Picture of Camping-To-Go; Canned S'mores
Are you at home without a fire pit, and craving something sweet? Well i know i am, here we have taken the traditional s'more and given it a modern twist. This tasty treat is portable and a great gift. If you have a sweat tooth and are short on time, make this scrumptious snack!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

Picture of Gather Ingredients
To make this simple delicacy you will need :
      1/2 cup chocolate chips
       6 sheets of graham crackers
       10 marshmallows
       1 medium sized jar

pgravance2 years ago
Wow!!! awesome idea i have to try this!!!
bjanzen3 years ago
would i be able to freeze these?

jess344 years ago
wow! this tastes awesome! I could have never thought of this on my own... thanks!:)