Camouflaging Your Weapon





Introduction: Camouflaging Your Weapon

There are no straight lines in nature so why would you want to carry a nice straight rifle or shotgun across your chest when you are out sneaking around the woods? By camouflaging your weapon you break up its outline and make yourself just that much harder to see. Besides every weapon needs a little color.



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    I plan on painting my pellet gun next.

    I just painted my air soft gun. I didnt want to paint on the scope, so i covered it in spanish moss and held it with duct tape. I also didn't paint with a stencil, but still love the way it looks. Thanks for the idea, i never would have painted my guns with spray paint with out it.

    13, 12:54 PM.jpg

    It is a metter of personal taste and situation Parker. I have "spray painted" every weapon I own from my AK to my AR to our Sig Sauer's. Straight lines and solid Black draws bullets and while getting shot at doesn't hurt getting hit by one of those angry little SOB's does so why not do all you can to keep them away? Thanks for you comment! And as always, Train to Survive!

    This may be ok for an airsoft gun but i definatly would not spraypaint my AR