Picture of Campfire Chili
All the ingredients are able to be changed. This is a flexible recipe, delicious and smokey. We did this one in our back yard but we do a similar variation for camping as well.

Step 1: A Coal Base.

Picture of A Coal Base.
First, prepare everything you need to go in the chilli. Chop, chop:) Then, relax until you have lots of coals ready for cooking.
mmctavish (author) 2 years ago
They raked the shavings up ;) I throw a few dried hot peppers in for heat and/or jalapeños chopped up.
If it ain't spicy, it ain't chili.

Someone's making a mess with those shavings.....
reapinangel2 years ago
Definitely going to try this. Looks delicious and I love campfire stews, soups, etc.