Camera Stabilizer for ENV2 or Other Camera Phones





Introduction: Camera Stabilizer for ENV2 or Other Camera Phones

Ever want to make a video but you only have a camera phone? Have you ever been making a video with a camera phone but you can't hold it still? Well than this is the instructable for you!

Step 1: Materials!

All you will need is Duct tape, and a CD case!

Step 2: The Angle

Open up the CD case and pick the angle you want it be at

Step 3: Keeping It at That Angle

Now that you have it at the angle you want you're gonna want to have it stay at that angle and not fall down...whats the solution to this? DUCT TAPE!

Duct tape it all around the hinge to keep it straight!

Step 4: Make Some Good Ol' Duct Tape String!

take a piece of duct tape, and fold it over about five times. your gonna need a little more than what will wrap around your phone. you will need two pieces

Step 5: Attach the String to the CD Case

Attach the strings to the phone case so that your phone will will fit in nice and tight, and so that it won't fall out. If the string wraps around to the other side make sure it doesn't block the camera.


Now you can add all sorts of things to it such as a home-made tripod...or a store bought one!



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     works great!!!! thanks!

    instead of tape velcro could do better. there is or are cheap phone-tripod-adapters. you're still holding it with just two hands? still seems shaky to me haha

    1 reply

    Actually , like i said at the end of it that you could add it to a tripod or put it on a desk or shelve...for like webcam videos...kinda... also its way less shaky