Picture of Camo Sniper bunker/foxhole
use this for airsoft or paintball. Maybe if your hunting rabbit with an airgun. (the picture is an example of what it should look like. I will post some of my foxhole bunkers but they look just like this)
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Step 1: First step: finding the right spot

Picture of First step: finding the right spot
Your going to need a hill or semi raised ground.Make sure the spot has plenty of trees and or thick brush. It just helps with camoflauge.

Step 2: Step 2: Dig deep real deep

Picture of Step 2: Dig deep real deep
Decide how wide the hole must be and how deep you want it. After that you can put tarp in it to keep some of the dirt off of you. (ofcourse the picture below shows a hole bigger than what you need unless your putting a lot of snipers in it)

Step 3: Step 3: Add bunker parts

Picture of Step 3: Add bunker parts
its simple once you get the hole to your liking take plywood and build a sort of roof almost(below is a diagram)

Step 4: Step 4: camo time

Picture of Step 4: camo time
studie your surronding area well and use objects around you for camo like sticks, hay,grass,bark,weeds etc. (ghille suits are a big help with this i will post an instructable on how to make those as well)
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You have everything but the rifle ; )

gearup5005 months ago
To make really good camo for stuff take wire mesh weave branches brush twigs any thing from the area your putting it then nail it up
thecoonskin2 years ago
I made this instructable when I was like 13! Wow I can't believe this account is still active! This was published back when instructables still had the not liable section lol.
SO4Jesus3 years ago
We build fighting holes for more then just snipers. We put defenders and riflemen in them. We've also dug them randomly, so in the middle of a battle, any unit can get in one.
MRHint6 years ago
Thats a fighting hole... One that you get in and wait... A fox hole is a hasty defensive position where you just take a layer of dirt off of the ground and lay down so you are concealed but hardly covered...
SO4Jesus MRHint3 years ago
Don't be so sure. I was listening to a WWII vetren who explaine normal foxholes in the pacific campaign were 9 ft deep, 12 ft wide, and 12 ft long. Troops were suposed to sleep in them.
MRHint SO4Jesus3 years ago
I was talking about the differences between a fox hole and a fighting hole. Many people use the two interchangably, although they are two different things. Fighting holes are what you stay up watching while your buddy sleeps and is more long term.
SO4Jesus MRHint3 years ago
SO4Jesus3 years ago
Thank you for making this. My airsoft war is trench warfare, the bases up to a mile apart. This'll be helpful.
I made one of these in the forest behind my house and it is awesome!
davison1124 years ago

hmmm.... spawns an idea for a 1 man portable one.....

Now you have me on a mission.....
Do you play minecraft?
Irrelevant, but yes, of course xD
bhodson13 years ago
im buying a air gun 400 fps powerful enogh to kill birds?
No, but at point blank it can make people bleed.
I have killed birds with a 300fps gun, but it only really hurts smaller birds with a headshot.
400 should be enough, i hunt with mine. Rabbit and bird mostly. The ocaisional raccoon. mine's 495 FPS.
it depends, what kind of ammo?
hunter383 years ago
Nice instructable i was thinking of following your idea but then a different idea popped in my head, kinda like your fort
Gramjen4 years ago
Wow, having a bunker/foxhole setup for a round of paintball would be awesome. It would take a closed private area to build it, but there are some great sniper paintball guns that could be used in this setup. Thanks for showing the tapered design used in the interior of the foxhole, this seems easier to dig and construct.
Colonel885 years ago
Perhaps the worst mistake you could ever do is put your sniper rifle OUTSIDE of cover. That's why you never see assasins with their sniper rifle out the window...
 where the hell do you live where there would be ANY assassins??
Hey some of my best mates are assassins, his rifles havent even seen the day light, we have assassin parties, with chips and what not.
so that was your place? nice.
i liked the look of that beandip you had, any chance of getting the recipe?
You too?
nice job. very nice job. i like it.
what kind of camo is the last picture? it looks like Mossy Oak
medius4 years ago
Very well done. I really enjoyed the diagram in step 3. I plan on installing at least on of these for general purpose, be it airsoft or just a good hiding spot. The one thing it's missing is an emergency out. Military snipers are required when building these to have an easy way out in the back for after the shot, but oh well. It's still awsome you thought to post this.
whitewolf884 years ago
one thing you didnt mention is what to do with the soil, that in is self is a dead give away that there is some one dug in there. this will also only work along as no1 else knows where it is, if you play in the same area every time, people will know where it is and all you digging will be wasted as some one sneaks up behind you and lobs a paint grenade in!
dla8884 years ago
Where are you?......
ry259207 years ago
this is nice but I have 4 things to question 1.)Have you ever played paintball? 2.)Do you know how hard it is not to get shot in the first place, not to mention how easy it is to get shot while digging a hole? 3.) You can't bring a shovel on a paintball feild, and the refs don't like people screwing up the feild. 4.) A long, clear opening in front would be better in paintball because one leaf will break a paintball. nice idea though.:)
1) I play airsoft 2)You dig it long before the game 3)You do this on your own land, or land you have permission to alter 4)Maybe so, but it would be fine for hunting, and awesome for airsoft.
(removed by author or community request)
Dude paintball sucks. Ok they can shoot really fast and hurt. Big deal. My airsoft sniper rifle has half the power of my .22 and draws blood at 50 feet. You hate airsoft because tactics are involved.
You obviously own no 22, and anyone who knows the slightest thing about rifles does not refer to them as "sniper rifles". Half the power of a 22? SO youre saying that your "sniper rifle" had 30 ft/lbs of energy, when it fires plastic pellets? 30 ft/lbs is for raccons and small coyote, and enough to KILL humans. As a reference, it takes about 80 ft/lbs to drop a small buck on the spot.
Actually it takes 25-41 ft/lbs to drop a small buck. If his airsoft gun fired pellets with 30 ft/lbs of energy, it could kill a small buck(which it can't).
Yeah sorry I wasn't thinking I was thinking about FPS and I got mixed up. I'm sorry. Also I'm sorry in relation to the tactics involved in the two sports. They just involve two different kind of tactics and I prefer airsoft. Sorry to cause all this trouble.
Hate to get stuck in an airsoft fight with you. But I don't think an airsoft is that strong. Cause I got one an d I KNOW it ain't that strong.
Deal with it.
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