Step 10: Additional 2: Professional Carbon Look

This is how you can make your camerarig look more professional.
I did it by using some DI-Noc 3M sticker Carbon and some paint 
You could also just paint it black, but I love the look of carbonfiber so thats why I've used it.

1. Colour the edges black
    - Use a Metalic primer
    - Paint it black
2. Paint bolts and nuts
    - Use a Metalic primer
    - Paint it black
3. Use 3M DI-NOC sticker Carbon and stick it on the Aluminum frame In and out
4. Cut some cheap foam to make some grips on the frame

nice project
Nice work. Wish I had access to a break that produced such precise radii. <br> <br>Shouldn't you add some weight at some distance below the camera? That would really increase the stabilization effects.
Nice job, keep doing.
Clever design. I did something functionally similar, using two strips of 1/4&quot; aluminum and a pair of 3/4&quot; birch dowels for the handgrips, but I like how yours folds.
very nice project
A very useful build. Great stuff.

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