This is a bike I was given by my neighbour, he was ready to dump it.
I had a bit of spare time and the idea that I could, jazz it up a bit.
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Step 1: The strip

Picture of The strip
Remove the wheels, and any bits that can get in the way.
I used an electric sander to strip the frame.
Wash the frame down and dry it off.

Step 2: The base coat

Picture of the base coat
I used cheep spray cans to paint the frame.
Bought them in a £ shop.
Used 2 cans to cover the frame.

Step 3: The trim

Picture of The trim
I gave the wheel rims a coat as they looked a bit plain.
I also covered up some rust patches on the spokes.
I cleaned the rust off first using tin foil.

Step 4: The top coat

Picture of The top coat
The camo paint was applied by hand using a small brush.
I mixed blue and yellow to make various greens and some browns to get the earthy colours.

Step 5: Can you see it

Picture of Can you see it
The final stage was to give the bike a couple of coats of satin varnish.
Made the paint job tough and scratch resistant.
arochester1 year ago
Not very visible to car drivers? Would fluorescent be better?
floppyjoe (author)  arochester1 year ago
I have loads of off road trails around here,
I don't ride on roads much, had too many close calls with cars.

Car drivers that can see bikes? There's a novelty!
EivindS1 year ago
where is it? I don't see it
kenbob1 year ago
Please post a finished picture. All I see is a hedge. ;) (Great job!)
Rainh2o1 year ago
Thats cool!
Very nice paint job :D
HollyMann1 year ago
Great job with the bike - it looks really good! :)