Picture of Campfire Cones
These yummy cones are a great twist on the traditional s'more.  They're perfect for a camping trip or backyard cookout and the ingredients can easily be switched around to include your favorites.

Step 1: Gather your supplies and ingredients

Picture of Gather your supplies and ingredients
You'll need:

The basic ingredients...

* sugar cones
* mini marshmallows
* chocolate chips

Yummy extras...

*peanut butter
* chopped bananas
 * anything else you think you'd like (fruits, candy pieces, etc.)


* aluminum foil
* a campfire or grill

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Thank you so much!

StoryAddict2 years ago
I can't WAIT to try this! Thanks for sharing!
mary candy3 years ago
Pat Chouli3 years ago
We just tried it and it's wonderful! The kids LOVED it... We did too! Thank you, great, easy, delicious idea. :)
MKosterich3 years ago
I've been making my s'mores with peanut butter for years, but haven't tried it with banana yet. I'll definitely be giving this a shot.
That looks great! I'll totally remember that the next time I go camping!
wow. it is delicious.
Wow! Smart idea - no one will set all the marshmallows on fire. :D
That just looks so good! I really have a craving for it now :D