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When our kids were younger, they were always too scared to go to the washrooms at night because the lights would attract all kinds of bugs. There were a few times when we were either too far away from the washrooms or there just simply wasn't any where we camped so we had to come up with a solution.

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I used a 5 gallon bucket, small kitchen garbage bag and a pool noodle. Wrap the noodle around the pail to get the circumference and cut the noodle to length. Cut a slit down the length of the noodle to the centre. Place the garbage bag in the bucket and push the noodle down over the bag and the lip of the bucket to hold it there. I had to cut a few shallow relief cuts in the noodle around the outside so it would bend enough to stay there. It isn't the Hilton, but if you are camping and the young'uns gotta go, this is a convenient way. Just place the bucket behind your tent or wherever so it doesn't get knocked over. I recommend changing the bag every day to control odor and so it does't get too full.


redvixen made it! (author)2016-07-05

I go solo camping and on occasion don't relish the thought of getting dressed at 2am just to hit the port-a-potty. I made this a few years ago. My only difference with yours: I use two garbage bags, one just to line it, in case the other doesn't work. And since I leave it in my tent (what? it's a big tent, ha ha) I bring a small container of scoopable cat litter, and sprinkle a little in after each use. Generally I'll use the bag as a garbage bag for the day, or just toss it each morning. It's comfortable, convenient, and portable. I have seen it with toilet paper attached to the wire handle, but I just keep my paper in a ziplock bag nearby.

kevincarruthers (author)redvixen2016-07-05

The kitty litter is a good idea

Cat00x (author)2016-03-03

Is there a likelihood of animals coming along in the night and tipping the bucket over? I guess you could secure it with rocks or something. Possibly put a bit of sand in the bottom before you put the bag in to keep it stable? thanks for sharing. Ingenious idea with the pool noodle.

kevincarruthers (author)Cat00x2016-03-03

Yes, I suppose there is always the chance of a nosy animal tipping it although we haven't had it happen. Sand in the bottom or spiking the handle down would be a good idea. Thank you

Pumuggel (author)2016-03-03

The pool noodle is a goood idea, makes sitting on a bucket much more comfortable. Made something similar when we went last year with our three year old kid in a horse drawn caravan that (of course) had no toilet. You can always adapt the toilets height to your kids size/age by using different buckets. If your kids are still very young (or sometimes a bit clumpsy), try to use a bucket that is ideally a bit wider in diameter than high, so it doesn't tend to tumble when the kids sit on it or get down. You don't want to pick up your kid out of the ... ehmmm... "wet" after falling over once there is something in the bucket ... I speak from experience ...

kevincarruthers (author)Pumuggel2016-03-03

You are right, different buckets would have advantages. Lol nobody would like tipping one of these over

TomV4 (author)2016-03-03

That looks downright comfortable. Sort of a little backwoods luxury.

Could the bale be rigged to hold a roll of TP?

kevincarruthers (author)TomV42016-03-03

The kids liked it, I never thought to try putting a tp holder on it, we always found a stick with a notch in it for a roll holder

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