Camp Commode(potty) made for less then $10.00

Picture of Camp Commode(potty) made for less then $10.00

A simple but useful commode for primitive camping conditions. This commode comes apart for easy transport and storage.

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Step 1: The Camp Commode and 5 gallon bucket

Picture of The Camp Commode and 5 gallon bucket

One can use a 5 gallon bucket with this commode or dig a hole off somewhere in the woods.

Step 2: Camp commode broken down in parts for transport

Picture of Camp commode broken down in parts for transport

Step 3: To make the Camp commode

Picture of To make the Camp commode

About 10 feet of 1" PVC pipe (est. 1.69)

8 1" elbows (est. .50)

4 1" T connectors (est. .59)

1 cheap toilet lid (about $5.00)

PVC glue

3 screws

Chop saw or hand saw.

Cut pieces

6 - 11 1/2 inches

4 - 6 inches

Glue elbows to each end four(4) 11 1/2 long pieces. Glue T connectors between two(2) 6 inches pieces. Assemble the pieces. The elbow piece goes with a T connector piece to make legs, you should have a square. The 11 1/2 piece join the T connectors together, joining the squares together. Then fasten the lid, either end will work. You have options here with the lid; lid on or off. I attached the seat with screws; I would suggest making pilot holes for the screws, two in the back and one in front, do what you think will work best. I marked the joints that are glued so you will remember that they do not come apart.

I had a bag made to store my camp commode in

Step 4: Bag to store Camp commode

Picture of Bag to store Camp commode
rjessup8 months ago

Ok I see two pieces in the constructed one that use T connectors, yet the disassembled piece shows 4 with T connectors....where do the two others go? I am not trying to be critical I just want to understand that I am not missing something. Also I count 8 pieces of 6" pipe not 4 as listed in your ible.

Over all though this is genus and cheap Which I really like.

Great piece of camp equipment and I am definitely making this ....I will probably change one of the side elbow pieces at the back of the top to a T connector and attach an 18" inch piece of 1" pipe then a 1" elbow connector and another 6" piece parallel to the ground with a 1" end cap to hold toilet paper.

awhite5011 months ago

great idea. beats a forty dollar one. gonna make this.

nice one.

very practical and is to make.

Cool idea!