Picture of Camp Commode(potty) made for less then $10.00

A simple but useful commode for primitive camping conditions. This commode comes apart for easy transport and storage.

Step 1: The Camp Commode and 5 gallon bucket

Picture of The Camp Commode and 5 gallon bucket

One can use a 5 gallon bucket with this commode or dig a hole off somewhere in the woods.

woopiwoo made it!18 days ago
It worked out well.
woopiwoo18 days ago
Cut 10' pic in half at store or home, then measure and cut 11 1/2" pieces first. The leftover 4 ft of conduit matched perfectly for my 6" pieces.
Minus an inch or two on each end piece when cutting last piece.
rjessup made it!1 month ago

Can you correct this instructable you use a total of 8 of the 6 inch pieces not 4?

awhite501 year ago

great idea. beats a forty dollar one. gonna make this.

nice one.

very practical and is to make.

Cool idea!