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Introduction: Camouflage Net

How to make a camouflage for many uses.....

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Step 1: Tools You Need

1. Duct tape
2. Leaves or other debri that matches your surrounding (If your in a hay field, use hay. if your in a garbage dump, then use garbage )
3. Hammer or a rock would work well. (optional )
4. Sticks (optional )

Step 2: Build the Base

Hammer a steak into the ground for each corner of your net about 1" off thr ground. This would make it a little easier to work with and keep debri from sticking to your duct tape. At each corner, attach a strip of tape as shown to allow the tape to lay flat.(sticky side up)

Step 3: Lat Out the Net

Lay verticle and horizontal strips (sticky side up) attaching securely at the edges.

Step 4: Add the Camo

take leaves and randomly place them onto your duct tape net and press them firmly. 

Step 5: You're Done. Try It Out.

Remove stakes and your done. You can hide yourself or other objects.

Step 6: Another Practical Use

or use it take a privacy wall for your outhouse.

Step 7: Also...

A few more pieces of tape and you can make a toilet paper roll and a seat for your bucket. Now your camping in luxury.

Happy camping campers!



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    you spelled stake wrong but otherwise this is great, i'm going to use it for my treehouse so nobody can find it unless they know where to look

    Use tis in the great outdoors contest!!!

    WARNING!!!! Dont use when leaves are wet!!
    I did that and the leaves wont stick. But Great idea im so goning to try again when leaves are dry

    1 reply

    good to know its raining here and i almost just went and got wet ones

    For a longer lasting camo net replace the tape net with a real net and instead of using real leaves, use leaves cut out of green plastic or something like that. I might make an 'Ible on this...

    I like the idea.and even the toilet thats hidden behind it just gives that sense of humor.usually when we went to visit someone on their farm and ask to use the toilet ..then they usually said something like; go straight then the 3rd tree on the left. now you can actually do the same! bet you they will be surprised when they actually find a toilet.
    anyway it still a nice and easy way to make camo.

    Thank for the comments. Like I said many uses and you can go as big as you want with it.

    I forsee many Halloween projects I could use this for!!

    I like this idea. I could see it being useful in many situations.

    wow wonder if i bulit a workshop in the wooods if i could hide it with this hmm

    Very clever. I especially like the camping in luxury with the outhouse privacy... do you think I can make one of these to hide from my children right under their noses? I'd win those hide-n-go-seek games for sure. Great job!