These yummy cones are a great twist on the traditional s'more.  They're perfect for a camping trip or backyard cookout and the ingredients can easily be switched around to include your favorites.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies and Ingredients

You'll need:

The basic ingredients...

* sugar cones
* mini marshmallows
* chocolate chips

Yummy extras...

*peanut butter
* chopped bananas
 * anything else you think you'd like (fruits, candy pieces, etc.)


* aluminum foil
* a campfire or grill
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I can't WAIT to try this! Thanks for sharing!
We just tried it and it's wonderful! The kids LOVED it... We did too! Thank you, great, easy, delicious idea. :)
I've been making my s'mores with peanut butter for years, but haven't tried it with banana yet. I'll definitely be giving this a shot.
That looks great! I'll totally remember that the next time I go camping!
wow. it is delicious.
Wow! Smart idea - no one will set all the marshmallows on fire. :D
That just looks so good! I really have a craving for it now :D

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