Picture of Camping Power Supply
This is a 12v & 220v power supply with a solar and mains charger and a remote to activate the outputs. The remote came as an addition as it makes things so much easier to press a button in your pocket and have lights on in your camp site.
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Step 1: The Goal

Picture of The Goal
I love camping and the outdoors but also like having my gadgets with me and comforts like lighting in the evenings.
I wanted a universal power supply that would come in handy while away from any form of power. I complicated this quite a bit a first but have now posted what I had done when I opened it up to make some changes to the unit.
This unit provides 12v from 3 x7ah batteries and that is used to run the led lighting that we use around the camp site and charge our cell phones and iPads. I installed a 150w inverter into the box too making it more versatile and because I had a little inverter lying around

Step 2: The Beginning

Picture of The Beginning
I started with steel box that I had lying around in the garage and had a look to see what I could fit into it.
I had an led voltage indicator kit lying around so that was the first thing that was thrown in.
The next was the little inverter that was under my work bench that was never used because it was modified sine wave and only 150w.
I had a few lead acid 7a/h batteries lying around too that had to go in it was just a challenge to see if I could fit 3 of them.

Step 3: The Outputs

Picture of The Outputs
I installed 4 toggle switches so that I had four separate switched outputs so I could choose what I wanted on. For the remote to work all the outputs but not interfere with the on/off states of the toggle switches I put diodes on each of the inputs from the remote receiver unit and connected that to the 4 12v output connectors.
chrisdav (author) 1 year ago
Thanks, it works well and helped me to convince the girlfriend, camping is fun
ray741 year ago
Great idea.