A simple modification so you can use a bike trailer to hall, gear or something you need. I'm going to use it to go camping and haul my gear..

Step 1: Gather Materials

The things you need are,
cart/kids bike trailer,
fanny pack or something similar,
10 feet of emt conduit,
2 bolts ( or 4 u bolts ) with nuts,
2 eye bolts with nuts,
2 carabiner,
hack saw,
and a drill.

<p>This is a great idea. I'm getting past the age where I want big loads on my back! I have also thought that it would be interesting to look at the science of this in the sense of where the wheels are regarding weight distribution.</p><p>It would be nice to be able to place the weight behind the axle so there was actually either zero force at the belt or even a slightly upward force at the belt to effectively slightly lighten your body weight. Although you don't get anything for nothing, this would be passing your body weight back to the wheels, but this should therefore be easier and more energy efficient than carrying the weight on your feet.</p><p>I suspect though that given your long poles it's still far easier than carrying the weight on your shoulders!</p>
<p>nice idea, looks like princess has palanguin :)))</p>
<p>nice idea, looks like princess has palanguin :)))</p>
<p>Great idea! This would be great for people like me with shoulder problems who still need to haul stuff!</p>

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