Frustrated by my employment situation (or lack of), I decided to check out the vast lands and great people of Texas.  With the help of some friends, I scrapped as little gear as possible together, and out the door I went.

Step 1: Gear & "Cooking Supplies"

Fishing tackle, binoculars, flash light, multi tool, water key, spoon, "cook ware", & condiments.
<p>i love the cactus tree.</p>
assuming multi tool comes with a knife and mini saw? otherwise, I'd include one of those (manual wire based chainsaw very useful for camping/cutting wood)
I camped without fire.
I&acute;m biking across south america and camping on the way. with no $$ Cool to see someone else is rocking it on a bike!! Check the hammock I made from spare pieces of rope, it's super lightweight and cost me 0$ and just one afternoon.<br><br>Cheers!!
Cool hammock. Gods speed on your trip!
Finally someone like me!! And love the instructable
Its a gift and a curse, use caution!
Love it!

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