Camping Tips 101





Introduction: Camping Tips 101

Holt Webb, founder of The Vanishing America Project, shares another of his silly, yet insightful, camping tips...



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    I write for a magazine; "Self-reliance Illustrated"; I'd love ta use some of your ideas in the next issue--of course I will give you proper credit......Also, I (along w/ a small # of fellow metal/bladesmithes) work as knife-makers; highest quality steel; highest quality handle materials; look us up online if yer ever in the market fer a blade( and thanks//jd( or Justin Dylewski on FB or (740-278-2567--my mobile)

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    You are more than welcome to share the ideas. There are a few more on my YouTube page:

    As for credit, just use my name: Holt Webb. Normally I would refer people to my website, but I've had to put that project on hold for a little while...

    Thanks for reaching out. I'll also check out your websites... sounds like interesting material.