Camp Art Director Project Ideas

I have worked for 13 years as a children's summer camp art director.  I dislike buying packaged arts and craft projects and look outside the box for ideas for our many art area activities. 

Because of this role, I found instructables.  I continue to use instructables to this day to not only find fun projects for camp, but to enjoy personally and to share projects I have done.  I decided to put a guide together for some great projects that would work well in a summer camp setting.

If you are looking for items for a Jewelry Making program click here.

Pirate Paper Craft (EASY) style
Pirate Paper Craft What is more fun than pirates!  Well many things could be but when in a classroom or at home a pirate can leave a lot for the imagination and opening up a world of learning.  Thi...
The Muffin Man or Chef Paper Craft (EASY) style
This instructable will give you the step by step to create your own muffin man (or chef) out of paper using cheap and easy to use materials.  Your chef could be the muffin man, purple pie man, wolf ga...
Goldie Locks (Little Girl) Paper Craft (Easy) style
Little Girl Paper Craft This instructable will give you the step by step to create your own little girl out of paper using cheap and easy to use materials.  Your little girl could be Goldie Locks, Re...
Swan Paper Craft style
This instructable will give you the step by step to create your swan out of paper using cheap and easy to use materials.  Your swan could be used to illustrate a character from literature, TV, movies ...
My own triceratops' skull style
One of my daughter was studying dinosaurs and ... I thought to build a skull with her. And this is the process and the result. (Sorry by my English... I hope that you understand the steps).
How to Make Wall Art out of Toilet Paper Rolls style
This is probably one of my favorite DIY Projects. It took me a little while to collect the paper rolls, but it was well worth it. Who knew paper rolls could turn into sweet wall art!! This project is ...
How To Knit style
How to knit is one of the more common requests for Instructables, and there are so far only a few addressing knitting. This is an attempt to show the basics, and is in no way comprehensive but should...
How to Crochet for Beginners style
An instructable to teach a beginner how to crochet. Get some fat yarn and a size N crochet hook.
Crochet Marshmallow style
Basic instructions on how to make a cute little crochet marshmallow.  This original pattern uses only two stitches so it's easy for a beginner! Enjoy!
How to Draw On Canvas Shoes (even if you're not an artist) style
About a year ago I set out to design my own pair of shoes because I couldn't find anything remotely close to what I wanted and the things that were just 'ok' were ridiculously expensive. I'm sure you'...
How to make Candles! style
My mom loves candles. This year for Hanukka, instead of spending 18 bucks for a candle or two from yankee, I've decided to make her some candles! I ended up spending $12 at Joanne's for enough wax/wic...
How To Make Crayola Art style
The makings and melting's of Crayola Art !
MINI-MUFFIN CRAYONS... A New Life for Broken Crayons! style
''''Broken crayons?!? Don't throw them away...MAKE OLD CRAYONS-NEW AGAIN! Up-cycle your broken crayons into MINI-MUFFIN SIZED CRAYONS. You will love the tie-dyed look and your young artists will lov...
Jewelry from your favorite video game heroes style
Create jewelry from fuse beads
Propeller-Powered Zipline Racers style
Materials Craft sticks, Paperclips, Propellers, Cardstock, Long rubberbands, Masking tape, Hot glue, Kite string, and scissors. Learning Objective Elementary school-aged students explore ideas like t...
quality duct tape wallet style
Standard duct tape wallet with 2 pockets for cards. this takes about 30 minutes to make. i like it because you can customize to exactly the size you want. the main trick to making a nice duct tape wa...
Duct Tape Handbag style
An easy duct tape project that can be done in an evening. Last minute gift for your girlfriend perhaps?
Snuggly Snowy Wheat-filled Warmer. Home-made hen-shaped organic heat/cold pad. Bouillotte Bio style
Home-made, organic alternative to a hot-water bottle. Based on our Cochin Chinese bantam Snowy, I designed and made this from what I had available -- a remnant of organic percale, left over from a she...
Hot shoulder dragon style
This shoulder dragon protects you from the cold due to its belly full of cherry pits of and its microwave resistant skin. It makes a great companion on Halloween walks or warming your bed on cold wint...
We recently visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, and our daughter spied an animatronic screaming mandrake plant in one of the store windows. She stood and stared for quite awhile wi...
How to Make a Marshmallow Gun or Marshmallow Shooter style
This marshmallow gun (marshmallow shooter) will completely surprise you with its accuracy, range, and ease of construction. Plus, it's tons of fun and a lot better than any store-bought toy because it...
How to Make Polymer Clay Beads style
I love to make rather large polymer clay beads but the bigger the bead, the heavier the weight, which is no good for jewelry. I decided using a wood "filler" bead might help cut down the weight. Turns...
Mini-Super Mario Yoshi style
For those of you who are Super Mario game fans this is a mini-Yoshi. I made it from Fimo sculpting clay that hardens in a heated environment  of 230 degrees F. for 30 minutes. Easy as pie! By the way ...
How to make a red turtle shell from Mario style
Im entering this in the game 2 life contest, so if you like it please vote! This is my first time entering a contest here. In this Instuctable, I will show you how to make a clay Red Turtle Shell fro...
Dry Bones Marionette style
You too can have your very own collapsible Dry Bones. He takes less than a day to make, and will provide hours (I'm sure) of enjoyment. Disclaimer: Dry Bones is likely fragile, contains small pieces,...
Simple Paper Flowers style
This is a low cost solution to having beautiful flowers at hand for your home, grannies, postal service delivery persons, weddings, and so on. They are very easy to make and look amazing when complet...
Here is a fun summertime little project I thought some of you might like to try. Its inexpensive, fun and enjoyable!
Fridge Magnets style
Easy cute little magnets for your fridge
Jigsaw Puzzle Clock style
I thought it would be fun to make a clock out of a jigsaw puzzle with a puzzle piece moving around on one of the arms of the clock, so when the clock strikes the hour the puzzle piece fits. I wanted...
How To Make An Origami Swan style
I will show you how to make an origami swan.
How to make lucky paper stars style
Make 3d paper stars from stripes of paper! **Warning: Making paper stars is addictive** I've always wanted to know how to make these, but couldn't understand how until a friend of mine showed me, tha...
Origami for Beginners style
Ever since I learned about Origami in 4th grade, I have always loved to fold.  The part I like most is showing others how to fold.  When I see the joy on their face after they fold their first figure,...
Origami Dog style
There seem to be a lack of origami dogs, so I modified a common-ish model to make this
Dollar shirt style
How to make a shirt out of a dollar (ps this is my first instructable)
Dollar Bill Shirt style
Dollar dollar bills y'all, or how to make a dollar into a tiny shirt.Massive credit goes to Clay, who put up the idea originally, along with much other money art.
Unit Origami style
This is a really sweet type of origami that doesn't require the intricate folding that nobody can understand. What you'll need: 12 sheets of origami paper
Origami rose style
OK GUYS, I've heard the cries of disappointment. I suggest that whenever you get stuck in this Instructable, check out the link to the video I posted on the very last step. The video goes very fast...
Cupig - Cupid+Pig style
For Valentines Day, many people look for creative ways to give gifts to each other. Instead of the common "I love you" heart, why not create a 3D origami cupig that is not only unique, but adorable as...
Feather Painting style
Feather Painting is a fun and challenging way to express your art work on non-traditional media.  This is a native American painted on a turkey feather that was dyed to look like an eagle feather.  I...
Chinese Dragon Pull Toy style
This is a toy I vaguely remember picking up a long time ago... I'm thinking 1974 World's Fair in Spokane, WA. The Cub Scouts general theme for February this year is Chinese New Years, and this toy I h...
Chinese Parade Dragon for Under $75 style
Chinese Parade Dragon for Under $75 I was given a challenge to make a Chinese parade dragon in two days for under $50, I completed said challenge and you can see the results. For the camp ceremony t...
Cardboard Box Moose Head Wall Hanging style
OK, so this is my first instructable, so be gentle!  What to do with an old cardboard box?  Easy, make a moose head with it...  I'll show you how. Takes about 2-3 hours.
DIY Cardboard Deer Head style
I have always wanted a Cardboard Deer Head like the ones you see at trendy shops or at http://www.cardboardsafari.com/shop/product_cbs1002.php but couldn't justify spending money on something I know I...
Make A Cardboard Dragon! style
I used cardboard to make this art piece. Look at the pictures and view the image notes to see how it was constructed.
Cardboard Critters style
This instructable will show you how to make fun, easy to make critters...kids should have fun with this!
Make this easy and cute pen/pencil holder in honor of Dr. Seuss!
Octopus Mask style
This is an instructable on how to make a masquerade mask octopus style. This was not the planned project for this valentines day, but was much better than my actual idea so I squashed my efforts in a ...
Giant Mask:  Montessaurus! style
This is the most excruciatingly detailed record I have kept of my various giant papier-mache mask projects. This particular mask - a strange monster that I call the "Montessaurus" - was made for a pr...
Giant Butterfly Puppets style
This is another entry into the SHOPBOT contest. I am part of a very small group of friends, artists and creative engineers who are constantly dreaming up fun ideas for projects. We are lucky enough ...
Wooden Heart Wind Chime style
I made this for my girlfriend for Valentine's day, but there's never a bad time to give your girlfriend (or boyfriend, or anyone) a wooden heart windchime. I wanted to make her something and had some ...
Make a pop-up card of hearts style
Here is how to make a great pop up card of hearts. Intended for children of 5 years and above. They should be able to follow the instructions without guidance. However, some parental supervision may b...
Paper Flowers style
These paper flowers are beautiful! I absolutely love them. They are great to use in your own house or give them away as a gift.  What You Will Need: -Two Toilet Paper Rolls (two rolls make 1 flower) ...
Quilled Monograms -Cheap, easy, no special equipment style
Recently I have been greatly inspired by Yulia Brodskaya, an amazing paper quilling artist and I decided I would make some Monograms in her style of quilling. As I have never done quilling before, I ...
Handmade paper - easier way style
I'm making handmade paper, and came up with an easier way to make small sheets. This might work for larger sheets as well, but as my current project uses smaller paper this is all that I've tried. Bu...
How to Make Handmade Paper style
 I absolutely love to make paper. It's been a business for me for a while. So many people ask me how I do it and they are fascinated by the results. I have perfected a way to make fine paper. Most pap...
Let us green you up (grow your own paper planter cards ) style
My wife is an avid scrapbooker. She uses beautiful cardstock and papers in her hobby, but what to do with left over paper scraps? How about remake the paper scraps into new sheets of handmade paper...
$60 Cornhole Boards style
I built a set of cornhole boards, for my sister's family, out of an old pool table we picked at a old lady's house in the middle Florida.  The table was so badly beat up the only parts that were still...
Hearts A'Penny style
This penny mosaic was inspired by a "three hearts" painting I saw on an episode of Sex and the City (see second picture). Wanting to put my own spin on the recreation, I decided to forgo the standard ...
How to Make Playdough (Play-doh) style
Playdough (aka Play-doh) is easy to make at home, and fun for kids of all ages.  Here's how to make your own non-toxic toy with custom colors and fragrances. This is the classic method that involves ...
How to Dye Noodles--the Crafting and Edible Version!!! style
Dyeing dry noodles for art collages, stringing awesome necklaces, or sorting by color is a breeze! Go back to kindergarten with this easy project. *Note: This new recipe allows noodles to be used for...
Muppet-style puppet style
With a serger you can prototype many things because it makes it easy to cobble together bits of material into something fun real quick. An after-dinner project when there is nothing good on TV, make ...
How To Make A Pinhole Camera style
Make your own camera out of materials around the house and take black and white photos with it.
Stopmotion Video making guide style
Making stopmotion videos teach a child how videos "move" and patience to develop something.   As a child I was always interested into making stop motion projects. It is a fun and very creative proc...
Awesome Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs!! style
My son is going through his Super Mario Bros. phase. I don't know that I ever got over mine. Playing Nintendo for countless hours is one of my fondest childhood memories. With Easter right around the ...
Funny Face Fingerprint People style
Make sure you hop over to my Blue Velvet Chair blog if you like this project and want to see more interesting repurpose designs. Looking for a fun, quick and easy craft that even your kids can do? I ...
How to Blow Egg Out of Egg Shells style
As it is approaching Easter, there are loads of projects that require an empty egg shell.  I know lots of people who refuse to do these wonderful and fun projects because even the thought of having ...
Hand Painted Acorn Magnets/Scatters style
My wedding wasn't cool and geeky, mainly because our families are full of people who wouldn't get it...  :) But I think it turned out pretty nice. Our wedding was held in a vineyard in Central Illinoi...
duct tape raft style
Raft made by my scout troop and I using only duct tape and cardboard.  Transported to camp and home in trailer on top of all our gear. We were quite a sight on the highway,  2 hour trip - everyone loo...
Building the $2 Birdhouse style
I have built many of these $2 birdhouses as gifts. The basis of the $2 birdhouse is a 6" wide Dog Eared Cedar Picket, which comes in 5 and 6 foot lengths. The cheaper 5 foot picket will be enough to...
Simple Bird Nesting Box style
Make a home for our feathered friends to raise their young. This is a simple open fronted bird nesting box for small to medium sized birds such as song thrushes, (European) robins, wrens and flycatche...
Ladder Golf - PVC  Camping Game style
If you visit camp grounds you have probably seen a game called ladder golf. It's got three rungs and contestants throw their bolos trying to wrap them around the lowest rung. Being a distributor of P...
popsicle stick clock style
Sometimes,(OK all the time ),  my mind works in strange ways. After seeing the weekly challenge and the contest page and thinking to my self that I had no idea of what I could do,then a light came on,...
How To Make A Bracelet Out Of Candy Wrappers! style
My example: Starburst wrappers (but I've also been successful with Tootsie Roll wrappers) - Keep in mind that the wrapper should be a rectangular shape. - You’ll need about 30-40 wrappers depending o...
Comic character clay bead necklace (with homemade clay) style
This is a clay bead necklace that features some of my favorite comic book characters: Garfield & Odie, Snoopy & Woodchuck, Hello KItty, the Angry Birds (not really a comic book character but I love th...
Eastern Bluebird Houses (from hand tools) style
Eastern bluebirds are great birds, and building homes for them is a simple, fun project that can be completed with hand tools such as a saw, hammer and screwdriver.This Instructable is loosely based o...
Bird Feeder Bird style
Make a bird to feed your birds! Inspired by the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill calling out in droves to wake me in the morning, I made a parrot to feed them. Using bread as a base and peanut butter ...
Antique Toys: Rope Climbing Bear style
Today I am going to show you how to make a bear that will climb a rope. This is the second part of the antique toys series I am trying to start on Instructables. This is a simple antique toy that wi...
Papercraft Balance Ballerina Toy ! style
Balancing Ballerina Toy simple make fast ! Because of the low centre of gravity the Ballerina will not fall and will rock on the spoke BALANCING BALLERINA - ENGLISH desing :madhav khare &am...
Make a Frame Loom for Weaving style
This past spring, I spent a couple of weeks vacationing on one of the Gulf Islands.  The islands are home to a lot of artist and the place I stayed at was showcasing some of their work in the dinning ...
Flatware Jewelry style
It's really simple to make some fairly nifty jewelry out of what you've already got sitting around. For this bracelet I chose a stainless fork with some long tines and a bit of character, and then gav...
Daisy chain choker style
This is my first instructable. I am trying to keep the instructions very simple. I spent less than $5 and I have plenty of material left for future projects. Hope you love it!!! Material list • V...
The 895 Yen Choker - Japanese coin necklace style
This instructable will show you how to make a pretty cool choker-style necklace out of Japanese coins.  I used Japanese coins because I had a jar of them lying around, but any disk shaped object with ...
rainbow cake necklace style
This is a scrumptious rainbow cake necklace that i made from polymer clay.
Faux LifeSaver Candy Necklace style
Candy is fun, but bad for your teeth and blood sugar.  It's also that case than any do-it-your-selfer likes to make things with stuff that is already in the house/garage etc....  Mmmm..... so I was ...
How to Make Sonic the Hedgehog Out of Clay style
Here I will show you how to make your own Sonic The Hedgehog out of clay. All you need is Crayola air-dry clay, a toothpick, Krazy Glue, some paint and some patience. Above all this figure is mea...
8-bit Centerpieces style
Make your own awesome 8-bit centerpiece for your next video game-inspired dinner or event. It's simple, requires very little in the way of tools or artistic talent, and stores flat for future use! Are...
How to Make a Cardboard Canoe for your Kids in the Pool style
This instructable shows how my friend Jared, my brother, and I  built a cardboard canoe for his kids to play with in the swimming pool. Materials Used: -Packing Tape - 1 1/2" - (lots(3...
Pop-Up Birthday Card style
Have you ever made something so cool together with someone else that you wished there were a commemorative birthday card for it? Do you love pop-up paper crafts? Are you not easily de...
Cardboard Coffee Cup Collage Art Bouquet-Painted style
Recycling Creatively by transforming Cardboard Coffee Cups into Art.   Entire Collage is made from items normally thrown away in a Starbucks Coffee Store.  Roses are made from cardboard cups......leav...
Spray Paint Stencils style
Here is a fun hobby to start. I like to spray paint designs on different things. You can use your own photos or uploaded photos. It's really simple to do. Just read through and try it out.  If you h...
Grimm Fairy Tale Polymer Clay Shoe style
I was very inspired by Donna Kato's "Feat of Clay" event mentioned in one of her books so I decided to make a polymer clay shoe of my own.  This shoe is Grimm Fairy Tale themed and includes the storie...
Melted Crayon Art style
This is an easy, straightforward project that delivers a lot of graphic impact for not very much effort. Seriously, the hardest part is unwrapping all the crayons. You will need: a blank canvas crayo...
How to Draw - Basic Linear Perspective style
In this first installment of my ongoing series of "How to Draw" Instructables, I will show you how to create real-looking three dimensional shapes.Linear Perspective is the most basic form of perspect...
How to Draw a Nose style
The Nose, awkward, but essential. I have been looking all over the internet for a decent tutorial on how to draw a nose, and I could find a single one. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a Ba...
How to draw anime style
This is my way to draw anime. I am only going to shew you how to draw one character but using some of my techniques you should be able to make as much as you want.
How To Draw style
This is a simple drawing lesson.The focus of this lesson will be to teach you basic excercises that you can do to sharpen your skills. We will draw a cartoon figure at the end to illustrate the purpos...
Draw manga characters style
Hello! Welcome to my Instructable on how to draw manga characters.A little warning, the Burning Question was "how to draw manga characters," but that is very general, and would probably make a better ...
How To Make The Ultimate Friendship Bracelet! style
I started making friendship bracelets in elementary school and became obsessed rather quickly. I bought several books on how to make different patterns, bought every color of embroidery floss imaginab...
How to Tie Dye an Old White Shirt style
Take an old white shirt suffering from the "dingies" and turn it into a rainbow masterpiece! I'll show you how.
How To Use Craft Foam As Ceramic Tile! style
Did you know that you can use the foam craft sheets as faux tiles? After a suggestion was made by scoochmaroo, I decided to try this.  It's a fun way to make decorative items for the office, home and ...
Can Art: A Way To Recycle Some Tin Cans style
We all use some canned foods from time to time.  And we all probably use empty cans for one purpose or another.  This instructable shows how to decorate cans to be used as organizers for pencils, pens...
Use Field Tiles To Make A Zebra Mosaic Table style
I've been interested in mosaics for some time, and as I had some tiles remaining from previous projects, I decided to make a 19 inch table top out of some remnants.  These black and white tiles are "f...
How to do 3D Anamorphic Artwork and Sidewalk, Street, and Driveway  Art style
Hello, My name is "Grease" and this is my first Instructable. I would like to "Thank You" for stopping by. Have you ever seen the 3D Anamorphic pictures that Julian Beever has drawn on the sidewalks,...
Easy, Cheap, Animated Cartoon in 10 Minutes style
I always liked to draw and was thinking of becoming a cartoonist as a kid, but the tedium of the technique at the time (1980s) drove me away. Now we have computers and everyone is making flash animati...
Friendship Bracelet style
This is a simple DIY tutorial on how to make an adorable friendship bracelet!
fish-magnet style
How to make an amazing fish magnet out of paper macheee
Paper mache shark!! style
Hello this is a shark that I made back in the 4th grade for a project (I was going for overkill and I definitely achieved it). It is paper mache over a base of Styrofoam cYlinders and flat pieces like...
Puppet for theatre style
In this instructable i would show you how i have made this simple and economic puppet for theatre. I used recycled materials: cloths, wool, lace, buttons, ecc. In this way you can create all character...
Colored Flames style
In this instructable i'll be showing you guys how to make multi-colored flames! The flames turn green, blue and purple! This is also great on a fireplace or campfire to bring out the true colors of ...
Keyboard Cat Marquetry style
Keyboard Cat Marquetry i did a couple of years back.   Marquetry is applying veneer to form a decorative picture or design.  This one was done in Curly Maple, Sapele, dyed pearwood, bubinga and mahog...
Bullet Bill Rocket style
Bullet Bill is a character that has appeared as an enemy in almost all of the Super Mario games from the very beginning. There are a few varieties, and their look and behavior has changed over the yea...
Stained Glass mosaic
I made a mold off of a plastic skull, then made 2 casts out of plaster mixed with white glue. They were 3.5" tall, approximately. I decorated them with glass shards and little cloth flowers (for eyes)...
Rocket Locket style
Needed: Section of copper pipe Old CD Coat hanger Paper Clip Sand paper, various grits Soldering torch optional
Copper Leaf Pendant style
This pendant is cut from the same piece of copper pipe as my Copper Rocket Pendant. I first embossed the lines by laying a needle over the copper and hammering it. I then cut it out and solder...
Brass Monkey style
This monkey was made from two bullet shells and 20” of brass wire. It makes for a cool way to hang your keys. The face is my design while the rest of the body is based off a monkey I bought from a ho...
Do you have a scrabble gameboard collecting dust in the attic? Well, here's a simple project for you. You will need: Wooden Scrabble Tiles (Or plastic if you don't have the wooden ones) Corkboard Str...
Art from old magazines,junk mail and catelogs style
When I was in college I kinda was obsessed with Van Gogh's "Starry Night". I decided to make as many renditions as I could. I did oil pastel, colored pencil, crayon and pencil. Then I decided to do a ...
A basic guide to Oil painting style
Hey, this is my first 'Ible so any feedback is welcome, that said I will be showing you how to start working with oil paint. I am a college student and have learned painting from some of the very best...
Tips on How to Make a Crystal Ring style
This is a lovely little tutorial on how to make a funky pyramid style crystal ring using Swarovski Crystals and Czech Crystal beads. Have fun and play around you can even turn it at an angle and you h...
Real life coin block style
Do you love Mario Bros? Did you always want to know how getting a coin by hitting a block feels? Or maybe you just want a cool place to store your coins. Well this is the perfect project for you!
Mario Coin Brick Coin Bank style
I will show you how to make a Mario Coin Brick Coin Bank. Materials needed (please check # of the labels) & materials I've used for this project: 01) #6 Countersink drill bit (save the rest for other...
Stained Glass Bird style
This is my very first stained glass project!! It's just a simple Chickadee made using the "Copper Foil Technique" also known as the "Tiffany Glass Technique". :) Please disregard the dirty grassy...
Water bottle flower bouquet style
This instructable will teach you how to make a flower bouquet. It can be for a special someone, a friend, or just plain hobby. This was an idea I came up with for a gift for valentines day.
Pacman Perpetual Calendar style
Waka Waka Waka Pacman chomps his way through the month on this magnetic calendar.  The dots are numbered with the dates; ghost, fruit and power pellets can be used to mark special occasions, birt...
How to Resin a Painting or Drawing style
Resin is so versatile, but here is one luscious application - use it as a super thick and glossy finish for traditional paintings and drawings. It will work on any acrylic, oil, or mixed media drawing...
super mario figures made out of polymer clay. style
These are polymer clay super Mario figures.
Silk Paintings style
A few years ago, the Van Gogh estate contacted me to do a piece for a villa remodel.  I don't know how they got my information, but I was intrigued.  They said they'd been particularly impressed with ...
Blanket MARIO style
Hi! This is a step by step instruction of how to make an blanket of own Mario ♥ Made of Laura Muñoz from Spain ^ 3^ The blanket is made of square crochet, exactly for 238 squares in 15 hours You ne...
8-Bit Mario Blanket - Made from Granny Squares style
This blanket is made 100% of crocheted granny squares.  To follow this instructable, you must be able to crochet a granny square.  If you have never made one, they are not difficult, please see my pre...
How to make a Vintage Locket style
No special tools or know-how needed. Everything I could find about making lockets required fancy tools or know-how. So, I set out to make one without them. I’m sure it’s been done for hundreds of y...
How to Make a Fedora (Indiana Jones') style
The fedora is the hat of gangsters and detectives, its distinctive form drawing us into the era from which it emerged. This iconic felt hat is what comes to mind when we hear of such heroes as the in...
Party top-hat made of playing cards style
I always thought about playing cards being a great material for DIY projects and one of the things I pictured in my had to look very natural if made of playing cards is a top-hat for parties. I had t...
Mexican Paper Flowers style
These tissue paper flowers are lovely and exuberant, surprisingly easy to make, and infinitely customizable. I think I was taught how to make them in elementary school, but I had completely forgotten ...
Paper Mache Elephant style
This is a project I made for my 3D sculpture class. The frame is made of cardboard and covered in paper mache and paint.
Snowglobes style
If this is not the perfect time for some DIY snow globes! These little windows of snowy winter worlds are easy to make and are a wonderful gift or decoration for your home. You will need: *A jar...
Duct Tape Lily style
This duct tape lily is a super simple variation on the classic duct tape rose. It’s pretty simple, but a little messier than the very symmetrical rose design as it requires gathering each of the petal...
How to Draw Expressions style
Expressions are a vital piece of information that can tell you how a person is feeling, what they want to emphasize, and how they want you to react to them in return. A great deal of information and e...
Duct tape roses style
Have you ever wanted to gift your mother or father for their birthday,If so this is the best instructables for you. Materials required Duct tape (any color) Green duct tape for stem scissors and straw...
Gem Clip Jewellery style
I have tried to make a jewellery set using translucent (Colored and coated with plastic) gem clips.From a multi colored pack I have chosen 2 colors for this project. I have made a pair of earrings ...
Gridding a picture... make any image bigger, smaller, or copy it. style
Gridding an image has been around for hundreds of years. You can use gridding to make an image bigger, smaller or the same size (copy it). Gridding is a mathmatical process but don't let that scare yo...
Make a Roller Stamp. A big one! style
Using a rolling pin, a used inner tube and some sticky tape, you can make a really cool roller stamp. By really cool I mean really big. You can make prints as wide as the largest roller pin you can fi...
Recycled Paper In 5 Easy Steps! style
                      I did not learn these instructions from the Internet or a book!                                                               SUBSCRIBE! Hello people.  Before we get started, he...
Duct Tape Top Hat style
Have you ever seen a more perfect fusion of class, style, and redneck ingenuity? Follow closely and you, too may have your very own wearable silver topper stuck together from one of the most versatile...
Quilling Robot style
This is my gift for the Instructables Gift Exchange.  It was inspired by Russian artist Yulia Brodskaya paper art creations who I talked about in one of my previous Monday Blog Round Ups. Follow thes...
Paper Towel Roll Flowers style
Tools & Materials • paper towel roll core • Scissors • Button • Paper Glue • Page of Paper (can be recycled from an old book or magazine) • Brown Paper Shopping Bag • 28 Guage Wire (or wire that you ...
Super easy pop-up room style
This project goes into the category "kids can do" because it's so easy, quick, and the result is a very satisfying (and cheap) toy. The models for these pictures are my boys, age 7 and 10, who are no...
Plantable Greeting Cards style
Plantable card is available from a variety of online retailers, however it is always nice when giving a card that the card is hand made, and as it turns out, making a hand made plantable card is not d...
How to make belts and bracelets out of soda pop tabs style
 This instructable shows you how to make belts and bracelets out of tabs found on soda cans. This project is fairly easy but takes some time. Bracelets average 10-20 minutes and belts take about 1-2 ...
Make a Cardboard Giraffe Bust (or any other animal!) style
I had a large cardboard box lying around that I really wanted to make something out of, and I happened across this website: http://www.cardboardsafari.com/ Inspired by their products, I decided to de...
Make Unique String Art! style
I've always been fascinated by the cool 3-d looking shapes you can make by tying string to some nails in a board (I believe they approximate parabolas?) I had some colorful string around, so I decide...
Cardboard ice dragon craft style
I was searching this website for some awesome crafts the other day.   I stumbled across a cardboard dragon craft made by Creativeman  http://www.instructables.com/member/Creativeman/ (if you want to ...
Donna's earrings (inspired by earrings worn by Donna in Mamma Mia the Movie) style
She wore a similar pair earrings like this when she was singing "Winner takes it all".
Cold Porcelain Clay Recipe style
I was wondering about polymer clay substitutes and decided to experiment with homemade air-dry clays. This recipes is very fast and easy to make, not to mention inexpensive. There's no need to bake e...
Styrofoam Concrete style
There are many concrete projects, such as benches for sitting and walkway fill, that can be made using light-weight Styrofoam Concrete.  By substituting Styrofoam trash for store-bought gravel in the ...
Linoleum Block / Printmaking style
Please Rate my "Instructable"- Enjoy the World of Printmaking! "Linocut" is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of linoleum (sometimes mounted on a wooden block) is used fo...
DIY Screen Printing: Easy, Detailed & Inexpensive! style
You can make your own unique, detailed, screen-printed shirt at home with a few simple materials! This method uses Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler to easily create your detailed design on a screen. Th...
Easy No-wax Batik style
This is a batik project using regular old Elmer's glue instead of wax for a batik resist.  I chose glue because I was doing this with young artists who couldn't have handled hot wax and hot dye, so th...
Portrait Busts -- an original technique style
This is an original technique I use for making portrait busts out of grout.  Grout is like cement, except it is stickier and doesn't shrink.  When cement dries it shrinks and tends to crack, which the...
Make a 3D Layered Drawing style
Defy the box frame gods and create a drawing that is truly 3D. When finished, your 3D drawing will appear as a small window into a twisted world of your creation. Wow and amaze your friends! Dazzle y...
3D Layered Drawing- FINISHED style
I saw noapparentfunction  3D Layered Drawing 'able and thought I would give it a try.  I'll be doing it as a project with students soon.  Mine was pretty quick, I was in a rush, but as I was doing it ...
Microwaveable Sock Creature style
 There's nothing so nice as an already warm bed on a cold night. This little guy will warm your sheets for you if you toss him in the microwave and then into bed a few minutes before you turn in.  Th...
How to make a purse/clutch from a Book style
A purse or clutch for the librarian in you!  (Disclaimer: as with a lot of stuff floating around on the interwebs, this idea isn't wholly mine.  I saw this ages ago somewhere and just came up with m...
Wood Whittling 101 style
This instructable covers basic wood whittling technique. You will learn a little bit about tools, wood, technique, and safety. Hopefully it will be enough to get you interested in learning! Wood carv...
Custom Candles style
I know there are plenty 'candle-making' instructables on here already, but most of them end with rather straightforward, standard shaped candles. With this instructable I will try to give some example...
Paper Seeds style
I recently decided for my easter project this year i would do something that didn't just look pretty, but was actually useful so i did a little thinking and decided i would make seed paper. seed pa...
How to transfer an image using tape style
How to transfer an image using tape
How to Transfer an Image using Gel Medium style
How to Transfer an Image using Gel Medium
Make Action Figures from Soap style
There is no question that once a bar of soap shrinks to a certain size, it becomes nearly impossible to use. Most people throw it out, a few people have methods of getting the most use from that soap,...
Toothbrush Painting style
The first ever art project that I can remember was spatter painting leaves on the sidewalk. I was probably about four or five. A very nice handyman, who I must have been harassing mercilessly, set ...
Butterfly Bracelet style
If you can make a loop with cone nose pliers, you can make a butterfly bracelet. All you need is a few paper clips. For tools you'll need: Cone nose pliers Flat nose pliers Diagonal cutting plie...
Safety pin Bracelet!!!! style
To make this u'll need: large safety pins - 70 (approx) lots of small beads  elastic cords - 2 
Walnut Season.Temporada de Nueces. style
In My Neighbors Backyard remains an old Black walnut tree,a.k.a http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juglans_nigra that let it falls its seeds killing the ground so I decided to do something cool with all tha...
Saftey Pin Braclets style
Safety pins with colourful beads on them tied with elastic!!!! Takes a very long time but worth it in the end =D
Sea Glass Basket Earrings style
Smooth sea glass,polished by the waves, float inside their little wire baskets. Each cluster dangles gently from a sterling silver ear hook. Tools used: Ear Wires Sterling silver wire  Sea glass  hex...
Knotted key chain style
I made this from some sort of plastic coloured thin pipe type wires I found in my garage, and I made this keychain from this. Keep in mind that you can make this from anything that is like a flexible...
Carve A Traditional Maori Hook Necklace From Bone style
Make sure to check out my blog!  This is a Maori hook I carved from cow bone. Carving bone is a pretty slow process...I carved this over the course of two days. Carving a personal 'totem' like this ...
Cobra Weave Key Fob style
You may have seen my instructables on paracord bracelets, well this is the same design with a few variations.  I used to reach in my pockets and have to search for my keys.  Now i reach in and go righ...
Record Bowls style
A record bowl is a classic project where you can reuse an outdated item: a vinyl record. With CDs even on their way out it's safe to say that many records can be safely molded into something new witho...
Plush Action Figures style
Make your own action figures! When I was about 11 years old, I wanted some Ninja Turtle toys. Since my parents wouldn't buy me any, I decided to make my own. I made up the pattern for the turtle bodie...
How to Make a Hemp Necklace style
This instructable will teach you the square-knot pattern used for most hemp necklaces. *The beads used are from my "How to Make Polymer Beads" instructable. Check it out! For other great hemp necklace...
Finished ! style
So now its nearing autumn in the UK and half the worlds acorn population just landed in my garden. I was out there sweeping the darn things up and i thought there must be something you can make out of...
Make a silver ring for 25 cents style
Do you have a quarter from 1964 or before? If you do, it is made of silver. You can turn that coin into a nice silver band using a spoon, a drill, and a metal file. A quarter will yield a small ring, ...
Floppy Disk Bag: Install Disk 2 style
Nigh on two years ago, I began working on my first floppy disk bag (second picture) and then on my first instructable. Within those two years, the bag has been blogged around the world, won an in...
Wallet made from a computer keyboard style
In all likelihood there is a keyboard within a few feet of you. Inside that keyboard there probably is a circuit sheet that makes for a surprisingly durable and thin material for making a wallet.Any ...
Duct Tape Card Wallet style
Make this easy No-Sew Duct Tape card wallet in no time flat! It's thin enough to slip in your pocket and made to sport your favorite prints.
Traditional Portrait Painting Step by Step style
Ever wonder how the masters achieved those rich colors and life like images? Well read on. In this tutorial you can follow along as I create a  beautiful portrait of a child done in oils using tradit...
Great Artist Warm Up Exercise style
This is a method that I kinda stumbled onto. I am a very messy person and always always spill things and so I made this up to utilized the many ruined sketch book pages i have amounted.  This is a gre...
Harry Potter Papercraft Death Eater Masks style
The official movie website for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix contains a "Death Eater Art" section that contains downloadable images of Death Eater mask drawings and photographs. I took sev...
How to Make Glue Bugs style
This instructable shows a unique art form...using hot melt glue to make various insects and spiders. Other creatures can be made as well, but that is the subject for another instructable.  Use care if...
8/16-bit Sculptures! style
Look at that picture below, does that look like a special effect? If you said yes, you're wrong. That is 100% real, and in this Instructable I'll show you how to make your own. I should start out by ...
How to make earrings with pre-made pendants style
This instructable will demonstrate how to decorate and connect laser-cut acrylic pendants to earring hooks to make a pair of earrings. **Warning: This does not include how to use a laser cutter to mak...
The Common Man's Silk Screening Guide! style
Ever said to yourself  "Man, I wish I could find (Insert "ultimate fantasy shirt" here). But I just don't know where to buy one...(Sigh)...Guess I'll just keep looking..." ???Well...The truth is, you ...
acrylic jewelry style
This 'instructable' is for creating jewelry using plexi/acrylic. It includes:. a list of materials and supplies . a brief explanation on how to easily and quickly use Adobe Illustrator to create fun s...
Altoids Tin Watercolor kit style
This was inspired by Truemirrors Altoids Tin mini watercolor paintbox. I wanted a very small travel watercolor kit to go with my moleskine pad.
Altoids Tin Watercolor kit style
This was inspired by Truemirrors Altoids Tin mini watercolor paintbox. I wanted a very small travel watercolor kit to go with my moleskine pad.
How to make a claymation style
E'llo. i'll be showing you how to use stop animation to get claymen to move. Be patient, as hours of work turn into minutes of film with hundreds, sometimes thousand of pictures. But, if your time is ...
Make a Funky Safety Pin Bracelet style
This safety pin bracelet is cool, easy to make, and gets rid of that big box of safety pins in your closet! All you need is 80 safety pins,(the bigger the better!) elastic cord, and seed or E beads i...
Travel watercolor set style
I went to a dollar store looking for tin boxes to create an instructable that I could use. I found a Sucrets Complete tin of 18 lozenges, packed in three tiers of six each, in their own individual pla...
Etch any motive on glass style
In this Instructable I want to show you how to etch any motive on glass.It is cheap, easy and a great present.Did I mention it's fun as well?You can also energize your water by etching ancient healing...
The Red Dragon Instructable style
Here, as a follow up to Make A Cardboard Dragon!, I have added this instructable to fill any voids left in aforementioned tutorial. Essentially all the same steps were followed, and have included pic...
Make a CatRack style
I recently found an old pattern for a cat hanging on a hat or coat rack. I thought it would be fun to make a few of them and use different kind of cats as subjects. You can put your cat on it if you...
Make a Cardboard Boat style
This is an easy way to create a cardboard boat. Why build a cardboard boat? Well every year races are held at the river, and it's fun. I cannot guarantee that it will float. I typically build "stylish...
How to build a cardboard kayak for less than 40$ (Updated with template) style
I decided to build a kayak out of cardboard using a plywood lamination technique in order to make the cardboard strong enough. Basically cardboard has a grain like wood, so you just change the grain d...
Finger puppets for all reasons! style
A quick and easy kid project is to knit and sew finger puppets. It is very simple - even an adult can do it! My niece in England asked me for finger puppets so I devised this very basic pattern....
simple marionette style
Supplies: Paper to draw patternFabric ScissorsNeedle and thread1 and a half yards of material (cotton best)Hot glue gunGoogle eyesFishing wireTwo rulers or paint sticksOptional: pins, pliers, wire han...
Make Fun Masks Out of Cardboard! style
I have been making masks for several years, and only last year, being on a more stringent budget, I decided to use cardboard for the major part of the masks I had been making. It is such a flexible m...
Horseshoe Nail Steer style
I enjoy welding. I have done a few projects with horseshoes and horseshoe nail, but this is by far my favorite project. A fellow student in my welding class brought in a horseshoe nail steer, that hi...
How to Make Paper Beads style
Want to know how to make beautiful, light weight, eco friendly, handmade, recycled paper beads! Check out this step by step instructions on how to make a paper bead, and you will enjoy and achieve som...
Dollar Bill Origami Heart style
I'm sure that you have probably seen this somewhere on the internet, but I felt that Instructables needed one. Well anyways, its a pretty cool way to give someone money. It only takes about 5 or so mi...
Balloon Lantern style
This instructable teaches how to make a balloon lantern. This can be used for outside in your patio or make one for a lantern festival (such as Illuminares events in British Columbia! http://www.publi...
3D Anamorphic Street Art style
In the style of Julian Beever and Eduardo Relero, I tried to create a 3D anamorphic image (an image that from one vantage-point appears 3D). This was my first but definitely not my last- it's just to...
Simple Metalworking Techniques and Making a Steel Butterfly style
Blacksmithing and traditional metalworking are ancient crafts and techniques that are quickly disappearing from society. Regain some of that simple-times joy by learning how to make things with a ham...
Flame Coloring and Making a Steel Flower style
The beauty of making sheet metal art is that once you have the right tools, you're really only limited by your imagination in terms of what you can make. This project cost me about $3 in materials, a...
Soda Can Rose style
Want to make something special for that special someone? This Instructable will show you how to make a beautiful flower with just a few materials and a little bit of time. The best thing about it is t...
Want to teach how to save a penny AND the environment? Make a piggy bank out of rescued materials! In this Instructable, learn how to turn aluminum cans and a plastic jar into the substrate of your ...
video game inspired homemade stuff =) style
These are just a few of the things I have crafted in honor of video games =) If you can't tell, I favor mario, pac man and katamari. Most of the patterns are made by me, but the katamari pattern was c...
Altoids/mint tin mini watercolor paint box-NEW PROCESS! style
Watch me retire my beloved companion of many years, my mini monkey paint box, and create a new one. Altoids/mint tin mini water color paint box/set, showing my new process which allows for more 1/4 pa...
Needle Tatting A Necklace style
If you've mastered the tatted flower instructable, you're ready to learn a few new techniques. This necklace will help you learn split rings, josephine knots and clovers to create a wearable piece of ...
bottle cap basket style
Instructions on how to make a basket from plastic bottle caps.* It takes a lot of caps so start saving up now. It is debatable weather or not bottle caps are not recyclable because many areas only r...
How to make a baking soda and vinegar rocket style
Just recently I bought the Cosmic rocket.It was a mistake.The tube that contained the baking soda and vinegar was so tight that the rocket could not build up enough pressure to take off.It had a good ...
down and dirty screenprinting for under 10$ style
As a seasoned printer, friends and acquaintances consistently ask me if i can print shirts, cards, etc. for them. Usually, however, they only need a few things printed at a time, and it doesn't reall...
Disc Bead Bracelet - Cheap, Easy, and recycled shrinky plastic! style
This is a fun and easy project, costs less than $1 to make, has tons of possibilities for customization, requires no jewelry making skill or real tools, and is a way to recycle stuff that would be thr...
How to Crochet a Granny Square style
There are several good instructables on how to use granny squares, such as: making afghans, hats, scarves, bags etc.  However, I did not see one on how to make a granny square.  I hope this instructab...
How to make a toothbrush bracelet style
Hello, and welcome to the illustrated step-by-step process for making a toothbrush bracelet. This is a great way to reuse an item that you may have otherwise thrown out. In six simple steps you will t...
How To Make Paper Roses style
Who doesn't love roses?  Following the directions in this instructable, you can make one, three or a dozen roses. I made one rose out of kraft paper from a recycled/reused grocery bag, so the craft is...
Basics of Making a Hemp Bracelet or Necklace style
The basics of hemp bracelets.
The Double Helix -Glass Bead DNA model V1.0 style
DNA consists of two long polymers of nucleotides running anti-parallel, the strands are held together by hydrogen bonds between nucleotides (containing purines and pyrimidine bases). The nucleotides...
Batik on canvas tutorial for beginners and children style
Follow easy steps and create beautiful batik on canvas paintings or teach your children to do it. This batik tutorial is part of art therapy classes held by ZoricaDuranicZorica Duranic at center for c...
Make wour own beautiful batik on canvas paintings style
In this short batik tutorial you will learn how to make beautiful paintings in simplified batik on canvas technique.This tutorial is part of Zorica DuranicZorica Duranic Art therapy program for childr...
A begginners guide to making chainmaille jewelry. style
It can be very satisfying to see a piece of amazing jewelry you made from wire to rings to jewelry.In this instructable i will teach you how to do this amazing thing.
Go Green Upside Down Hanging Planters style
Remember when the Topsy Turvy Hanging Tomato Plant commercial seemed to run incessantly on T.V.? What it really amounted to was a plastic green bag with plastic rings at the top and bottom with a hole...
Make a Silly Penguin! style
Everyone needs a silly penguin! Here's how to make one! (or two or more!)
The Double Helix -Glass Bead DNA model V2.0 style
Here is my second glass bead DNA double helix model. In this model I used wire instead of thread and I also added more space between the base pairs. Here is a link to my first model.
DNA Earrings style
I saw DNA jewelry somewhere online a long time ago when I didn't even have pierced ears.  I almost pierced my ears that day so I could wear them, but it looked complicated and I didn't have a lot of t...
Bent Wood Rings style
Wood rings are beautiful.  They feel warm and have a lovely sheen when finished properly.  They tend not to be very durable, though.  Often they crack along the grain after continued wear. Bent wood ...
How to Make a Simple Macrame' Bracelet (or necklace) style
Taking a long road trip this summer? Well, we know how boring those can be. That's why we're gonna show you how to make some awesome hemp bracelets. It'll keep you awake and you can keep the driver aw...
How to make a wooden ring style
A ring that I had from Vietnam recently broke, leaving an emptiness on my finger and soul, so I decided to fill that emptiness with a lil bit of craftiness.
Paracord Bracelet with a Side Release Buckle style
This tutorial will show how to make a paracord bracelet with a side release buckle. When made on a larger scale, you can make this for use as a dog or cat collar as well. I get my paracord from the Su...
Bike chain bracelet style
 This is a very easy thing to make. It is a old bike chain turned into a awesome bracelet. My friend actually threw it at me and I picked it up and turned it into a bracelet.
Motherboard PCB Bracelet  style
This bracelet is for the geeks of the leet'est and also for looking funky. you have some of the jewelryand the bag/backpack not forgetting the wallet,and now the bracelet! Tools needed:~Drill -Drill ...
Tiny Tulips 3D Beaded Flowers style
These are very tiny tulips great for earrings or make a few for a mini bouquet. If you are having trouble manipulating the tiny beads try using bigger ones to get the technique down then try the small...
Moebius strip earrings style
Make these earrings with size 11/0 cylinder beads in the shape of a Moebius strip, which has only one edge and one side. First, work a 4-bead wide strip of herringbone weave. Twist, join the ends, ad...
Custom Aluminum Ring style
I wanted a ring that was simple yet unique. I have really small fingers for a guy (size 7) and unfortunately every time I found a nice ring, it was too large. So I decided to make a pair of matching...
Recycle Old Light Bulb style
How to make ship in to old light bulb
Cardboard Viking Longship and Cardboard Boat Regatta style
A while back I built a Viking Longship for a cardboard boat race, with my local library. Here are some pics of the construction and the race. I'll get around to an ible eventually...When complete it w...
Make a Cool Pop-Up Landscape Postcard style
Before I moved back home from school in NYC, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art one last time. I found myself checking out the gift shop and saw a really cool pop-up postcard that reminded me o...
Crochet tutorial - Amigurumi (Part 1) style
Demonstration of how to make a stuffed ball shape, using single crochet in the style of amigurumi. This is part 1.
How to weave an 8-strand braid on a wooden loom. style
Having posted a seven-strand braid, I thought I'd post an eight-strand weave I learned at the same time.This one is a bit tougher on the loom, so it really needs a wooden loom, instead of card.
Faux Faberge Junk Jewelry Egg! style
I like a challenge so decided I would come up with a Faux Faberge egg and enter it in this contest! It makes a great alternative to doing the housework! I took a plain white egg and made two small h...
Make a Bird Marionette style
Make this fun puppet!
Altoids Tin Emergency Candle style
This is my first instructable and I decided to make an Altoids emergency candle, since I had a tin lying around and have not seen one. This is used if the power goes out or if you need a candle say wh...
Origami high-jump frog style
An origami frog made out of a playing-card sized card that jumps about a foot high at most and travels about one and a half feet at most. Please commment and rate!
Bezel-Setting Tutorial style
Make your own bezel-set ring or other piece of jewelry following this tutorial! You will need: Basic to intermediate metalsmithing skills soldering equipment pickling solution Jewelers saw shears/sn...
Resin Jewelry Tutorial with John W. Golden part 1 style
A how-to video for using epoxy resin, silver-plated rings and pewter pendant trays to create jewelry from reproductions of your artwork. Part 1 of 3. See John's finished rings, pendants and artist's ...
Intro to Wood Burning style
This doesn't go into to much detail, but it will show you whether or not you will enjoy wood burning or if it isn't for you. Its a cheap way to decorate a room. and it is environmentally friendly beca...
Photo-emulsion Screen Printing  style
Sometimes you need to your message out quickly and cheaply. How do you print a ton of t-shirts and patches fast? Here's how I did it.This Instructable covers the standard photo-emulsion screen print...
Altoids Tin Pocket-Sized Watercolor Box style
This Instructable, my entry in the pocket-sized contest, will teach you how to build your own pocket-sized watercolor box.Remember when you were a kid and had a watercolor box? Well, this is the grown...
Kissing Cards style
Cards are always a good thing to make for special occasions. They're pretty easy, and even though they might end up being cheaper than the ones you can buy in the shops, that little personal touch is ...
How To Make A Beaded Bracelet On A Cardboard Box Loom style
Learn how to make unique woven bracelets out of tiny beads. Beaded bracelets are fun to wear and also make great gifts!
Braclet Making style
Have you ever wondered what the heck to buy the last person on your Christmas list? Well, if it is a girl (and hopefully it is) then you can make this bracelet. You don't need beads, all you need is.....
How To Make 3d Picture  style
Using 3 foto you cann make 3d pic.
Egg Tempera Painting style
Egg tempera is a painting technique that has been used for centuries. It is inexpensive and easy to learn. If done right, the final product can be amazing. The picture below is an example of the tempe...
Clothespin dolls style
How to create a doll out of a clothespin--easy and fun.Enjoy!Melissahttp://underconstructionblog.typepad.comhttp://haworth.etsy.com
Claymation! style
How to make a cool easy claymations for very little price!!!!
How To Make Paper Out Of Lint style
Have you ever wondered what you can do with all that dryer lint that accumulates after you do your laundry? In this Instructable I am going to show you how you can use lint to make paper. Materia...
How to Make Encaustic Medium style
Encaustic is an ancient art medium that is useful for painting, collage and a few less art and more practical molding and casting applications. Encaustic medium is a combination of bleached and purif...
Literary Clock style
Super easy project, make a book into a clock. Perfect for a child's bedroom--use a storybook. Or the kitchen--use a cookbook. I made one for my friend's two-year-old (who is currently obsessed with ...
Duct Tape Rose style
This instructable will teach you how to make Duct Tape roses, They are pretty good for valentines day and other events like fund raisers. *EDIT* The original idea came from the duct tape club www.duc...
Jewelry or Serviette holder style
This is a nice project that can be given as a gift (if you make it look nice) or used as serviette holders for Christmas dinner or any other occasion. Depending on its shape and size it could also be ...
Fishing Lure Necklace style
The tackle shop sells a number of realistic-looking critters. Faux fish come in several, stylish colors. Materials: faux-fish fishing lure wire cutters thread beads clasp scissors, as usual.
How to quill a butterfly style
Quilling is a fun and rewarding experience. Remember, experimentation is the key to perfection here!
Screen Printing: Cheap, Dirty, and At Home style
You don't have to spend a ton of money on equipment or have a screen printing studio to make some pretty good quality prints. I taught some friends how to reuse old picture frames and curtains to ma...
Build a dragon with 5 years olds! style
Using tomato baskets, pipe cleaners, PVC, and paper machie create a 12 foot dragon to hang in your living room!
Angry Birds Earrings style
Pigs got you down? Smash their homes to bits with these super angry bird earrings! This Instructable will show you how to make some earrings for your most Angry Birds addicted friends. These instru...
Angry Birds Earrings: Pig Edition style
After making Angry Bird Earrings, I had to make some pig earrings from the game to match! These earrings are very straightforward if you have read my Angry Bird Earrings Instructable and my Geek Earr...
Make Pet Portraits In Concrete style
I came up with this method to embed pet portraits into concrete. It is a way to make a permanent piece of art to display wherever you would choose to place it.  I have had acrylic lettering and painti...
Roses From Soft Drink Cans style
While looking through some ibles the other day, I came across this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Drink-Can-Butterflies/ So, liking quick and easy projects, I proceeded to make a few....the wheels a...
Ribbon roses style
Some time ago I wanted to make some fabric roses as a fun small present, but the only instructions I could find were somewhat fuzzy on the details. This is obviously not rocket science, but I thought ...
Desktop Message in a Bottle style
Give someone you love a message in a bottle to show how much you care this Valentine's Day; or anyday really.  I remember making "wave machines" in plastic bottles when I was younger. You could say t...
How to make an origami corner heart bookmark style
Please visit me at http://www.thecheesethief.com/ for more exciting tutorials. When your short on funds, bookmarks make great gifts.  You can make this cute bookmark with just one sheet of square pape...
How to make an origami corner heart bookmark style
Please visit me at http://www.thecheesethief.com/ for more exciting tutorials. When your short on funds, bookmarks make great gifts.  You can make this cute bookmark with just one sheet of square pape...
Bottle Cap Wine Glass Charms style
Using some simple materials, bottle caps and polymer clay, create beautiful, one-of-a-kind wine glass charms. Used to individualize wine glasses at a party (or a Tuesday night gathering), these charms...
bottle cap pins style
Let's face it, button pins make everything more awesome. I've seen street vendors and trendy hipster stores sell custom pins for a few dollars each. I figured I could make my own easily enough and wou...
Wire Dreamcatcher style
For this you will need: 26 gauge dead soft wire wire cutters a frame for your dreamcatcher ( I'm using a 4" stainless steel welded ring) a jump ring for the center beads... embelishments
Needle Felt a Painting style
Hi all,  Here follows a step by step of what I do. I saw how needle felting and felting has exploded in popularity, but I wan't more detail than wet felting could supply and I am a 2dimensional artist...
Flat voodoos style
I dont really like what they're used for but i love voodoo dolls! i've always tried to make one and i pretty much failed up to now. these ones are flat but very good to put on cards or use as stick-on...
Owl sock doll style
I love making sock dolls. Sock doll are easy and simple to make as you just need a sock to start with. ^_^ For those who want to learn to make sock doll from me, you can go to my site to view my other...
Drink Can Butterflies style
For some time and for reasons I'm not entirely sure of, I have been trying to find a good use for used soda cans. I have tried making a mini chest of draws, gift boxes (there is a very good Instructab...
Recycle Old Watches style
How to make motorcycle, from old watches.
Giant Kinetic Praying Mantis Sculpture from found materials style
I have always felt that the Praying Mantis is one of natures coolest creatures. As a sculptor, this insect proved to be the perfect inspiration for my latest project. I hope the community here will fo...
Beaded Dragons style
This guide will teach you how to make Dragons out of beads and wire! These make great charms or trinkets, can be converted into jewelery, key-chains, clips, etc. You can attach the to clothes, bookmar...
Propeller-Powered Car style
Although Instructables offers some similar projects, I want to show you how to make a propeller car that can easily be made by many kids in grades 1 and up. This car can travel up to 40ft on a sm...
Cool way to make paper hat ! style
Easy.for other paper hats look http://www.metacafe.com/watch/835221/unbelievable_easy_amazing_paper_hat/http://www.metacafe.com/watch/846119/learn_to_make_paper_hat_origami_stapler/for paper flower ba...
Pinwheel style
I have always been fascinated by the pinwheel. Just looking at it spin in the wind makes me happy. I believe it’s a cool toy that can work great as part of a room’s decor. Pinwheels can come in many d...
The paper frisbee! style
This is my first instructable so i hope it's nice.Ever wanted to make a toy from paper?Now you can make a cheap and powerful one which has a range of 50-75 feet!
Valentine's Thaumatropes style
This Instructable covers how I made two Valentine's Day thaumatropes for my girlfriend instead of a card. What is a thaumatrope? Here's the wiki article en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thaumatrope, but basical...
Basic Papermaking Equipment. style
People have been making paper for thousands of years, by hand or machine. Turning growing plants into useful paper is somewhere between precise science and a black art, and frequently involves stran...
Aluminium Aeroplane style
A simple paper aeroplane became the most dangerous Instructable I've published for some time. Seriously.
Three-dimensional Paper Picture style
This is the project I made for the first Instructables Gift Exchange. You can follow this project, or you can use it as inspiration for your own designs.
Climbing Cardboard Gorilla style
This is a cardboard version of a traditional wooden toy, with a small modification to give it swinging legs, "just because".
How To Make Friendship Bracelets (Using A Braiding Disc) style
Here's how to make braided cord for friendship bracelets and other uses - making use of a cardbaord braiding disc.
Harry Potter Challenge: Owl Post Kite style
Ever wanted your own owl? This simple kite will let you make a whole flock.(The idea of an owl kite is not new, but this is my own interpretation of the idea.)
How to make an origami pet owl! style
This video is a step by step tutorial on how to make the origami pet owl. This particular origami model is a bit tricky to make, and might take some experience in order to complete successfully. Never...
Shark Attack Hat style
Get warm with a cool and scary shark attack hat. This lined hat is fairly simple, and is sure to be the coolest hat out there!
Magazine Coasters style
We buy magazines, flip through them and then toss. With so many colors, fonts and fine details within, we barely take the time to read the headlines. Having worked for Ethos Magazine as photo editor f...
How to Make a Magazine Bowl and Coasters style
If you have old magazines piling up and taking up your precious space, get rid of them in an Eco-friendly way! With extra magazines and some time, you can turn them into various sized bowls (for fruit...
Colorful garden stepping stones style
The easiest way to make colorful stepping stones was taught to me by concrete artist, Terri Ryan, who make many, many indoor and outdoor ornaments from concrete.  Without a mold, she simply adds a thi...
Recycled Denim Shopping Bag style
Save the world - one pair of jeans at a time.Take your old jeans out of the closet and turn them into a useful shopping bag! Lets face it, we all have a favorite pair of jeans that won't fit anymore,...
Shining Star Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial style
Here is an earring design that has no limits. You can make the earring frame as big as you want and use any size of bicones or beads you prefer.  Materials & Tools: 2 ear wires 10 x 4mm bicone crysta...
Bullet Shell Ring style
Here is a great project for used brass bullet shells!
How to Make a Hematite (Magnetic) Bead Bracelet/Necklace style
I have become adventurous in my old age.  I was well over 50 the first time I drove across country (Utah to Virginia).  At one of the many rest stops I found a hematite bead bracelet. I bought one f...
Quilled Jewelry to match your mood! style
I fell in love with paper quilling about 5 years ago....and since then i've been gifting people with quilled cards , frames and so on. Its inexpensive and very beautiful ...all it takes is your time :...
Popsicle Stick Jewelry style
Often overlooked, popsicle sticks, tongue depressors and wood craft sticks all make great jewelry with only a few tools and materials. They are not difficult to make and with some imagination and crea...
Crimson Heart Earrings style
Here is a simple instructable on how to make basic heart earrings. Enjoy!
Celtic Knot Bone Ring style
I love rings and I love to make them with bone, because it is strong and very durable. For this instructable I will show you how I made my new bone ring, with simple tools and materials. With a lefto...
Tatted Square Border Bracelet style
I have been thinking of messing around with split rings and this is what came of it.  I also have been looking at different pieces of jewelry and seeing if I could recreate it with tatting.  I think i...
Bow Tatted Necklace Step By Step style
This is the step by step instructions for my previous Instructable "Bow Tatted Necklace".  I'm going to take the directions pretty slow so, if you are so inclined, the last step (step 10) will just be...
How to Make a Map Ring style
I made a box from layered paper some time ago, since then I've wanted to try to make other things using this method, one idea I had was to make a ring. Seeing that maps seem to be rather popular right...
Polymer Clay Tentacle Pendant! style
Hi! This instructable will show you how to make a Polymer Clay Tentacle Pendant.  The inspiration of this piece is a friend of a friend posted a gorgeous tentacle pendant on their facebook wall, and ...
Paintbrush and Palette Pendant style
I made this pendant for an artist friend of mine. I chose the colors of the palette based on a painting she did. I placed them in the same order ,from top to bottom, as I saw them in her painting. Hop...
ReUse ReMake Crayons style
We are working on Valentines gifts for my daughters pre-school class. Last week when I was cleaning I found about 100 broken crayons and I decided it was time to remake them into cute gifts. I also as...
How-to recycle those crayon stubs into a swell homemade gift style
It's recession time. You want to save money while trying to be "green" and you like the idea of your kids making some homemade gifts. Plus you're the not-so proud owner of a ginormous stubby crayon co...
A Traditional Jacob's Ladder style
A traditional wood-and-ribbon children's toy. Good for elementary school-age kids to do with parental assistance. Though you can find store-bought versions of these lots of places, this instructable...
Balloon Puppy style
This is a step by step tutorial on how to create a balloon puppy. These easy to make balloon puppies are great to make for carnivals and parties.This tutorial requires special twisting balloons and a ...
Sock Penguin style
This instructable will walk you through the step by step creation of a Sock Penguin. This project was completed for a Grade 1 (6 year old kids) class that has been studying penguins.Please note that n...
Sock Doll style
This creation was inspired by the sock monkeys. I have always been interested in sock monkeys and just the image of them, they just seem cool and mysterious, so I had to do my on spin on them.
Elephant-Shaped Piggy Bank style
My girlfriend is slightly elephant-obsessed, so I made her this "piggy" bank in the shape of an elephant for Christmas.  I've seen some of these customized wooden coin banks on the internet, but they ...
Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk style
Sidewalk chalk is pretty darn easy to make, and by doing it at home, you can save money, create your own designs and colors, and have fun with the whole family.
Dragon's egg pinata style
The first piñata I made was for a Star Wars themed birthday party. I barely knew what a piñata was, much less knew how they were supposed to be made, but figured making something that could be smashed...
ARRR! Treasure chest style
My son's birthday is coming up and as you might have guessed, the theme of the party is pirates.   So for the party I decided to build a lockable treasure chest that will hold the birthday booty. My ...
How to make Toddler Rubbing Plates style
This Toddler Rubbing Plates Instructable is by iLoveToCreate blogger Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club! Since it has been too hot to go outside most days this summer my toddler and I have be...
Angry Birds Cable Holders style
I needed a way to organize the USB cables that connected my Ipod, Kindle and other devices to my computer.  I definitely had cable management issues;  they are usually tangled and often hard to find, ...
Sturdy randomly shaped paper mache box. style
Hello there! In this instructable I'll show you how to create a box made mainly out of cardboard and papier mache, in the shape of anything you like. I originally made this as a present for my girlf...
Easier Screen Printing style
A year or so ago, I wanted to get into screen printing, so I bought (aka my mom gave me) a Speedball starter set. It came with a screen, ink, and even everything photo emulsion. I thought I had it mad...
Perpetual Calendar/Pen holder style
Make a perpetual calendar with magnetic numbers that can be moved each month. The magnetic numbers can be put on any metal surface but why not put them on a decorated food can and have a multi use pen...
Makedo paper heart chain style
Decorate your home by making a paper hearts chain. All you need is left over gift wrap, patterned paper and Makedo re-pins and re-clips available at mymakedo.com.
Magazine vase and pencil holder style
What to do with all those old magazines? Well, here's a fun idea! This is a quick project, only takes a couple of hours for the pencil holder and maybe 3 for the vase. The supplies you will need for b...
The Butterfly Project style
I directed an art project at our son Benjamin's preschool class today.  I wanted it to be open ended and collaborative, with as little structure as possible. I'm currently trying to convince the prin...
Beaded butterfly net style
This is A butterfly net that i made with seed beads and delica beads.  I made this for an art show. It is made out of thousands of beads and only took three monthes to make :-)  
Stained wood pixel art style
I am going to show you how to make a piece of pixel art out of stained wood.  The organic nature of the wood adds a nice touch to the blockiness of the pixel sprite.  In this example I am going to mak...
Flower Power style
Tired of losing pens? Wishing your old-ordinary pen was more exciting? Well, here is the perfect solution! Change a regular bic pen into an exciting and beautiful flower pen. It's easy, inexpensiv...
No Sew Fleece Blanket style
Step by Step instructions to make a No-Sew Fleece blanket, brought to you by Bunyworks.net. Your blanket can be any size. Fleece comes 60-inches wide, so your blanket can be 60 x ??? Your finishe...
Make a String Art Masterpiece! style
I was very eager to make this for my friend for her birthday after I saw the string art creations made by Dominique Falla (here's a link to the website: http://www.dominiquefalla.com/skill-type/string...
Art style
Most people think of art as a painting, or sculpture, or anything you make. To me, art is a way of doing something that makes it beautiful, or cool. So, i decided to show you guys what exactly art is....
How to paint an amazing space scene style
First off, this is my first Instructable, so please give me feedback on how I'm doing. =)Spray paint space scenes are fun and with a little bit of practice, you can make paintings to amaze all your fr...
How to make a clay bust of someone you know. (bronze finish) style
          What do you buy the man who has everything?   Well, I decided to make something he couldn't or wouldn't buy for himself.  A clay likeness of himself.              At first my plan was to m...
EASY KNITTING PATTERNS: Mosbey's Dairy Farm style
When I was in the sixth grade, I took a beginning knitting class.  We learned to make a hat and mine turned out to be a total disaster.  I just recently decided to try knitting again and had to ref...
Princess Peach Pointillism style
1080 980 plastic bottle caps + 16 acrylic paint colors + a couple of Perl scripts + 6 months worth of work =
Lincoln Sticks:  Popsicle Stick Log Cabins style
As a kid, I always used to love playing with Lincoln Logs, especially around Christmas time when we would make a village out of them underneath the Christmas tree. So when I needed to make some Chris...
Dragon Scales style
I was inspired by this artist's bottle cap fish to create my own bottle cap dragon. 540 beer bottle caps (170 Amber Bock, 206 Killians, 68 Budweiser Select, 96 Budweiser) make up this 41 x 43 inch pie...
How to twist a BALLOON YOSHI style
In this Instructable i'll be showing you how to twist a balloon yoshi. Its quite hard and should not be attempted as your first sculpture (mine popped twice and I had to partially deflate 3 balloons).
Origami Swan style
Cool and easy to make 
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda style
I got a new book called The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  It's a cool story - when a kid folds an origami Yoda, and sits it on his finger like puppet, it gives good advice. Even better, there are in...
How to Fold Dollar Bill Pants style
This is a fun make and I hope you all will enjoy making this. If you haven't seen how to make a dollar shirt, click here ! To start out, get a fresh, crisp dollar bill, because it's the least expensi...
How to Fold a Dollar Bill Shirt style
You can use this folding technique for any dollar bill! I prefer using a $1 because I'm cheap like that. :) Have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Please be consider...
Origami Dollar Bill Space Shuttle style
This is a space shuttle that I made on a road trip to Minnesota. It is about 1.75" long, 1.5" wide, and 1" tall. It is made out of a 20 because I did not have any 1's with me at the time.
Decorative bowls from recycled paper style
These decorative bowls were made from shredded junk mail and wrapping paper.
Golden venture folding style
 Golden venture folding is where you fold small paper triangles with two legs and two holes each. These legs and holes allow them to slot into each over and further allow you to build huge and cool lo...
How to make a Paper Crane!!! style
Ok, this paper crane has 2 major steps that are really hard. But bear with me and if you have some problems or questions just leave me a comment and I'll answer them. (*0*)
How to make a Paper Crane!!! style
Ok, this paper crane has 2 major steps that are really hard. But bear with me and if you have some problems or questions just leave me a comment and I'll answer them. (*0*)
3 Petal Iris style
Create an elegant three-petal iris.  It's a traditional iris using a triangle as a base instead of a square.
How to Construct Two Parallel  Lines style
Drawing parallel lines without a ruler can be hard. Here, i show you how with just a straightedge and a compass. (NO RULERS)
How to make a paper lantern in 6 easy steps style
Here you will learn how to make a traditional paper lantern from an A4 sheet of paper
Make a circle of paper chain people style
Intended for children of 5 years and above. They should be able to follow the instructions without guidance. However, some parental supervision may be required when cutting. I have intentionally used ...
origami crane instruction style
In this instructable (my first one!), i'm gonna show you how to make an origami crane.
Paper dinosaur. style
  This is the pattern I made for a paper dinosaur. For other models and paper art, see Waljoris on Flickr,  Picasaweb, and others.   A template has the advantage that the sculpture can be repeated.  T...
Easy paper roses style
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Penny Pincher Sculpture in Cardboard style
This is a sculpture I made while in school. It is made completely of cardboard planes i.e. no bending the materials and hot glue. It took me about 36 hours all together of cutting and gluing. It is su...
Cardboard Square Basket style
Learn how to weave your own square basket - all out of cardboard! Easy to make in only ten minutes or less!It may look like this basket has a lot of steps but they are only for clarity.
Art From Cardboard! style
This instructable may give some ideas on how to make some art for your walls. The material is reused corrugated cardboard. For these projects, I selected some disney characters,as well as the bird p...
How to Make Linocuts! style
Purpose: The purpose of this instructable is to teach YOU how to make a linocut of your very own. What is a Linocut?: Linocuts are very similar to woodcuts. It is a printing method using a sheet of ...
the true diyers screen printing style
I'll show all you cheap people how to screen print. I build or make %99 of my stuff. This is probably the cheapest way of doing screen printing. Only thing is, is that you will have to want to make ma...
Controlled Bleaching with Discharge Paste style
This is more of an introduction to discharge paste than an instructable. Yes, the name is terrible and the stuff is white and gooey which makes it even more wrong. But it's pretty damn cool, so you ju...
make foam stamps from old mousemats style
Really simple to do. these can be as simple or as intricate as you like. a great use for freebee mousemats
Use a soda can to hold markers (or other things...) style
One day I had a new package of Sharpie markers but no container to hold them neatly on my desk at work. luckily that same day, i had consumed quite a few sodas while working on a new project.  While ...
Makedo carp style
Create a carp  with the most simplest material found in your home. All you need is an empty tissue box and Makedo re-pins and re-clips available at mymakedo.com. This instructable was designed by Tan...
Color charts (wheels) are a way to organize information about color theory. In the art classroom, we use the color wheel for many applications: color mixing, color theory, light theory, printmaking, a...
Still Life in a Box! style
When I first saw this contest, this idea immediately came to mind. As an Art Education major, it is important to build up a portfolio and one thing many artists do is a series. A series is a group of ...
Kids transparent abstract art style
This is entirely my little brother's idea. It's a great way to keep kids busy for at least half an hour, the project is educational in many ways, and can be used as a classroom project for 3-6 year ol...
Chicken-In-A-Bottle! style
Hi, this is my entry in the pocket-sized contest!It is a Easter chicken in a jar or bottle.You can always carry it with you!Oh, this is my first Instructable!Oh, and I'm Australain, so any odd terms, ...
Funny + hairy sock style
I will show how to make funny stuff of an old sock.First you take a pair of old socks.Sorry for my bad english.
Make some Easy Clay Monsters style
My boys and I recently made some clay monsters together. This was a great project to introduce them to sculpting and painting, and it got them out of their mom's hair for a few hours. When doing crea...
How to make a
This is a simple children’s toy. It is suspended against a wall or over a door frame, and as you pull on either side of the string the eagle will "fly" up the string. For this project you will need •...
Easy Sunset Art [ORANGE] style
A Simple 1 hour art project I completed with my kids. You don't need any fancy supplies for this. Start with a large sheet of paper. I used a large strip off a roll of IKEA kiddies drawing paper ...
Make Fridge Magnets From Bottle Tops style
Make your own fridge magnets, using stuff you probably already have at home.OK, first of all, a short disclaimer: I am currently one handed after I tried to fight a car using a motorbike. The car bea...
DIY Homemade Scented Paper style
Homemade paper is easy to make, beautiful, and you can customize any color or scent you want! once you have made the paper they make great cards, announcements, or you can even use them to make crafts...
Easy Friendship Bracelets style
Learn to make friendship bracelets! Get different thread, tape, and a friend to give it to.
When I was in third grade I was in a small art class and we were using a type of clay called "salt-dough" The teacher told us how to make it. I am a little rusty so if you have any Q's I will have s...
Crocodiles galore! style
I have made a quintet of crocodiles or alligators this summer (not sure what the difference is), but I've been having a lot of fun and I am sure you would to if you have the inclination!
Giant Lego Darth Vader style
This is a 22-inch tall Lego Darth Vader toy I made for my kids.  He is pose-able and all of the individual body pieces come apart just like a real Lego minifigure.
Hammered leaf and flower prints style
The vibrant colors of leaves and flowers are easy to preserve by pounding them to release their natural dyes onto paper. I learned this fun and simple technique from my college roommate, Sarah, but it...
Metal Crispy Critters style
Turtles are made out of these old steel turtle coaster i had found at an antique shop with welded nuts and washers for their shells the trex's were made out of cresent wrenches and the other out of pl...
Molds directly  from a 3d printer to an injection molder style
In this Instructable I will document the process of an experiment i have been working on to test fairly low pressure injection molding using 3d printed molds. You should be able to find everything yo...
Movable Paper Doll style
This is a really quick and easy tutorial for a movable paper doll. If you have any trouble viewing pics or opening the template, you can get the original post on my blog Quick Tip: Save some time b...
Let Them Go One By One All Day... style
This was a totally random idea that popped into my head earlier this week.  It is inspired by a line from the song "One By One All Day" by The Shins.  It's a clever way to give something folded, and a...
Sew felt Adventure Time Finn & Jake ornaments style
Our house is on the market as we're waiting to move, but we foolishly sent all our holiday decorations to store in another state. So, I decided to get a little DIY and make ornaments from one of my fa...
Christmas Ornament style
Make a Christmas ornament for your tree this year. This one is pretty indestuctable so you will be able to treasure it always. Make more as gifts and you will always be remembered. Like cooking, once ...
Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments style
I love the smell of these ornaments. You can vary the spices, but  you must use 2 cups of cinnamon.  Nutmeg, allspice work well too, as well as ground cloves. These intensify over time. Make sure the...
Making a white board animation style
1. To make a white bored animation you'll need a white bored, white bored markers , web cam, web cam clamp and a computer with stop motion pro v7.
Make two balls of fimo clay style
Make two balls of fimo clay
How to Make a Push Pin Portrait style
We are going to make photorealistic push pin portraits. We will be guided in our pin placement by a low resolution indexed color gif image we will create in Photoshop. The .gif will use a limited pal...
NES Controller Clock style
This guide will instruct you on how to create a NES controller shaped clock, made from wood and plastic. This was created in a wood tech class, so laser etching was available; however I am sure that o...
Cross-stitch pattern in photoshop (with symbols!) style
This is how to make a cross-stitch pattern with symbols representing colors in photoshop! First we will prepare your original image by lowering the resolution, so that one pixel represents one cross,...
Model Fish style
This instructable is a sub-project of a larger shamelessly plugged automata aquarium project.  In this step I will walk you through the creation of a paper mache model fish that can be articulated to ...
Plastic Wrap Sculptures! style
Sculptures made of plastic wrap and packing tape, how odd... As I'm sure some of you, maybe many of you, have not seen a plastic wrap sculpture before, I will show you some pictures first.
Sculpturing and Texturing style
I just love sculpturing and texture in paintings....and going about it is also messy and fun! and Children just love getting down and dirty! The learning objective of this tutorial is that the studen...
Sharing O' the Green - Irish Maiden Made in Glass ( no pun intended) style
May there always be work for your hands to do. May your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine on your windowpane. May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand o...
A Simple Wire Ring style
An easy to create and inexpensive wire ring!I posted this a few years ago on a jewelry forum and people seemed to enjoy it, so I thought it would make a great instructable. I sold a lot of these when ...
Wooden rings style
These are the two rings I made from wood, and the Green Lantern ring that I made an Instructable for. The first two are carved with the Dremel, then hand cut for the design. Each one is then stained a...
Wooden engagement ring style
Simple `ingredients' and simple equipments to get a good looking ring.I had a brilliant lying in a little box on my desk and I really love rings.I decided to put that gem on a ring and to give it to m...
Pysanky - Ukrainian Egg Dying style
Pysanky is a traditional craft in Ukraine and Poland. The method is similar to batik - patterns are drawn on the egg with wax, which then protects the covered areas from the dye that is applied. By re...
World Egg style
First, I'd like to thank Instructables for running this contest: without it, the reindeer moss I picked up because it looked like miniature trees would never have connected in my mind with the idea of...
Computer Bugs style
How to turn old computer parts into cute little bugs. Help save the environment at least a little plus make gifts for friends and family
How to polish, in real time. style
This video is in response to questions I've gotten on polishing. As always, be careful and work within your experience. When I say "32 RPM's" I really mean "3200" RPM's". WIth or with out the drill pr...
Drink Can Tinwork style
How to transform an aluminium drink can into a charming little embossed metal box. Here's the video version of the instructions:
Two Sided Heart style
Silver look on one side, gold look on the other. This my second soldering project. Figuring out the process was tough but the soldering wasn’t. If you’ve never soldered, don’t be intimidated. It’s ...
Walnut Season. style
N My Neighbors Backyard remains an old Black walnut tree,a.k.a http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juglans_nigra that let it falls its seeds killing the ground so I decided to do something cool with all that...
freehand glass etching style
I am making personalized shot glasses for each of my friends this year (or coffee cups for those who don't partake). This is a bit different from standard etching in that it does not use a stencil: ...
Building A Ship In A Bottle. style
Hello, Building a ship in a bottle was an old form of maritime art. Sailors of the past would often create things in their free time. They also did not have much room for big hobbies, and from this ca...
Recycle cans into nice trays style
This fun project will amaze your friends/girlfriends by it's simplicity and efficency. I've been doing these "trays" for a long time now, mostly on hollydays, at the beach house when you got time to s...
Multi-Layer 8-bit Stencils style
Love the old 8-bit video game characters and want to put them on stuff around you like your dresser, wall, or sleepy dog? Then make a stencil for it! It's a great way to try out multi-layer stencils. ...
Multi-Layer 8-bit Stencils style
Love the old 8-bit video game characters and want to put them on stuff around you like your dresser, wall, or sleepy dog? Then make a stencil for it! It's a great way to try out multi-layer stencils. ...
Hardware Store Bracelet style
Make a classy bracelet from hardware store materials! This simple bracelet looks very upscale, but is inexpensive, classic, and easy.
Ring With Personalized
I'm having way too much fun making wooden rings ( Green Lantern, Wooden Rings). The whole thing started as just a creative exercise, and now it seems that a lot of people like them, so I asked myself ...
Green Lantern Ring - Made of Wood!! style
Let me start by saying I am neither a jewelry maker nor a woodworker. I've made jewelry before, and I've worked with wood before, but I definitely don't claim to know a whole lot about either. Anyway....
Silkscreen Print with Vinyl style
For this one, we took a vinyl stencil cut on a roland vinyl cutter, stretched a screen on a frame, attached the screen, printed a couple of shirts. You may not want to do it exactly like this, but he...
Origami Ninja Star style
Cool origami throwing star.
How to use Modge Podge on Canvas style
I made this to decorate my coming baby girl’s room. Everything (birds, leaves, flowers, and tree), is cut from scrap booking paper then mod podged to canvas. For the tree I followed the basic shape of...
Homemade Wooden Yo-Yo style
So I figured ou t recently that nobody had posted any make your own yo yo (from scratch). All there is on yo yo's is how to change cheap plastic ones into not as cheap plastic ones that sleep. So I de...
A Bandsaw box KIDS can make style
I've tried all sorts of box projects with kids. Some are pretty good, some not. What most kids want is a small box with drawers in it. The bandsaw is perfect for this but most designs I've tried are r...
How to Make a Wooden Spoon style
Tools Pencil Scissors Bandsaw Rasp Vice or clamps File 1/2”- 3/4” carving gouge Materials Paper 10”x3”x1 ¾” or bigger piece of wood Masking tape Sandpaper 100,120,150 grits Mineral oil Safety • Do...
Metal Casting style
A really simple way to produce metal pendants, keyings, and charms is to cast metal into moulds. The moulds you make can be be produced out of a variety of materials - if you use pewter or another low...
Sandwich Stacking Toy/Coaster Set style
This is an awesome toy that my third graders make in the wood shop at school. It is a wonderful activity for them to become adept  working with hand tools such as coping saws, hand saws, hand drills, ...
Hammered Wire Necklace style
This elegant necklace will take a few hours to make and will draw admiring glances and compliments for the wearer everywhere she goes. It is a perfect handmade gift for any occasion. I have been wear...
make a basket out of plastic bags style
No knitting or crochet required, just some sewing and braiding. It's not the quickest project - it'll probably take you a couple days to make one, but the results are well worth it, I think! And I al...
Making of ...tic-tac-toe (Mario bros) style
Our daughters love mario and tic tac toe, So I have them joined together
Stuffed Hobbes (with pattern) style
The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was wildly popular through its run in the papers. Like most people, I've always been a fan, and now my kids are as well. This year for Christmas, I thought a stuffed ...
Angry Birds Piggy Bank style
We used the pig pattern from our Life Sized Angry Birds game (http://www.instructables.com/id/Life-Sized-Angry-Birds-Game/ ) to make an easy and inexpensive Angry Birds Piggy Bank. Materials 1 foot ...
3L Bottle Piggy Bank style
This instructable will show you how to make a cute lil piggy bank from used soda bottles. Use it for yourself or give it as a gift.
Build an Angry Bird Box style
Looking for something to do. Why not get out to the shed, scrounge up some timber scraps, and build yourself an Angry Bird Box!!
Shrinky Dink Woven Bracelet Tutorial style
I experimented a bit and created this woven shrinky dink bracelet.  For this project, you will need one sheet of shrinky dink, jump rings, and a clasp.
How to make a Tree Pendant style
Find it here in my shop:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/95177139/tree-of-life-pendant What you will need: Wire (20 gauge and 26 gauge) Wire cutters Round nose pliers Small beads Something to wrap the w...
Rainy Day Mobile style
As soon as I saw this picture online, I knew I had to make this adorable amigurumi mobile for my friend's baby!   The original pattern is from the Crochet Today magazine, May/June 2010 issue.  I found...
How to make a polymer clay hot dog keychain style
This short Ible shows how to sculpt a realistic polymer clay hot dog~
Face Earrings style
I used the same photocopy image idea/technique from the Earring Ornaments Instructable to make interesting earrings for my sister.  
How To Cast a Face in Plaster style
Making castings of things is a lot of fun, and casting a face is fun PLUS all the weirdness of having something looking like you lying around, hard, cold, and unmoving. Creepy! On a recent Build Day...
Neodymium Mindfulness Mobile style
I heard somewhere that before you speak, check if what you are about to say is true, kind, useful, and at the right time. Maybe the Buddha said it (?), I'm not sure, but these four checkpoints have ...
Customizable magnet style
This is a really nice and easy project that any person can do. It barely takes any time, but yet they last a very long time, and they always look fantastic. Plus, you can stick them on your fridge, wh...
Recycled Magazine Pages Bowl style
One rainy Saturday, my kids were getting sick of watching TV and my 6-year old son asked me if we could make a craft. I had recently gone through a few of my craft magazines and stumbled on a very br...
Recycled Magazine Pages Bowl style
One rainy Saturday, my kids were getting sick of watching TV and my 6-year old son asked me if we could make a craft. I had recently gone through a few of my craft magazines and stumbled on a very br...
Upcycle Used Paper Into a Papercraft Airplane Toy style
This instructable will give you the step by step to create your plane out of recycled paper using cheap and easy to use materials.  Your plane could be used to illustrate a variety of ideas in a class...
How to make paper out of anything you want style
These are step-by-step instructions on how to make your own paper out of recycled and household materials.  The process was originally explored by Kevin in the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh's Curios...
Mario bros earrings style
Mario bros earrings
Halloween Snow Globe style
This project was created by Jennifer Perkins for iLoveToCreate. When I laid eyes on Martha Stewart's Baby Food Jar Snow Globes years ago, my crafty heart went all aflutter. I was always smitten on th...
How to Make a Snow Globe! style
This is a video tutorial on how to make a snow globe!
Polymer Clay Pug Tutorial style
How to make a pug out of polymer clay.  You can use it to make a bead, earrings, a magnet for your fridge...or anything else you would like.  The design can be scaled down or made larger to fit your p...
Make a Decorative Candle/Jar/Bowl Lid with Polymer Clay style
Do you have a cool bowl, jar or candle with no lid? I do..actually I have many.  Wouldn't they be better with lids?  Right!  So let's fix that! For this instructable, I made a decorative lid from pol...
Polymer Clay Cake style
Making realistic polymer clay  cakes is ridiculously fun and easy. Once you learn a few basic tricks you can do pretty much anything you've always wanted to eat (but please, don't eat them!). They mak...
Polymer Clay Cake style
Making realistic polymer clay  cakes is ridiculously fun and easy. Once you learn a few basic tricks you can do pretty much anything you've always wanted to eat (but please, don't eat them!). They mak...
Mica Shift Pendants, Earrings or Charms with Polymer Clay style
The mica shift is a very simple technique that yields incredible results. It works with polymer clay that has mica in it,  first you align the mica particles in the clay and later disturb them to prod...
Cauldron Place Card Holders style
These little cauldron place card holders are a fun Halloween decoration for spooky dinner parties. They are made from polymer clay and can be customized with different colors or patterns of potion. Th...
Robot Sculptures, sometimes Jiggly Wiggly always awesome style
Each robot is handmade. Polymer clay is shaped into robotic goodness, beads added for eyes and wire woven into springs that make the neck, arms & legs (coiling gizmo rocks). After baking, multiple coa...
DIY clay bangles style
I am going to show you an EASY and inexpensive way to make just about any kind of bangle you want using my favorite material ever...polymer clay!
Potion Bottles style
These are some of the potion bottles I use to decorate for Halloween.  I made them from glass containers decorated with polymer clay, paint, flat glass marbles, corks, rubber stamps, egg shells, twine...
Spooky Sunflower Mod style
Sunflowers are icons of late summer and fall. Add a dimension of creepiness to your Autumn arrangements by converting some of the sunflowers they contain into leering, scowling, or angry faces with so...
polymer clay super maro figures. style
These are made from polymer clay.
Cute Polymer Clay Cactus style
I found some extremely tiny flower pots at a tourist spot in Virginia that sold TONS of pottery, and it inspired me to make this. This flower pot is about 3 inches tall, and I think it was about 25 ce...
Polymer Clay Spiderweb and Skull Tutorials style
Polymer Clay Spiderweb and Skull Tutorials: All pieces can be made with black and white clay. They are really cool when made with glow-in-the-dark clay.
Piece of Cake Pendant! (It's a piece of cake!) style
To make a piece of cake pendant, out of polymer clay is really quite easy.   The hardest part is deciding, what type of cake it is going to be!  In this instructable, I made a funfetti cake, with stra...
Cute Polymer Clay Flower style
This is just a cute little polymer clay flower I made with some of the tiniest pots i'v ever seen. I got the pots from this dinky little tourist spot in Virginia that sold TONS of pottery, they were 1...
cute little polymer clay rainbow cake necklace style
This is a scrumptious rainbow cake necklace. it has six different colors of cake and vanilla frosting!
miniature clay lemon meringue pie style
Hungry for a pie? apple perhaps?or maybe something with a little zest! thinking orange? no! your thinking lemon! here we have a miniature lemon meringue pie. it looks quite realistic and would go love...
Humorous Rope Barometer style
I was inspired to build my own Rope Barometer after seeing one at a golf course. 
Pac Man Duct Tape Wallet style
I love Pac Man and Duct Tape so here is a combination of the two. It is pretty easy to make and it ends up looking so fun and cute! Enjoy making the wallet!
Kittycatdogto's Original upcycled string+Lace! style
Everyone knows a heck of a lot about recycling/upcycling plastic bags and making Plarn (plastic yarn), but by accident a came across an unique thing that plastic can do, and with this technique you ca...
The fourth volume of Inheritance was released in French last Friday so here's a little tribute to my favourite dragon... This Instructable shows how to sculpt Glaedr with polymer clay! ~An entry in...
How to make a Dragon Skull style
I have to do a Dragon body paint next month and I wanted a nice interesting Headpiece. having very little money I thought I would make one. here's how i made mine. It would probably be possible to m...
How to make a paper Gift Bow (Ribbon)! style
The following video will show you how to make a paper gift bow, or gift ribbon. You can use any kind of paper to make this. You may never have to buy a gift wrapping ribbon again ;D! Welcome to the ...
How to Make A Beautiful Origami Rose For Valentine's Day! style
This video is a step by step tutorial on how to make an origami rose bouquet for your valentine. In the video I show you how to make a single rose with stems and leaves. To make it a bouquet, you will...
Super Mario Brothers Polymer Clay Sculpture style
Welcome fellow instructable lovin' users!  Today you will learn how to create your own Super Mario Brothers Polymer Clay Sculpture! Lesson Ideas for Art Education: Recycling (using broken paper clip...
Super Mario Brothers Gold Coin
Welcome fellow instructable lovin' users!  Today you will learn how to create your own Super Mario Brothers Gold Coin "Snow" Globe! Lesson Ideas for Art Education: Recycling (using broken paper clip...
Man Cave Resin Coasters style
I have a minor obsession with Pinterest, so after seeing a set of bottle cap coasters that looked like they might scratch the table, I said, "I can do that better!" Well, with a little help from the r...
Super Mario Chess set style
Hi there, This is my first Instrustable so please have a little patience with me. I'm sure everyone has by now seen the super mario chess set with mario and luigi versing bowser and his crew... well b...
Cereal Box Butterflies style
I saw some paper butterflies on Pinterest and decided to make my own.  I figured thin cardboard would be more durable than paper, and I knew we had a nearly empty cheerios box that would be perfect. ...
Cereal Box Butterflies style
I saw some paper butterflies on Pinterest and decided to make my own.  I figured thin cardboard would be more durable than paper, and I knew we had a nearly empty cheerios box that would be perfect. ...
Comic book page paper wallet style
Quick and easy cool project to make. All you need is a old comic book a piece of tape and scissors. Has card slots and two cash slots, is light and takes up a lot less space. 
Recycle your old cargo pants into a satchel! style
Here is a quick instructable to help you design and create your very own bag full of handy pockets! I hope you will use this as a guideline to adapt and make a creative bag. Estimated time: 2-4hrs. ...
DIY Waxed Art String style
There are lots of brands of waxed colored string on the market.  We saw some at the pharmacy in the toy section; it had pictures of projects kids could make.  I bought a box, knowing it was ridiculous...
How to Make a Duct Tape Flower style
How To Make a Duct Tape Flower This is an easy project that just takes a little patience you can make one in about half an hour or even faster once you get the hang of it. These flowers can have many ...
Potted Lorax & Truffula Tree: Earth Day Lesson style
Show the Once-ler that you understand that you are the someone who cares a whole awful lot and unless you do not try to make a difference, nothing will get better, it will not...by creating this wonde...
Personalized Eggshell Mosaic Coat Rack style
I recently got totally hooked up in eggshell mosaic and was in the process of doing some projects...imagine my pleasure when this challenge came up :-)...I hope i can speed up on my Tray so i may add ...
A Box For Middle School Kids style
I had all sorts of views and great comments on a box I do with my grade 8 woodworking class so I thought i would document a grade 7 version I do.  This box is a HUGE hit with the kids. They love givin...
Super Mario Brothers With Dry Bones Dungeon
Welcome fellow instructable lovin' users!  Today you will learn how to create your own Super Mario Brothers With Dry Bones Dungeon "Snow" Globe!  I know what you are thinking, wait poofrabbit didn't ...
Push the Painting Media Example style
Last summer, I wanted children to realize they could create art on just about anything.  That sometimes the different choice of media could enhance what you were creating.  I made an example of a gold...
Gesture Drawing Examples style
A few gesture drawing examples created from pastel on newsprint drawn from a live model.  The boxers name was Sal and he wasn't a huge fan of staying still.  Using a live animal is a great way to forc...
Cyclops Goldfish style
The Story: After years of raising millions of ten cent goldfish in their stores, Petsmart realized they had a problem. After far too many generations of fish and far too little genetic diversity, thes...
Paper Mache Fish #2 style
I've made several fish out of paper mache. This is the second fish I ever completed, using the same basic process that I detailed in my Cyclops Goldfish Instructable .
Strawbots: Instructables Robot style
The STRAWBOTS are a family of robots designed for stop-motion animation. They are lightweight, easily posable, and economical to build. All you need to get started is some craft foam, some straws, and...
How to make a t-shirt design that easily looks "retro" and "screenprinted" while being super-easy and much cheaper! (The photos are taken with flash and make the colors bolder than they appear in dayl...
Deepsea Murloc Hat style
Deepsea murlocs appeared in Azeroth after the Cataclysm.  They can be found in the depths of the Great Sea in areas like Vashj'ir, just off the coast of Khaz Modan and Stormwind.  Unlike their amphibi...
Wonderful World Draft Stopper style
Wait, is that....nah. Make this delightful item from simple materials to stop that awful draft from coming under the door and keep you warm. It's never too early to start Spring cleaning and see what...
can clock project from an expensive designer's item... style
I've been looking at this clock for a while and I decided I could do it by myself....this is a present for my sister in law.... this is a clock made by a designer I can't afford and which is very har...
Upcycled Pop Bottle Corsage style
Make a pretty and attention grabbing flower from a pop bottle and some plastic bags! I made these upcycled light up corsages and boutonnières for the volunteers at Promdemonium - It was a great way t...
Lucky Star Garland style
So recently I've found the joy in making Lucky Stars, They are so much fun to make and really adorable. However after making so many of them I needed find a use for them! I love needle tatting, so I c...
Wire Tree of Life style
A wire tree of life.
Silk Flower Pen style
Send your loved one a flower that lasts, and costs a fraction of the price of real flowers.  Learn how to make a potted silk flower pen.  They make great gifts for your loved one for Valentine's Day, ...
Mini Sculpey Jedi Master Yoda style
Yoda: "To make your own mini sculpey Jedi master Yoda with this instructable you must learn.  Herh herh herh." Have you ever thought to yourself, if only I had a Yoda the size of a toothpick my life ...
Amusing Dead Fish Sculpey Sculpture style
Hello instructablevillias!  Todays instructable will show you how to make an amusing dead fish sculpey sculpture.  Fun for your desk, home, gift and more!  Let's get started!
How to Make a Vintage Inspired Clay Rose Necklace style
This is a BEAUTIFUL and easy DIY accessorie project that will “wow” everyone who sees you wear it.  The thing I like most about this project is that it is cheap (of course) and unique in that each ros...
Settlers of Catan 3D style
Yes, I know it had been done and done pretty well, but I had to add my own style to this wonderful game. Instead of making cookie cutter pieces that would be molded and mass produced I decided to make...
Miniature food made from salt dough style
Here's a run down of how to make some miniature food out of salt dough perfect for a dolls house. I'll show you specifically how to make hot cross buns and croissants but once you know the basics you ...
Porcupine Pencil Holder style
This little guy will happily hold your office supplies and look awesome doing it : )
How to make an origami (paper) Batman Toy! style
This instructional video will show you how to make an origami (paper) Batman Toy. Enjoy! For more videos like this check out my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/tommyclancygames Origami:...
Buffalo (with) Wings style
This is a very talented buffalo. He can fly. He's soft and cuddly. He has an interest in kitchen appliances. He is learning about dinosaurs. He is awesome. I don't have full instructions (yet,) but ...
Plushie Space Shuttle style
Welcome to Virginia, Discovery! The whole family went to go see OV-103 when she flew in this month (April, 2012) on the back of a 747. Completely awesome! I highly recommend it. Five stars. I had or...
Mini Sculpey Batman (Grey & Blue) style
Greetings fellow instructable addicts! Have you ever felt like having a little caped crusader guarding your desk, refrigerator, work space, or other areas?  Need something sitting around to get a con...
Shampoo Dino style
When my son went to a dino-party where they forgot the dinos, I decided to use whatever I could find to make some right on the spot. I started carving into an empty shampoo bottle, which looked like s...
Hanging Yarn Ball Art style
I love these! They look great hanging at different lengths in a corner of a room.
Jumbo PEZ Container (ceramic) style
I made this jumbo sized PEZ container for my husband (an avid PEZ collector) years ago while in a college pottery class. I saw that there was a BIG & small make it challenge and decided this would be ...
How to make a wire octopus sculpture (simplified). Cheap and easy but possibly not so quick. style
I chose something simple and easy…and then I simplified the details (read: removed details and simplified forms).  See the finished Octopus above and be warned, it may be dry reading but I hope you en...
Octopus Mouse Holder style
We don't have a television (nor do we want one).  We sometimes let the kids watch a movie or Sesame Street on the mac mini we set up as a media center.  Unfortunately, one of our 18 month old twins li...
Cardboard Owl from a Takeaway Coffee Tray style
Just drunk WAY too much coffee and need to burn off some of that extra energy? Grab the take away tray, a pair of scissors and a pen and get to it!
This Instructable shows how to sculpt the Joker (Heath Ledger) with glow-in-the dark polymer clay to customize your phone!
Milk Bottle Quilled Clock style
Well this is another one of our favorites, bit of a oldy but I think it is time that it was given another showing. To see more from us go to www.upcycle.co.za. If you are a big corporate and love our ...
playing card hat mod style
This is a hat made almost entirely out of playing cards i built it using instructions from Party top-hat made of playing cards and these worked really well but it was a little uncomfortable and a litt...
How to make an easy origami Mother's Day Rose! style
In this tutorial, I will show you how to make an origami Easy Rose. Enjoy :D! Origami: Rose Designed by: Fumiaki Shingu Made by: Suhas Sunder For more origami visit: http://www.mangashark.com Tips:...
How to make a mini (Origami) Paper - King Cobra! style
How to make a (mini Origami) Paper - King Cobra (By Suhas)! What you will need, is three or more pieces of sticky notes, or post its. you can also cut a 8 and half by 11 sheet of paper into a square...
How to make an origami Teddy Bear! style
This tutorial will show you how to make an origami teddy bear! For more videos like this one, visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/tommyclancygames?feature=mhee Tips: Take care of your folds at the be...
How to make an origami Pet Owl (By Stefan Webber)! style
This tutorial will show you how to make an origami pet owl! For more videos like this one, visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/tommyclancygames?feature=mhee Designed and Created By: Stefan Weber Visi...
How to make a kirigami pop - up house (Paper Craft)! style
Kirigami Pop Up House (Paper Craft) - TCGames [HD]! Links to some free pop up patterns are available here: http://marivi_10.tripod.com/patterns3-new.html
How to make an origami Baby Dragon! style
This is a tutorial on how to make an origami Baby Dragon! Enjoy :D! Origami: Dragon Designed By: Gilad Aharoni Made by: Suhas Sunder
Creating Silhouettes style
With only a few basic crafters’ tools, you can quickly create paper silhouettes. They make beautiful, inexpensive gifts idea for so many different occasions. I have given silhouettes as gifts for Moth...
Painted Deer Rock style
My sister painted this rock for our Uncle ,and I think it is adorable.  The detail is amazing on it, and my uncle said that he belives it blinked at him  :P If she ever paints another one, I will tak...
Toilet Paper Roll Flowers style
I absolutely love these flowers. They are cheap and easy to make.  I painted mine and put them in a Bell Jar.
Scottish Terrier Copper Pendant style
This is a simple guide for building a copper Scottish terrier. This could be a pendant or a tag for your dog. I don't have images of the process so I  created drawing for each one of it.
.223 Survival Whistle style
Because yelling will make you lose your voice, it’s important to carry a whistle just incase you get in a jam. For example: When I went mountain biking with a group of friends I crashed plenty of time...
Shrinky Dink Dancers style
Iv'e seen some instructables on shrinky dinks but none on how to make shrinky dink dancers. This idea came from the shrinky dink book. It didn't have instructions though, just a picture of one. This i...
Papercraft Flowers (Easy) style
Happy spring instructavillians!  What a great way to keep flowers alive and fresh all year long than to make them out of paper!  There are several uses for making papercraft flowers, in this instructa...
Papercraft Flowers (Easy) style
Happy spring instructavillians!  What a great way to keep flowers alive and fresh all year long than to make them out of paper!  There are several uses for making papercraft flowers, in this instructa...
Easy Faux Pearl Necklace Made of Cornstarch Clay style
Here is a super easy Faux Pearl Necklace you can make for a great Mothers Day present. This is so much fun to make and so easy - just 3 ingredients that you have in your pantry.
Origami Paper Corsage style
Ahhh...Spring is in the air and we are rapidly entering the season of Prom. While you're busy stressing who you'll go with, or what your dress will look like - never fear. I've got the corsage covered...
Flowers made from plastic bags style
These are my instructions for making flowers out of old plastic bags. plastic bags are good because they come in all sorts of colours, are pretty tough and well, if you're making flowers you might as...
rolled paper flowers style
Create simple and lovely paper flowers for a unique {and inexpensive!} take on a wedding bouquet, centerpiece, boutineer and more. Using scrapbook paper, a glue gun and some florist wire, you can crea...
Tea Light Lamps (an Easy Last-Second Gift) style
Make a last-second gift, with long drink glasses (possibly used ones), tracing paper (or inkjet transparencies) and tee lights. It's really easy! You can change of design whenever wanted, or revert t...
Make a Wire Heart Finger Ring style
Howdy! This gurl thought she'd share the process of how to make a wire heart finger ring, just in case ya have a sweetie who'd like one.
Migrating Monarch Butterfly style
This is a craft designed for masses of elementary school students to do with relatively little adult help.  It was directly inspired by Kiteman's Climbing Gorilla; think of this as the fast, cheap and...
Bottle Butterflies! style
Learn how to make beautiful, realistic butterflies from old plastic bottles. The curve of the bottle will make the wings of the butterfly look realistic and by using acrylic paint, you can make any ki...
How to Create a Paper Rose style
There are a lot of Mothers out there who hate to receive live plants or flowers for Mother’s Day, because the plants/flowers tend to die.  So here is a beautiful paper rose that you can create for y...
Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin and District Seal style
This instructable will show you how to make the mockingjay pin and district seal from the Hunger Games books.  They are simple to make and use common, easy to find materials. Here is a link to an onl...
The Gumball Machine style
This project is used often here in Langley BC for grade 8 Woodwork classes. I've been using it for the last few years. At first I thought the kids wouldn't be interested but they are REALLY excited ab...
Peacock Necklace Tutorial style
Supplies: 5 peacock eye feathers Scissors Paper Pencil Glue Gun Stiff Felt (the kind you buy by the square) Needle Thread that matches felt Old chain necklace (if you don’t have an old chain necklace ...
I think every mother has said, "I wish I had some extra helping hands," at some point in their constant battle to keep things neat & clean. Now you can grant that wish with this "handy" gift that is b...
Papercraft Goldfish Robot style
This is one pet goldfish that never needs feeding or his water changed. He's made of paper and sits on top of a servo which turns to change direction and oscillates to simulate swimming. A Picaxe 08m ...
Make A Metal Fish Key Holder style
If you find yourself annoyed by carrying around your keys when in your own house, but worried that if you put them down you'll loose them, then a key holder is probably a good investment for you. In ...
Make a Mod Mobile style
This mobile is a great way to bring some mid-century modern into your home for less than a buck. Yep! I said a buck. In fact, if you work from materials in your stash, or your recycling bin, your only...
nefertiti (egypt project) style
We used dummy to make this.. spray painted the face. and made crown and jewelry..
How to make a candle out of an orange (2) style
This instructable will show you how to make a candle out of some common household items. 
Cheap and simple bottle cap magnets! style
Extra bottle caps lying around? Need a quick way to display 'em? Just need a few more fridge magnets? A quick, cheap, and simple way to turn your extra bottle caps into simple yet cool fridge magnets....
Wooden Toy Dinosaurs style
My son and I built a wooden T-Rex at one of the free workshops they have for kids at Lowes.  They have them at Home Depot also and if you've never taken your kids, its a great way to get them started ...
Agreeable Sheep style
An animated paper model to download and make. Turn the handle on the Agreeable Sheep and she agrees with everything you say. "Will it be sunny today?" Yes! "Are you hungry?" Yes! "Does my bum look big...
Captain America Tie Dye Avengers Shirt style
Everyone around the office has been talking about Marvel's The Avengers this week and we just knew that there had to be a fun craft in there for us to in honor of the movie! We put our thinking caps o...
Mii Figurine style
I think Wii Avatars are really cute, especially if they actually look like you, it's like a little caricature of yourself.  It occurred to me that it would be even better if you can have a figurine of...
3-D Super Mario Papercraft Magnet Board style
Cubeecraft has an awesome selection of papercraft toys using a clever no-glue box design. The pop-culture fan art covers characters from TV, cartoons, video games, movies, comic books, and more. We sh...
Easy paper flower  style
Here is how I made a flower from a piece of paper.
Yoda Papercraft Easy (2-D) style
Instructable to make Yoda I will teach you! This is a very simple papercraft 2-D project for all ages.  This instructable will guide you to make your own master Yoda!
Northern Lights Papercraft style
I had some colour changing LEDs lying around and I wanted to incorporate them into papercraft. I was trying to think of a scene I could make and my mind just kept coming back to this idea. Sure the No...
Can Art:Pebble Cans And Other Delights style
Due to interest in my instructable:http://www.instructables.com/id/Can-Art-A-Way-To-Recycle-Some-Tin-Cans/; I was prompted to find another use for tin cans.  This instructable shows the end results of...
Paper Bird. Pendulum Powered Paper Project style
Paper Bird is a pendulum powered project. Move the box, even slightly, and the bird comes to life bobbing up and down. Download the parts sheets for free here You can download the parts for this p...
Paper Dolls style
As I was browsing a fancy shmancy paper store I was dismayed to find an expensive paper doll making kit. These ready-made "solutions" defeat the whole purpose and spoil all the fun of paper dolls. Som...
Build a Paper Rocket and Paper Launcher style
I was looking for a demonstration on air pressure for the Webelos Scientist Activity Badge when I came across this.  Not easy enough for 10 year old boys, so when I had an hour the other day, I brou...
Refrigerator Plants style
Have you ever wanted to enjoy your garden while you were cooking or eating? Do you have limited space outside or on the windowsill? Refrigerator plants are simple to make and only take a few household...