Picture of Camouflage Net
How to make a camouflage for many uses.....
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Step 1: Tools you need

Picture of Tools you need
1. Duct tape
2. Leaves or other debri that matches your surrounding (If your in a hay field, use hay. if your in a garbage dump, then use garbage )
3. Hammer or a rock would work well. (optional )
4. Sticks (optional )

Step 2: Build the base

Picture of Build the base
Hammer a steak into the ground for each corner of your net about 1" off thr ground. This would make it a little easier to work with and keep debri from sticking to your duct tape. At each corner, attach a strip of tape as shown to allow the tape to lay flat.(sticky side up)

Step 3: Lat out the net

Picture of Lat out the net
Lay verticle and horizontal strips (sticky side up) attaching securely at the edges.

Step 4: Add the camo

Picture of add the camo

take leaves and randomly place them onto your duct tape net and press them firmly. 

Step 5: You're done. Try it out.

Picture of you're done. Try it out.
Remove stakes and your done. You can hide yourself or other objects.

Step 6: Another practical use

Picture of Another practical use
or use it take a privacy wall for your outhouse.

Step 7: Also...

Picture of also...
A few more pieces of tape and you can make a toilet paper roll and a seat for your bucket. Now your camping in luxury.

Happy camping campers!
lax-ninja1 year ago
Use tis in the great outdoors contest!!!
Very clever. I especially like the camping in luxury with the outhouse privacy... do you think I can make one of these to hide from my children right under their noses? I'd win those hide-n-go-seek games for sure. Great job!