Cooking can be a handful in the outdoors. This instructable presents something similar to an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) that you have to cook. Concealed in a plastic bag, this meal for one is light, portable, and versatile for any camping activity. Ultimately, the chosen foods can last for years at a time so spoiling food is out of the question.

Step 1: Materials

1. A sandwich zip-lock bag
2. Dehydrated white rice
3. Various fast-cooking dehydrated beans or legumes of your choice (example: Lentils)
4. Various food seasonings of your choice

5. Bouillon broth cube

Feel free to add any non-perishable food items such as dehydrated foods.
<p>Great Idea, thanks for sharing! I would like to also use &quot;quick cook&quot; beans (red, garbanzo, black, navy beans) which is basically dehydrated cooked beans. Honeyville.com sells them by the #10 can. To save money I cook the dry beans then dehydrate.</p>
<p>Brilliant idea! I got experimental with my last camping trip - I made a couple of different dishes (keeping it meat free for the lack of refrigeration!) It was so handy not having a million pots and dishes and stuff to clean up!!</p>
<p>Thanks. I've had successful camping trips using these. What I really like to do is make multicultural 'dishes' using different seasonings and ingredients. A new style of food each day</p>
Actually they are lentils which happen to be a legume, similar to a bean. Most beans take a long time to cook and more vigorous work
Are those little circle things peas?

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