This is a bike I was given by my neighbour, he was ready to dump it.
I had a bit of spare time and the idea that I could, jazz it up a bit.

Step 1: The Strip

Remove the wheels, and any bits that can get in the way.
I used an electric sander to strip the frame.
Wash the frame down and dry it off.
Not very visible to car drivers? Would fluorescent be better?
I have loads of off road trails around here,<br>I don't ride on roads much, had too many close calls with cars.<br><br>Regards<br>Floppyjoe
Car drivers that can see bikes? There's a novelty!
where is it? I don't see it
Please post a finished picture. All I see is a hedge. ;) (Great job!)
Thats cool!
Very nice paint job :D
Great job with the bike - it looks really good! :)

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