Cameron Park in Waco Texas has some of the most beautiful trails in all of the great state of Texas! You can spend hours hiking, biking, or running through the immense network of trails in the park. Some of the trails are mapped, very well marked and well maintained while others will take a bit of daring exploration to discover! Grab your hiking shoes, a water bottle and a hiking buddy  and go discover what an amazing place Cameron Park can be!

Step 1: Supplies and Pertinent Information

The supplies you bring will depend on how much time you plan to spend hiking but remember, it's always better to be over prepared than underprepared!

Cost: 100% free!
     - You do not need any money or a pass of any kind to hike, bike, or run. The park is completely free for everybody to enjoy!

Time: 1 hour
     - This is a rough approximation of the route I will be discussing (not including photo and snack breaks :P) if you are hiking at a
     normal, enjoy the scenery, type of pace.

Difficulty: 5/10 (1 being the easiest and 10 being the most challenging)


1) Water!!!

     - 1 Liter minimum, it can get very hot and humid in the summer so you will drink a lot more than you expect to. Throw a handful
     of ice cubes in to keep the water cool throughout your hike! Do not skimp on water!

2) Snack bars or trail mix
     - Hiking can be tiring and you can burn a lot of calories. There nothing worse than being halfway through a hike and to get tired and weak from a lack of nourishment. A small snack can really help to pick you up if you're feeling fatigued.

3) Proper Hiking Attire
     - Comfortable shoes with good traction and stability
     - Shorts are fine during the hotter months, just be careful to stay on the trails away from poison oak and ivy
3) A Trail Conquering Companion
     - It's always better to hike with a bud or 2 just incase you get hurt or need help with something...Plus it's way more fun with a couple of mates!

4) Your Sense of Adventure!
     - Get ready to have some fun in one of the most beautiful areas in Texas!

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