Camouflaged Paintball Barrel Using Camouflage Duct Tape


Introduction: Camouflaged Paintball Gun Barrel Using Camouflage Duct Tape

Things you will need:
1. Razor blade
2. Blue painters tape
3. Camouflaged duct tape

Step 1: Preparing the Surface of the Barrel

Your going to need blue painters tape. The reason is so no residue will be left behind if you ever decided to remove the duct tape

Step 2: Carefully Add the Camouflaged Duct Tape

Real carefully add the duct tape and don't forget to trim it up afterwards and you're pretty much done



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    6 Discussions

    I love my tippmann cronus it amazing the amount of modifications you can do to it i just ordered a sniper barrel and machine gun shroud for it with a flashlight and laser

    I have the same gun i love my cronus

    Thanks guys i just didn't want any residue from the tape it sucks taking that stuff off

    Paintballs can shoot out of guns?

    I always thought they were made for slingshots!