first part and get a more professional look by finishing it with a carbonfiber Di-Noc foil and some black paint if you want to...
If you'r looking to make one, you can simply adjust some stuff to your own preferences, this is how it worked out best for me.
It's a compact lightweight frame that I can take everywhere in my backpack to make more stable footage and I can add my LED light on it to make some footage at parties or in the dark.

The picture tutorial was made after I've finished the you'll see some holes where already drilled but it should be quite easy to follow my steps.
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Step 1: This is what we will make

Picture of This is what we will make
More pictures at the end of the instructabel

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials
So this are the materials you'll need:
- A Drill
- Drill 5mm, drill 10,5mm (you can use other drills if you use other nuts & bolts)
- Some measurement device
- Aluminum 15cm+13cm+15cm = 43cm (3cm width 2mm thick)
  Aluminum  13cm+13cm+13cm = 39cm (3cm width 2mm thick)
- Some washers
- Nut & Bolt M10 (1cm width)
- 2 x 1/4" camera thread
- 2 rubber seals

Step 3: Measurements

Picture of Measurements
So here are the measurements. It is a little bit oversized in the height but I did this to be able to mount bigger cameras on it as well.
Note: The Inner piece is measured as 13cm as well as the outer piece, this is not completely correct and is 13-(2x2mm) = 12,6cm.
samawajeeh2 years ago
nice project
neffk2 years ago
Nice work. Wish I had access to a break that produced such precise radii.

Shouldn't you add some weight at some distance below the camera? That would really increase the stabilization effects.
ceanes2 years ago
Nice job, keep doing.
mje2 years ago
Clever design. I did something functionally similar, using two strips of 1/4" aluminum and a pair of 3/4" birch dowels for the handgrips, but I like how yours folds.
altairneo2 years ago
very nice project
A very useful build. Great stuff.