After 5 days of working, I am finally proud to show you my Campbell's Soup Stool!

The 60s are one of my favorite decades even if I wasn't born yet...and one of the many things that come to my mind whenever I think of the 60s is Andy Warhol and his paintings!
His Campbell's Soup Can painting is so famous that I am sure that all of you know it, even if you are not an art lover.

I thought it would have been fun to make a big version of this can and turn it into a stool! And why not, even a useful container!

Plus red lucid leather reminds me very much of the 50s/60s style so this is definitely one of my favorite things between all the ones I have ever done!

I admit it took some time...but making it with so much fun!!! :)

Step 1: What You Need

In case you don't have a cover already, you need 2 pieces of wood.
<p>I'll show this to my girlfriend, she's a graphic designer and she totally loves pop-art things like this one!</p>
<p>Great!! I originally entered it in the previous Vintage contest...I had so much fun making this one!</p>
<p>It's fantastic! my girlfriend saw it yesterday and she couldn't belive that the Campbells text is handmade!</p>
<p>The magic of stencils :D</p>
<p>Indeed! ^^</p>
<p>This is so cool Linda!</p>
<p>Thank you so much Anthony!! :)</p>
This is totally cool!
I am so glad you like it sunshiine! Thank you!
This is really cool. I lived the &quot;60's&quot; and it brings back memories.
Oh I am so happy about this! I wish I was born earlier to be able to live during the 60s! :)
Linda, <br>Most probably: I was the last one who Voted.. :)
Thank you very much :)
Very Neatly Done Linda. Awesome :). Thanks for sharing your awesomeness :). I voted for you in Vintage Contest :)
Thank you Tarun, it means so much to me!! :)
I love it! it really seems a little can!!
Thank you Andrea!! :)
This looks awesome Linda! I'm totally going to try this.<br/>
Thank you so much! Please post a picture here if you do it, I am curious to see it!! :)
Cool idea :). You dont need half the 'bridges' in the writing tho, just the a's o's, p's an d's b's an e's, :) might save a little time :)
Thank you! <br>They are not as important but once the paper gets wet from the paint it tends to fold, so I think that making them is good to keep the letters together and not let the paint go where it shouldn't :)
Really cool! You should make a few more and have a whole set for a little bar or something!
Thank you! Yes, that would be great, I wish I could find other containers just like that one!
Super creative! I love this!!!
Thank you so much!! :)
Very very very awesome idea and job i love it very creative i favored it!
Thank you so much! :) <br>I wish it had been accepted for the Vintage contest before today so that people could vote but they haven't yet...
Darling stool....want one in Chicken Noodle and Cream of Mushroom too! These could probably be made from 5 gallon buckets and would be the perfect size for around the childrens table in the playroom. <br>The only thing I would do differently is paint over the red top half of the circle with white, let it dry, and THEN stencil in the orange. It would get rid of the ghost image. <br>Very creative, and your finishing touches make it rock! Great instructable. <br>
Thank you so much! :) <br>I agree with you, I thought the paint would cover both colors but I was wrong...I tried to pass as many layers of paint as I could but it was still transparent...oh well, next time! :D
That's pretty cool! Is that special spray paint for plastics? I know that brand does auto paint and the round container looks to be of some slick plastic. The paint might nick easily, peel or flake off later on when the plastic contracts or expands from temperature changes.
That spray paint I used is for plastic, metal, wood, glass, paper and some other materials...at least that's what's written! :D <br>It also says that it's resistant to scratches, shock and bad weather... <br>Anyway the plastic of the container is a very hard plastic.
What an AWESOME PIECE OF ART, Linda!!! I love it!!! I want one in home!!!!! :-)
aaw thank you Mario!! I am SO happy you like! I couldn't wait to post it here and show it to everybody, I had a lot of fun making it!
That's the important part: FUN!!! Like a great friend of mine says: &quot;If you don't enjoy when you are doing something you love, you are doing something wrong!&quot; :-)
I completely agree!! :)

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