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Introduction: Camp Light



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    Sorry, but this is a completely dangerous and false post. The bottle will explode in your hands, and can cause serious injury!

    Take it down now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has been around for years if you did it and you failed its kind of obvious, if you did some research you would have known that the chemicals used in it are

    15mL of ethyl acetate
    3mg of 9,10-bis(phenyethynyl) anthracene
    1g of sodium acetate
    800mg of TCPO
    3mL of hydrogen peroxide added last to initiate the reaction.

    This was demonstrated exelently by Nurd Rage in this

    This is fake. Please take it down.

    False. this does not work - the hoax has been around for ages!

    did you actually do this---no one else has made it work

    Fake and mods please remove thank you. Also poster should get band

    Any chemical reaction, which is what this would certainly be, like this will make some kind gas as a byproduct. In a closed container that would eventually mean expansion until it goes "boom." Don't make this.

    This is a well known hoax:
    and the poster seems to have taken his only image and description from some other site, which should qualify it as plagiarism.