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Simple, cheap holster you can make for your camp axe! Items needed are scrap leather (enough to cover blade when folded in half and a 1" strip for a strap), leather rivets (or grommets in my case due to lack of rivets), and a snap, or button.

Step 1: Layout

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Nothing is too precise here. I simply took a piece of scrap leather and laid it on the table. Place axe blade on leather in approximate location/depth you would like it to be covered (you can see in example photo). Also, because you will fold this leather in half, allow enough leather to fold over other side of blade with the fold located on the top edge.

Step 2: Rivet Placement

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After completing the fold, mark a general outline of where to place the rivets (or grommets in my case). I find it helps to, once again, lay your axe blade over top trace it lightly for proper placement and fit of blade. [NOTE: I apologize for cloudy photos; my phone is on its way out.]

Step 3: Strap

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Cut a 1" strip from your scrap leather long enough to wrap from one side of holster, around axe head/handle, and back to other side (I just cut it at appx. 1' to ensure length - will trim afterwards anyway). Here, when riveting (grommet) be sure to only attach the strap to ONE half of the holster - the axe head and blade will need to slide in and out of the holster freely. In the second photo, you can see how this is done, leaving room for an attaching button for the strap on the other side of the holster.

Step 4: Strap Button & Trimming

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Now place the male end of a button in the open hole left in your holster. After checking proper fitment of axehead, you can mark and place the female end in the strap. Once all grommets/rivets are placed, feel free to trim around edges to your liking. I used a simple carpenter's knife, but a sharp, fast bandsaw blade works as well.

Step 5: Final Fitment

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After ensuring proper fitment of axehead and blade in holster, wrap the strap around and pull tight before marking a spot for the female head of the strap button. Once marked, place button, trim excess leather from strap and go chopping!


SoakedinVancouver (author)2016-09-04

Love the use of grommets, easy to hang the axe from a nail or hook! You inspired me to give some TLC to my Estwing hatchet.

DylanD581 (author)2016-07-21

Awesome leather axe cover. This is a great way to keep an axe in great condition. Where did you purchase this leather?

aj_berg (author)DylanD5812016-07-25

Thank you! The leather is literally scrap pieces I purchased from a surplus store.

FrederichvonPuckler (author)2016-07-22

Excellent design-simple, but far better than the junk make offshore. You can probably still buy all the material at a Tandy Shop, or definitely on line. You would likely want to make it from at least 10 ounce leather, and use brass snap on the safety strap and "Chicago Screws" unless you have a rivet setting device, then use rivets. this will prevent the cutting edge from cutting through, if stitching is used to close the cutting edge area.

TheGeek1984 (author)2016-07-20

So, is there a way to attach this holster to a belt, or is it just a cover for the blade?

aj_berg (author)TheGeek19842016-07-21

It's actually just a cover for the blade..sorry, I guess sheath would be a a better description!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-20

Great way to keep an ax in good condition.

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