Camping-To-Go; Canned S'mores

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Are you at home without a fire pit, and craving something sweet? Well i know i am, here we have taken the traditional s'more and given it a modern twist. This tasty treat is portable and a great gift. If you have a sweat tooth and are short on time, make this scrumptious snack!
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Step 1: Gather Ingredients

Picture of Gather Ingredients
To make this simple delicacy you will need :
      1/2 cup chocolate chips
       6 sheets of graham crackers
       10 marshmallows
       1 medium sized jar

Step 2: Crush the Crackers

Picture of Crush the Crackers
Take three of the six sheet of Graham Crackers and seal them in a ziploc bag. Pound them with any hard object you can find in your house. Pound until finley crushed. Than pour you smashed crackers into your jar, like so.

Step 3: Melting the marshmallows

Picture of Melting the marshmallows

Take all 10 of your big marshmallows and put them in a microwave safe bowl. Than melt them for 30 seconds, not a second more! Spray Pam on any household utensil and QUICKLY push the marshmallows into the jar, directly above the cracker crumbs.

Step 4: Creating the chocolate

Picture of Creating the chocolate
Take 1/2 a cup of chocolate chips and put them in a microwave safe bowl. Then cook in microwave until melted. Spread the chocolatey goodness over melted marshmallows in your jar.

Step 5: Topping it off

Picture of Topping it off
Mash the remaining three graham crackers. Then pour the crumbs onto the melted chocolate...and PRESTO!!

Step 6: Preparing to feast

Picture of Preparing to feast

Place cling wrap onto the rim of your jar. Place in the microwave for 30 seconds ONLY! Any more time could cause an eruption.

Step 7: Devouring your creation!

Picture of Devouring your creation!
Take your jar out of the microwave and have your spoon dive into the flurry of excellence. If for some reason you are not ready to eat, store in a fridge, and then when ready to eat heat it up and enjoy! YUM :)
pgravance2 years ago
Wow!!! awesome idea i have to try this!!!
bjanzen3 years ago
would i be able to freeze these?

jess343 years ago
wow! this tastes awesome! I could have never thought of this on my own... thanks!:)