Step 2: Step 2: Dig deep real deep

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Decide how wide the hole must be and how deep you want it. After that you can put tarp in it to keep some of the dirt off of you. (ofcourse the picture below shows a hole bigger than what you need unless your putting a lot of snipers in it)
MRHint7 years ago
Thats a fighting hole... One that you get in and wait... A fox hole is a hasty defensive position where you just take a layer of dirt off of the ground and lay down so you are concealed but hardly covered...
SO4Jesus MRHint3 years ago
Don't be so sure. I was listening to a WWII vetren who explaine normal foxholes in the pacific campaign were 9 ft deep, 12 ft wide, and 12 ft long. Troops were suposed to sleep in them.
MRHint SO4Jesus3 years ago
I was talking about the differences between a fox hole and a fighting hole. Many people use the two interchangably, although they are two different things. Fighting holes are what you stay up watching while your buddy sleeps and is more long term.
SO4Jesus MRHint3 years ago
venom15395 years ago

Just add a roof to that and you have a small base to store guns and ammo.

#9EJV6 years ago
put half the dirt back in there and put water in it and tht b a good mud pit 4 my 4wheeler vrom vromm
XWXAXDXEX #9EJV5 years ago
WOW bit pointless?
#9EJV XWXAXDXEX5 years ago
hahahaha i know just  tryn to b funny and it is to deep dude its twice as deep as tht shovel
XWXAXDXEX #9EJV5 years ago
oh kl it is but the deeper means more cover, bo\ut can at times be a niusance, it also could be the angle of pic or shovel length.
tbenefi337 years ago
thanks for sharing I live in a wooded aear might have to build one for hunting season.
so you are digging a fighting hole not a foxhole.foxholes are about two feet deep and you lay down in them to protect you in prone. good instructable though