This is a very simple solar-heated portable shower unit to take camping. There is no privacy shade, just simply the water delivery aspect.

You will need:

1 - 9 litre rectangluar water jug.
1 - braided poly rope. I didn't measure, but I used more than 10 feet, and less than 20.
1 - garden watering can with detachable spout OR a replacement spout.
the watering can pictured is the very same one I used. it fit the jug perrrrfectly.
1 - chain shackle
1 - unscrewable chain link
1 - roll of Gorilla tape

3 - contractor grade glue sticks
1 - glue gun
1 - tiny tube of krazy glue
1 - thin piece of wood (I used a Redbird match stick)
1 - pliers
1 - lighter/butane torch
1 - scissors

Step 1: Fitting the Rigging.

First we need to tie a length of rope around the water-jug.

Start by laying the jug tap side down. Run the rope through the handle and even out the lengths. Using the bottom edge of the jug as a mark, use the two sections of rope to tie a reef (square) knot , then continue running it around the length of the jug.

When you get around to the other side, split the sections around the white spout of the jug and pass on end through the handle. Tie another reef knot at this position.
<p>Do you feel this is better water pressure than using the black camping shower bags </p><p>???</p>
I just use a metal watering can. I heat it on a stove, then hang it from it's handle. I attach a smaller cord just under the sprinkler head. When I pull this cord it tips and sprinkles the water just fine.
<p>Great idea so simple 1flyby1 </p>
My grandfather used a truck innertube that he installed an inlet (female) and outlet (male) hose fittings to. The tube went on top of the van/camper/boat and was filled by a hose (the inlet being on "top") a short hose with a trigger spray hose handle was attached to the outlet. That water would get HOT ! ! The one drawback I recall was it smelled like rubber ! ! very nice instruc and thanks for the memory....
<p>i8nite,great idea. I think you can wash it a couple of times with table spoon or two of baking powder then rinse it a few times , i think that will get rid of the odour.</p>
And here is an easy/inexpensive DIY enclosure to go with it!<br> <br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Camp-Shower-Enclosure/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Camp-Shower-Enclosure/</a><br>
That's Awsome! Great job.
Go jump in the lake! :p
Great idea, great design. I imagine that a small compressor could give a a stronger, albeit shorter, shower, when used in conjunction with this. Would one use water from a pond or something in this, or fill it up 'before' you went camping, as you said? You'd run out of water quite quickly, no? I can't imagine showering yourself in festering brackish water would be wise, but I can't see where else you'd get the water.
put in a filter to sift the junk out of the water...
Yes, but it's not the "junk" in the water, ie: twigs, tadpoles, etc. that I'd be worried about. It's a perfect temperature for some bacteria and lots of nasty diseases, although I may be exaggerating it, as people bathe in rivers, ponds, and lakes all the time (although those are all freshwater)
where I am going camping there are facilities and water taps. I just camp about a 10 minute walk from them. So I go fill it up at the tap. I doubt I'd use stream or pond water. Might as well just jump in. I'm also only go camping three weekends of the year, for about 3-4 nights each time. So a thorough cleaning of the jug when I arrive home is in order to keep down any bacteria or what have you that might take up residence. thanks for all the comments yo!
simple enough I recomend this link <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Purify-Water-Using-Iodine-Tincture/">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Purify-Water-Using-Iodine-Tincture/</a><br/>
One could set this up with a rain barrel for a permanent outdoor shower during the summertime - a quick rinse off after a particularly dirty playtime with the kids.
for a pressurized shower add a bike pump valve to the can a few pumps and your ready to roll!

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