Step 10: In Action

Picture of In Action
1. Back the screws out of the Molly lags in the Arms.
2. Place the Tray on the arms; align the holes in the pan with the arms, and reinstall the screws.

Ready to go!...

The table is shown here with two lightweight backpacking stoves. It is perfect for food prep. and as a cooking stand, and eating table.

It also works great for anything you want to keep up off the ground. Between meals I keep it next to the tent as sort of a night stand. Throughout the day it holds things I want to have quick access to but don't want to have to rummage around for in my tent or pack (Pocket knife, water bottle, rope, etc.)

By the way... here are the Instructables links for the two light weight stoves seen in the picture below:



vegascrist4 years ago
I love this! Might just make one myself, but I'll have to come up with the legs. All I have are fiberglass poles.
Mig Welder5 years ago